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Wells Infant

Wells Infant

Cec Barton (View posts)
Posted: 1136348807000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wells, Greatsinger, Barton

I found two graves listed on the Rock Co., WI GenWeb, that are buried at Coon Island Cemetery, that are possible leads for my genealogy research. If any one has any info on them, I would greatly appreciate their input.

The first marker is:
Died 26 Sep 1863 - “Infant of N. & S. C. WELLS; between Rachel Ann REED and Stephen WELLS; broken in half and flat on ground” Buried at Coon Island Cemetery in Magnolia, Rock Co., WI

I suspect that this infant may have been a sibling, or maybe even a twin to my GGrandmother Alma Charity Wells. Alma Charity's parents were Nelson & Sarah Catherine (Greatsinger) Wells.

The second marker is:
Died 1871 Apr 19 - "Stephen Wells - "Son of J. & _. WELLS; AE 13 yrs.; between Infant WELLS and Charlotte A. MITCHELL" Buried at Coon Island Cemetery in Magnolia, Rock Co., WI

I wonder whether this Stephen's parents were James & Catherine Wells - however, that is confusing because they are the parents of the Stephen Nelson Wells that married Sarah Kathryn (Catherine? etc..) Greatsinger. I wonder whether they would of named two of their sons Stephen - it's possible I suppose.

Any help with the ID or any obit info or any genealogy info would be greatly appreciated!!

Cec Barton

Re: Wells Infant

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Hi Cec,
I have looked at the pictures of the tomsbtones, and it looks like Stephen died in 185(1,4 or7)), not 1871. The best way to verify it, would be to see if Lori Niemuth would be willing to take a high resolution digital photograph for us to look at to verify the death date. If she would be willing to rub a piece of chalk across the stone before she took the picture a lot of info could come up, but not everyone agrees about doing that.
here is a link that has her on it.

Possibilities if your Stephen Nelson Wells is the son of the James below, James could have had two wife;s that named there son's Stephen.

Image Source: Year: 1850; Census Place: Troy, Geauga, Ohio; Roll: M432_682; Page: 144; Image: 76.
WELLS, James, 49, born in N.Y.
Catharine, 43, born in N.Y.
Alvah, 13, born in OH
Stephen, 8, born in OH.
BARR(?), Nancy, 16, born in OH.

This James Wells family is in Magnolia, Rock Co., WI. in 1860 census.
Image Source: Year: 1860; Census Place: Magnolia, Rock, Wisconsin; Roll: M653_1430; Page: 457; Image: 462.
WELLS, James, 60, born in N.Y.
Catharine, 51, born in N.Y.
Alvah, 22, born in N.Y.
Mary, 27, born in N.Y.(Most likely Alvah's wife)
Since Stephen is not here, he must be the one in the cemetery.

Let me know what happens.

Re: Wells Infant

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Classification: Query
I actually went out to the cemetery, and boy is it tiny! Blink and you missed it. the stones are below, and read as follows
Infant daughter of N. & S.C. WELLS
Died Sep 20, 1863.


Stephen V.
son of J. & C. WELLS
died April 9, 1854
Aged 13 years.


Cec Barton (View posts)
Posted: 1136522839000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wells, Greatsinger, Barton
Thank you sooo much Erin!!

Those pictures are truly wonderful! I can now easily read the markers!

And yes, I do think that that pretty much confirms that the Stephen, age 13, that died in 1854 was prob. the son of the James & Catherine of the 1850 Troy, OH census.

The confusing part is that I also supect they are also the parents of Stephen Nelson Wells that married Sarah Catherine Greatsinger. Their marriage record lists a James and a Catherine Wells as his parents. My Stephen Nelson went by Nelson most of the time, so I wonder if it is possible that they use the name Stephen twice.

Or perhaps there were two James & Catherine Wells', or pehaps J & C Wells are not James & Catherine (although I think they are).

I believe Catherine Wells died between 1860-70 (based on censu info), I would really love to read her obit - if she had one. It might help clear this up.

I think James re-married after Catherine died, I think I found a James Wells that I believe may be him on the 1880c: Jun 17 - Brodhead, Green Co., WI - T9/R1428/P76C - James M. Wells age 68, b. NY, Occ: Carpenter & ??; and Sarah C. age 50, b. IRE. NOTE: Age off abt. two years - but who knows??

As for the infant dau, I DO believe she was the twin to my gr-grandmother: Alma Charity Wells. The 1900c has her birth info as Jul 1863. If all the dates are right, they'd have to be twins!

Thanks again for your help! I truly do appreciate your going to so much trouble.


James & Catherine Wells

Cec Barton (View posts)
Posted: 1136556859000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wells Greatsinger

I was looking over my misc notes on James & Catherine, or I should say the two James & Catherines I found on the 1850c that COULD be my Stephen Nelson Wells' parents. I looked at every James Wells that Ancestry had databased that was within a reasonable age (some not so reasonable) to be his father. Then I looked to see if the James was married to a Catherine - there were two possible (THAT I FOUND - there may be others).

