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new AncestryDNA product (not beta) ~ we need much more info

new AncestryDNA product (not beta) ~ we need much more info

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I'd love to pursue DNA testing but it ain't cheap so I want to make sure I'm making the best choice based on good information.

My questions about the current AncestryDNA offering are ...
1) What are you getting for your money?
2) Describe the Maternal and Paternal tests and what you get?
3) How many markers?
4) Why do I want to use the test offered by (as opposed to other vendors out there) and/or how does it "integrate" with
5) What lab does the actual testing?

The new AncestryDNA site provides virtually no details as to what you are getting:
1) Test is for both men and women
2) $199, now $129

The old (beta) AncestryDNA site offered different tests and provided much more information about what you would get:
1) Paternal Lineage Test: This Y-DNA test analyzes 33 markers of a man's Y-DNA as well as predicts the haplogroup of the paternal line. Cost: $149.
2) Advanced Paternal Lineage Test: This Y-DNA looks at 13 additional markers, for a total of 46 markers, providing a more precise comparison with other participants who have also taken the advanced test. Cost: $179.
3) Maternal Lineage Test: The mtDNA test predicts the haplogroup of your ancient maternal-line ancestors. Cost: $179.

NOTE: I just found this additional information from YOUR GENETIC GENEALOGIST:; more 'comparison'information would help us be informed consumers.

Re: new AncestryDNA product (not beta) ~ we need much more info

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Well, this is odd. The link is for an autosomal test (~700,000 markers scattered over all the chromosomes). Much more information (with screen shots and so forth) shows up when you are NOT logged in to your account.

Re: new AncestryDNA product (not beta) ~ we need much more info

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So ... does this mean will adjust the provided information found from the above DNA drop-down so subscribers see as much info about AncestryDNA as non-subscribers? As a subscriber, one would expect MORE benefits than what a non-subscriber would receive. Here's hoping!!!

Follow-up: Thanks so much for advising; I logged out of my subscription to read all the details. Just what I was seeking!! Hint: You can purchase multiple kits at the subscriber price, but must either do it multiple times online or order can order multiples over the phone.
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