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florida state hospitals

florida state hospitals

vanessa richardson (View posts)
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I am trying to find some information about a state hospital in Arcadia florida for the insane. All I know is that it is or was located in Arcadia Florida and was an asylum.
Does anyone have any information about this hospital?

Arcadia State Hospital

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Yes the State Hospital is located on Hyw 31 in Arcadia the name is G. P. W. stands for G. Pearce Woods it is the State Hospital, i used to live and work at this hospital.
It is listed in Arcadia phone book as G.P. W. Hospital.
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I have been an employee of GPW for a number of years. I currently work in medical records. A reminder must be made that ALL records, regardless of which state hospital are destroyed after a 7 year period. In other words, if the patient has not been readmitted or remained admitted there or any other state hospital in Florida, the records are destroyed. Another bit of information is that the hospital is scheduled to close April 2002. The patients currently there will be discharged to various settings throughout Florida or Out of State. The hard to place residents will be transferred to the other state hospitals. The address is: G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital, 5847 SE Highway 31, Arcadia, Florida 34266. The telephone number is (863)494-3323. Hope this information is useful to you. Feel free to email me if you need something else.

FL State Hospitals

K Powell (View posts)
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So, you are saying that mental illness diagnosis family info is unavailable after 7 years? Even in the cases where it may be genetically inherited, such as the 25%-50% for schizophrenia, and the family needs to know for early intervention? Do you know if this practice is common?

I should note that NARA has provided info on one mental hospitalization from a Florida VA hospital at St. Augustine back in the 30s - I have copies. In this case the diagnosis was dead wrong that the man was delusional, hysterical &c, the man died painfully from extensive bone cancer in his hip and femur according to the coroner's autopsy. His wife needed info later for a veteran's widow's pension, and again because of needing his blood type, AB with Rh factor in the matter of one child AB blood type with serious illness.
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My grandmother, Lela Ola Stone, on my father's side was a patient at G.P.W in the '60's would there be ANY information on her at all?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: florida state hospitals

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It was originally an airbase during WWII--the state bought it and converted it to a mental hospital around 1958--It closed around 2000 and was converted into a department of juvenile justice (DJJ)--young criminals. I am having trouble trying to find my grandmother's medical records. She was a patient and past in 1962. I am assuming that the state would have those records somewhere. I will keep you posted on my progress. Good luck with your search. The name of the hospital was G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital.
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Well that little bit of info really sucks. I needed to know if what is going on with myself and my siblings could be genetic. All my sister can remember is they kept coming up with different diagnosis on my grandmother. Not sure what the last diagnosis was. The death certificate say's something totally different from what she was told. Can't figure out how Chronic Brain syndrome comes into play with an auto immune disease. ie--RA, Parkinson's, Sclerderma
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State mental hospital shuts down. The decision to close G. Pierce Wood followed a series of incidents that ended in death or injury.

By CURTIS KRUEGER, Times Staff Writer
© St. Petersburg Times published February 9, 2002

For more than 50 years, the G. Pierce Wood state hospital took in severely mentally ill people from the Tampa Bay area and southwest Florida, on a sprawling rural complex that was close enough to visit but remote from public view.

This week the institution quietly ceased operating. The last few patients were transferred Thursday to other locations.

"This hospital and a lot of other state hospitals like it are dinosaurs," said James K. Green, a West Palm Beach lawyer who waged a 17-year legal battle to improve care at the hospital. "The fact of the matter is, people get better quicker and cheaper when they're closer to their home communities and families."

The move was expected since 2000, when state officials announced their plans to shut the facility. Opened in 1947, it is about 45 miles southeast of Sarasota in Arcadia.

About 300 patients have been discharged from the hospital since January 2001. Of those, roughly 80 were transferred to three other remaining state mental institutions, and more than 200 were sent to community treatment programs and supervised apartments.

"Each resident that was at G. Pierce Wood was assessed to determine what their specific needs would be," said Debbie Webb, spokeswoman for the state Department of Children and Families.

"It all went very smoothly in terms of finding placement for folks."

As they closed the hospital, state officials increased spending on community mental health programs by more than $30-million.

Many mental health professionals say patients can be better treated in small community settings closer to their families. Others, and some family members of patients, say large institutions still provide the best care for severely ill patients who might harm themselves or others if released.

A small staff will continue working until the end of this month to finish closing the hospital.

The state's decision followed a series of incidents in which patients died or were severely harmed. Among them: a patient who spent so much time in hot bathwater that he later died of hyperthermia; another who cut off both hands on a table saw; a 21-year-old who died a day after admission with toxic levels of medication in his body.

Critics said G. Pierce Wood's care was substandard. Last year the hospital received a vindication when a federal judge ruled it was adequate. The U.S. Department of Justice had sought to intervene in the case.

But state officials already had decided to close the hospital, which they said would save state money and provide better care.
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Records should have been transferred to the State of Florida for archival purposes.

Re: Arcadia State Hospital

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Elaine: Did you work there in the 60's?

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