Anyway, I decided to post the info I have on this forum in hopes that someone might see a connection to their line or remember some info that might help! YOU MIGHT NEED A SCORE CARD - and even then not know the final tally! But still, input is welcome!

This is what I have on the two couples:


??1830 Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY - R110/P191 - James Wells - 1 male under 5Ys; 1 male 20-29Ys; 1 female 20-29Ys; and 1 female 60-69Ys. NOTE: Greene Co. is near Ulster Co. The male and female 20-29Ys are about the correct age for the OH James & Catherine. The child could be the unidentified male on their 1840c. OF the two Coxsackie Twp. James Wells’ I’d favor this one - still, nothing is proven. ALSO NOTE: These two James Wells are the only two that surround
Ulster Co., whose age works with the OH James & Catherine.

??1830 Coxsackie, Greene Co., NY - R110/P198 - James Wells - 2 males under 5Ys; 1 male 20-29Ys; and 1 female 20-29Ys. NOTE: Followed by William Wells. Greene Co. is near Ulster Co. The male and female 20-29Ys are about the correct age for the OH James & Catherine. One or the child could be the unidentified male on their 1840c; the other would still be a mystery.

??1834-38 bet. - James of NY/OH MOVE - from NY to OH - based on children’s birth location.

??1840 Troy, Geauga Co., OH - R395/P102 - James Wells - 1 male under 5Ys [Alvah]; 2 males 5-10Ys [Stephen & ??]; 1 male 40-50Ys [James]; 1 female 5-10Ys [Mary]; and 1 female 30-40Ys [Catharine]. NOTE: There are many James Wells in OH - I assume this one because of the county.

??1850 Sep 19 - Troy, Geauga Co., OH - M432/R682/P144 - James Wells age 49, b. NY; Catharine age 43 (abt 1807), b. NY; Alhah [Abbah per Ancestry] age 13, b. OH; Stephen age 8 [b. abt 1842 - could this be a grdsn or nephew?], b. OH; and Nancy Barr age 16, b. OH. NOTE: Could Nelson be on his own by this time? Also note that tge Stephen listed on this census is prob. the Stephn V. that was buried at Coon Cemtery 4 Ys later.

??1850 Sep 21 - Russell, Geauga Co., OH - M432/R682/P108 - Nelson Wells age 41, b. NY, Occ: farmer; Mary age 42, b. MA; and Warren Leo/Seo age 28, b. NY, Occ: Sawyer. NOTE: Could be bro to James? - Too old to be my Nelson.

??1854 Apr 9 - DEATH - “Stephen V., son of J. & C. WELLS, died April 9, 1854, Aged 13 years.” - per Erin Proctor Rootsweb Message Board posting 5 Jan 2006 Buried at Coon Island Cemetery in Rock Co., WI NOTE: buried next to the infant dau of N & SC [Nelson & Sarah Catherine?].

1855 Mar 15/25 - MARRIAGE - Nelson Wells of Magnolia, WI (a carpenter) married Sarah Catharine Greatsinger in Rock Co., WI. Note: James’ parent’s: James & Catherine Wells; Catherine’s parents: John and Eliza Greatsinger. - per Actual Rock Co., WI Marriage Record

??1855 WI State Territorial Census - Oak Grove, Dodge Co., WI - Pg11 - Stephen Wells - per (Poss. my Stephen Nelson? Or the Stephn Wells of the 1870 Dodge Co. census?)

??1855 - WI State Census - Magnolia, Rock Co., WI - James Wells - per WI Censuses, 1820-90 - per (also two James Wells’ in Fond du Lac Co. & on in Monroe Co., WI - but this is the most likely James to be the one - based on location)

1860 Jul 10 - Greenwood, Bad Ax (Crawford) Co., WI - M653/R1399/P250 - Nelson Wells age 26, b. NY; Catharine (Wife) age 22, b. PA; and Stephen age 2, b. WI.

??1860 Jul 24 - Magnolia, Rock Co., WI - M653/R1430/P457 - James Wells age 60, b. NY, Occ: Farmer; Catharine age 51 (abt. 1809), b. NY; Alvah [male - Alvh per ancestry] age 22, b. NY; and Mary age 27, b. NY. NOTE: Mary could be dau.

??1870 Jul 13 - Oak Grove, Dodge Co., WI - M593/R1711/P409 - Stephen Wells age 65 (abt 1805), b. NY; and Mary age 57, b. Can. NOTE: Could this be a father or uncle to our Stephen Nelson - husband of Sarah Catherine. Our Stephen Nelson and family were living in Richland Co. in 1870 per the census. Dodge and Richland Counties are divided by 3 other counties.

