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Descendants of William Gray Morison/Morrison and Janet Gray

Descendants of William Gray Morison/Morrison and Janet Gray

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Descendants of William Gray Morison and Janet Grey

I am attempting to find the current living descendants of William and Janet. They came to Elgin County, Quebec around 1826 with a young son: William Grey Morison or Morrison. There is some dispute as to why one or two Rs were used in the name—possibly due to scandal in Scotland in the early 1800s. After the first son, William Grey, there followed 11 more children—1 son and 10 girls some of whom lived into their 90s.

The following is a list of individuals and spouses descended from William and Janet whose history I am attempting to track:

1. William Grey Morison b. 1826, d. 1884 Elgin, Que, m. Barbara McIntosh. First son William John Morrison m. Inez Mitchell with daughter Zanfretta. Possibly family moved to and lived out lives in Seattle or Denver. No further history known. Second son Donald Charles McIntosh Morrison—my grandfather b. 1864, d 1909, m. Annie Segar.

2. Jane Gray Morison b. 1829 d. 1897 Brockton MA, m John Baxendale. Children Albert m. Sadie Rushton, William.

3. Mary Muir (Galloway) Morison b. 1831 d. 1847. Not married. Believed given nick name of Estate manager, Craigend, Glascow, SCT.

4. James Morison b. 1833, d. unknown. Married?

5. Janet Morison b. 1835, d. 1930 Valleyfield Que, m. 1858 James Wattie. Children: James m. Fanny Purkiss, Kenneth m. Elizabeth Fletcher, William, Janet m. John Hood, Mary Alma m. James A. Robb (later Mayor of Valleyfield, MP and Minister of finance for Canada).

6. Victoria Morison b. 1838, d. unk Huntingdon Que, m. James Paul. Children: James, William, Arthur, Robert, Norman, Janet, Celina m. David McFarlane with several children, Martha m. Bob Rutherford with several children, Agnes, Annie, Peter.

7. Barbara Wylie Morison b. 1841 d. 1842.
8. Barbara Wylie Morison b. 1843, d. aft 1930 Burke NY, m. Robert Johnstone. Children: Jeanie, John, Robert, Andrew, Janet, Nathan.

9. Harriet Adelia Morison b. 1846, d. unk Burke NY, m. Luke Dechambeau. Children: John, James, Harriet, Mina, Mabel.

10. Mary Muir (Polly) Morison b. 1848, d. 1942, Brockton, MA, m. Thomas Clarkson. Children: William, Janet.

11. Agnes Bryson Morison b. 1850, d. 1943 prob Huntingdon, m. Peter Paul. Children: William m. Ethelind Seager, James, Lillian, Alexander, Janet (Jessie).

12. Margaret Paul Morison b. 1852, d. 1941 Huntingdon. Not married.

Any help would be appreciated.


Daryl Lightfoot (View posts)
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Re James A.Robb, Minister for Finance, MP for Valleyfield, Co.Huntingdon - he was an old school friend of my m-g/fa
David Edmund Hunter, g/son of John Hunter, pioneer settler of Huntingdon (See Robert Sellar "History of Huntingdon and the Seigniories of Chateaugay and Beauharnois".)
G/fa and James Robb were together at the old Huntingdon Academy and kept up contact for some 50 years - they actually met up again here in Australia when Robb came this way post WW1 for governmental talks.
Old John Hunter (above)and another James Robb (?fa of James above?)also farmed the same block of land in Huntingdon - Lot 24, Range 5/6, Chateaugay and Trout River lots!
I have another Morrison- Hunter question and would appreciate any help:- Do you have any record of a Neil Morrison marrying a Jean Isobel Hunter C1940+ (most likely around Montreal)? Jean Hunter (now dec'd) was a 2nd cousin of mine and some years ago I exchanged letters with her daughter in BC. Would very much like to re-establish that contact, also receive information for family history of any other descendants with links to old John Hunter.

David Alwin Caldwell

Cal Pedersen (View posts)
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David Alwin Caldwell, my grandfather was born in Huntingdon,Quebec on Nov.30th 1897.We know he had a brother named William Caldwell.That's all we know.If anyone has information or ideas that would help me,please contact me at Thank you.
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Surnames: Morrison, Segar, Paul, Caldwell

I have a John CALDWELL, dates and marriage ukn, whose daughter b. 1805 marries James PAUL Sr in 1823 in Elgin, Que.--probably in Huntingdon. Their daughter Margaret PAUL b. 1826 marries Henry SEGAR (Seager) in Elgin but I have no date. Their daughter Annie SEGAR b. 1862 marries Danny Morrison in 1889 and is my grandmother.

That's my total Caldwell information. Caldwells are mentioned in Sellar's History of Elgin and Huntingdon but none of it connects to my Morrison and Segar and Paul lines.

David Alwin Caldwell

Cal Pedersen (View posts)
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Surnames: Caldwell

Thank you for taking the time to research this information for me.There's alot of Caldwell's in Huntington county.Ken Steffenson is a big help for me.I'll keep looking.

Re: Descendants of William Gray Morison/Morrison and Janet Gray

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Surnames: MacGillivray and McKerracher
Hi Dan,

Noticed you listed MacGillivray in the surnames but didn't see any in your post. I'm descendant from James MacGillivray and Barbara McKerracher, my Great Grandparents on my Mother's side. James and Barbara had at least one child, Marion Elizabeth Maud born 19 Jul 1867 and Baptized in St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Montreal, Canada on 31 Oct 1868. Any connections here? Keep the search alive; it does the same for your ancestors.


Re: Descendants of William Gray Morison/Morrison and Janet Gray

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Surnames: Paul, Caldwell, Morrison, Currie, Irven, Froats
Thanks for the info on Victoria Morrison and family. Victoria was my great-great grandmother. Victoria's granddaughter, Margaret Hutt (still alive and well) wrote "Margaret's Memoires" five years ago when she was 90 and remembers going to Huntingdon to visit her. I'm new to genealogy, here's what I have so far.

James Paul married Ann Caldwell
their son, James Paul married Victoria Morrison
their son, William Morrison Paul married Martha Agnes Currie
their son, James Wilbert Paul married Alice Ida Irven
their son, Howard Keith Paul married Lorna Grace Froats
their daughter, me.


Re: David Alwin Caldwell

Terrie Caldwell (View posts)
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Surnames: Caldwell
Hello,,May not be any connection here..but im looking for anything on a Earl Caldwell who was from Monrovia , Los Angelos California ...if you have any information that might help me , i would appreciate it. He was born around 1910 ...Thank you ..for any help you can give me..Terrie

Re: Descendants of William Gray Morison/Morrison and Janet Gray

Dan (View posts)
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Sorry to not have checked this thread for so long but never-the-less still so good to hear from you.

Can you tell me more about your grandmother and her memoirs? I have Morrison history going back to Glasgow in the early 1700s.

Re: Descendants of William Gray Morison/Morrison and Janet Gray

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Hi Dan,

My family came to Glengarry about 1820 and I think the one or two rr dilemna may be just as simple as the transition between Gaelic to english. We use two rs but I have a Gaelic song written by my 4th great grandfather Donald and it has one r on it. Just a suggestion however ;)
Good luck with the hunting, I know there was a Sarah Morrison Hunter from near Glengarry and she passed away a few years ago, maybe she was a relation?

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