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browns and miller of chatanooga tenn hamilton county

browns and miller of chatanooga tenn hamilton county

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I am trying to find out any info I can for my mother on her family .Her mother was Elsie Mae Brown .Elsies parents were Knox Arthur Brown who died in the 1930 chatanooga tenn he was a taxi cab driver Elsies mother was sarah elizabeth miller .Elsie died 1939 shortly after mom was born she had a sister named davalee .Davalee brown was said to have been killed by her boyfriend as he knocked her down a flight of stairs .this was told to my mom by her cousin knox arthur wilburn or eddy wilburn she doesnt remeber there names much therse also possibility last name is wilcox .Mom remebers being raised on poplar street in chatanooga tenn and going to hc clay Evans school down the road she also remebers that not far from there her aunt davalee lived in some courtside apts .great granny sarah brown also worked at one time for a company that made stationary letters envelopes ect .mom and her cousins were in and out of offerings home she remembers chamess offering home .any help on when sarah miller brown died who her parents were ect would be greatly appreciated also any info on davalee brown and her death would be appreciated it is believed she died around 1947-1950 mom would like to know if any of her family is still living if not then where there buried as she would like to go look at there graves

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Looking for BROWNS in HAMILTON is only to 1930 in census as they wait 70 to publish census. so we need marriage records or at least names.
What was Elsies married name? What was your mom's maiden name?
Was Davalee ever married?
Who are Wilbanks and Benton?

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1930 census HAMILTON, Chattanooga TN
Knox A. 1889 TN HEAD
Sarah E. b. ca 1895 TN wife
Dova L. b. ca 1915 TN daughter
Elsie M. b. ca 1916 TN daughter
Joseph b. ca 1846 father

Couldn't find anything beyond 1930 on census.
Knox father seemed to be living with them. Tried to find Sarah Miller earlier, had one married to a Carey Siler in 1918, he died 1921. they had 2 children:
Ethel b.1919 and Paul Joseph b.1921 but in Knoxville, KNOX TN.
Funny that your Sarah had an Elsie & Joseph too.
Get your mom's maiden name and see if you can find if Dova was ever married. Need Elsies married name also, and your mom's fathers name.

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DOROTHY, I looked for Albert Jackson COOPER and the ones from Chatta were all the same age as Knox and Sarah. and all with other womans names as wives.
One lived with father in law in 1920 with his wife and 3 sons. His father in law was
MINOR, Oscar with wife Josephine.
Albert J. wife was Hortense in 1920. She was 26, he 29
COOPER, Albert son-in-law 29 M W TN TN TN
sons were
Albowen 5 TN TN TN
Willis 3 1/2 TN TN TN
Marion D 1 1/2 TN TN TN

1930 age marriage status age at marriage
Albert J head 38 m w 22 TN GA TN
LILLIAN M. wife 33 f w m 18 TN MS TN
Al B. son 14 m w s TN TN TN
Willis son 12 TN TN TN
Marion D. son 11 TN TN TN
Billy M. son 8 TN TN TN
Martha T/F daughter 5 1/2 FL TN TN
G. Victor son 1 1/2 TN TN TN

First 3 sons are the same, wife is different, gap in children after Marion. Yes that was a MANs name, woman were Miriam.

Also WILBANKS is also older. Has wife and children, one named Dorra.

You said Sarah Ruth was abused by her family. Was this her real family, her grandparents, or ther foster family?
What about Dava Lee. Where was she when this was going on. did she too live in orphanage and foster home?

could find NO marriage for COOPER or NEAL to a Brown.

Contact me at ginnynumbertwo@yahoo for possible
contact with Eddie & Arthur.


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To Today at 3:07 PM
Hi I just now seen this .I had made a inguirey to my moms side of the family .So I am going to try and clear some stuff up as there was some mis communication as to who some folks were .lolool Sarah Ruth Brown -Shaw is my mother .Her maiden name is Brown she married my father Onie Shaw .My mothers mother name was Elsie Mae Brown she at one time was married to my mothers father Jack Albert Cooper which was an alias he went by ,His name was later changed to Jack Albert Neal .He was sent to prison for being married to more then one woman .Elsie Mae Brown /Cooper died shortly after mom was born in 1939 from blood poisoning from her stitches getting infected .Elsie Mae Browns mother was Sarah Elizabeth Miller who married Arthur Knox Brown .these are my moms grandparents .Arthur Knox Brown died before Sarah Elizabeth Brown did .My mother was legaly adopted by her grandparents Sarah Elizabeth Miller/Brown and Arthur Knox Brown .Arthur Knox Brown died shortly afterwards of the adoption .So mom was basicaly raised by her grandmother ,Sarah Elizabeth Brown .Sarah Elizabeth Miller /Brown and Arthur Knox Brown had 2 daughters Elsie Mae Brown my moms mother and Davalee Brown .Davalee which is my mothers aunt had 2 sons Eddie F Willbanks born in Georgia est birth year 1940 and Knox Arthur Benton est birth 1936 born in Tenn .I found 2 things that may help as I found a census report that I am posting here that I copied and a old posting I had posted as well .I do know this is the family in the census report .I do know my mothers grandmother spoke another language possibly french and she was born in Ohio .I know she had at least one brother but mom couldnt remember his name .I would like to know how far her family line goes over to Europe and which country .I also have managed to figure out that Arthur Knox Brown 's father Joseph Brown was living with them at one time .There is said to e Cherokee on the Brown side but we dont know where in the family .I am also still interested in meeting or connecting with my moms side of the family as my mother has since passed away in 2010 .We have problems with our blood some of the family has rare blood genetics that crop up as well as on my fathers side .I know both sides were type o blood .Any help is greatly appreciated .here is the census and other stuff I copied . 1940 US Census > Census Records > Record Detail
Showing Census Record for "Knox Arthur Benton"
Knox Arthur Benton in the 1940 Census
First Name: Knox
Middle Name: Arthur
Last Name: Benton
Age at Time of Census: 4
Gender: Male
Race: White
Ethnicity: American
Est. Birth Year: 1936
Birth Location: Tennessee Map
Enumeration District: 96-109
Residence: Ward 17, Chattanooga, Civil District 1, Hamilton, TN Map
Relationship to Head of Household: Grandson
Other People in Household:

George Reynolds
41 yrs, Male
Lula Reynolds
51 yrs, Female
Elizabeth Franklin
19 yrs, Female
Gertie Willbanks
30 yrs, Female
Dava Willbanks
24 yrs, Female
Albert Willbanks
28 yrs, Male
Eddie Willbanks
0 yrs, Male
Marital Status: Single
Language: English
Genealogical Society Number: 005461327
NARA Publication Number: T627
NARA Microfilm Roll Number: 3955
Line Number: 65
Sheet: B
Sheet Number: 6
Collection: 1940 U.S. Federal Population Census
Sorry tryed to send to the ginnynumbertwo email but it would not send so reposting here also my phone number is 4692614043 and my email addy is always
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