??1870 Jun 18 - Magnolia, Rock Co., WI - M593/R1736/P351 - James Wells age 68, b. NY; Emma age 58, b. NY; Lewis Dilree? age 17, b. MI; and Katy age 15, b. MI.

1870 Aug 1 - Orion, Richland Co., WI - M593/R1734/P670 - Nelson Wells age 36, b. NY, Occ: Farming; Sarah C. age 32, b. PA; Steven G. age 12, b. WI; Elvira age 8, b. WI; and Alma C. age 6, b. WI.

??1880 Jun 15 - Magnolia, Rock Co., WI - T9/R1444/P311D - James Barton age 72, b. NY, Occ: farmer; Helen (wife) age 36, b. NY; John E. Eastman (step-son) age 12, b. WI; and Ida M. Barton age 8, b. WI. Listed further down the page: Wallace Eastman age 47, b. NY; Ann E. age 40, b. NY; and Andrew Barton (boarder) age 26, b. NY, Occ: farmer. NOTE: Same pg as John & Anna Greatsinger.

??1880 Jun 17 - Brodhead, Green Co., WI - T9/R1428/P76C - James M. Wells age 68, b. NY, Occ: Carpenter & ??; and Sarah C. age 50, b. IRE. NOTE: Age off - but who knows??

1880 Jun 17/18 - Jackson, Osborne Co., KS - T9/R392/P223D - Nelson Wells age 47, b. NY, both parents b. NY; Sarah C. age 44, b. NY; Stephen age 22, b. WI; Alvira age 19, b. WI; and Viola age 9, b. WI.

??1824 Dec 16 - MARRIAGE - James Wells and Catharine Van Keuren. Residences: Kingston. - per Baptismal and Marriage Registers Old Dutch Church Kingston, Ulster Co. NY for 100 yrs. 1810 - 1909 - via, Ulster Co., NY Message Board posted by Wayne Simmons ( 7 Aug 2005 (in response to my posting of the day before).

1830 Kingston, Ulster Co., NY - R106/P59 - James Wells - 1 male 15-19Ys; 1 male 30-39Y (bet 1791-1800); 1 female 10-14Ys; and 1 female 40-49 Ys (bet 1781-1790). NOTE: This James Wells’ age and his wifes match the NY James & Catherine’s ages.

??1850 Oct 8 - Kingston, Ulster Co., NY - M432/R607/P16 - James Wells age 58 (abt 1792), b. NY; Catharine age 62 (abt 1788), b. NY. NOTE: In what appears to be a boarding house situation. This couple is interesting in that the Greatsinger’s are also from this area. Also, a Tappin, and Hasbrook family (Hasbrook spelled Hasbrouck in 1860 - same pg of census as James ).

??1860 Jun 19 - Kingston, Ulster Co., NY - M653/R870/P32(527) - James Wells age 68, b. RI, Occ: Cabinet Maker; and Catherine age 17, b. NY.

WELLS, CATHERINE - Residence: KINGSTON - NY-Co.#:56-Vol#:S-Pg#:788
WELLS, JAMES - Residence: KINGSTON - NY-Co.,#:56-Vol#:S-Pg#:762
- Ulster County, New York Will Testators - via

As I said quite a few details - no real connection identified. I know Rock Co. researchers are a dedicated and give group - I hope this rings a bell for one of you.


Re: James & Catherine Wells

paul mcbride (View posts)
Posted: 1147377500000
Classification: Will
Surnames: Wells
Here's information from James Wells Probate file # 2059. Wife was Emma, son Alvah living in Ocaboji, IA, dau Elizabeth Davis living in Shell Rock, IA, deceased dau Rachel Ann Reed who left Ella Malosh of Burr County, WI, and Mary Elvira Hurd of Hand County, SD. A deceased son Nelson Wells who left wife Sara C. Wells of Evansville WI, son Stephen E., living in Dayton, Green County, WI, Elvira M Taplin Oswego, KS, Charity A Barton Salem, KS or somewhere in Neb., and Viola B Belval, Evansville WI. Simeon Reed was executor. Will is dated 2-15-1873 and probated dated 3-23-1893.
I have a partial copy of the file if someone whats it. Email me.

Re: James & Catherine Wells

Cec Barton (View posts)
Posted: 1147381031000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wells
Yes! Please.

Your information confirms our connection!

I would greatly appreciate any info or documents you have!

Thank You so much!!


Re: James & Catherine Wells

paul mcbride (View posts)
Posted: 1147568976000
Classification: Query
Just send me your address at and I'll send what I have.

Re: James & Catherine Wells

Posted: 1188062257000
Classification: Query
Surnames: landrum strickland mcbride roper stockston
I would like your information.

Re: James & Catherine Wells

Posted: 1188101346000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Wells / Greatsinger
What information do you want?

Which surname are you connected with - none of those you listed match mine.

How are we connected?

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