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Mystery of Marguerite Brien

Mystery of Marguerite Brien

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Surnames: Turcotte Duhamel Hamel Amell
Hi Turcotte kinfolk
All my ancestral branches going back four or five generations run into brick walls. However, the challenge of the hunt keep me searching on my paternal line; but the spirit moved in slow motion whenever. In 1996 my son David went to the archives in Montreal where he found a reference to the marriage contract of Joseph Turcotte & Marguerite Brien. A couple years slipped by and I wrote the archives Quebec City for a copy. The document was a poor photocopy on cheap paper. The hand writing was a scribble and difficult to decipher; so the copy went the file for another couple of years. Eventually, I read that Margeurite was "fille naturelle et adoptif". The usual translation of 'naturelle' is 'natural'. However, in old British wills 'natural child' means a child born out of wedlock. So another couple of years pass by when the spirit moved me at a book sale to spend a buck for an old French-English dictionary. Another couple years go by am I am still trying to decipher the four page marriage document. Then I noticed the dictionary had been published by the University of Montreal with the renown demographic dept and source of the PRDH. My curiosty look up 'naturelle'. Two centuries ago in polite society like a legal document the term means NATIVE. Surprise, surprissssssse. Their daughter Marie Justinse Turcotte married Joseph Duhamel at Ile du Grand Calument. Their son David Duhamell b 1848 and bapt at Ste Anne was my grand-father. My father was bapt David Hamel and yours truly baptised Wm (Bill) Amell

Re: Mystery of Marguerite Brien

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Mr Amell, that is some nice work. I have been researching these same people for ever. Same dead ends, same exact family.
Are you the same Bill that went to ND with Norval W.
You David then is a brother to my Gilbert m. Lucy Bushaw (Beauchamp)

Can we meet someday?



Re: Mystery of Marguerite Brien

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Hello Mike: My research took only forty years to prove the curious hearsay. I have been to ND and elsewhere but no Norval. My father was David b1890 and my grand-father was David b1848 was brother to Gilbert m Lucie. All have grave markers in cemetery beside little mission church, McDonald Crs. There is still another mystery about the parents of Joseph the father of David & Gilbert.
Sure would be glad to meet sometime in spring when days are longer and more pleasant to travel to places.

Re: Mystery of Marguerite Brien

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Mr. Amell,

It will be nice to chat someday. I too have moved onto the mystery of Joseph. I have yet to get a good lead other than we know where they were married, where the children were born and have been told he is buried in the Ardoch,Ont area. I have some copies of the children's Bapt certs but do not have one of my Justine. Have you seen it.

I'ld like to send you a copy of the Margerite, Joseph Turcotte marriage cert I have. Just have to see if I too have been looking at the same document at not seeing the words correctly. You can contact me at and I'll send it direct.

I do not have the years accumulated as you, I'm a novice yet at about 15 years, and yes alot of them on the Turcotte and Beauchamp. I have some stuff on Lucy which indicates she may have had Mic Mac ancestry thru the Routhier line. Goes back into early Acadia.



Re: Mystery of Marguerite Brien

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Hi Mike:
Yes, I have a copy of baptismal record for Justine b.23 Apr 1826 from the parish register for St Pierre du Portage, L'Assomption, Que. Also have a copy of the mariage record for her parents Joseph Turcotte and Marguerite Brien m.12 Jan 1813 from the same parish registers. I noticed your translation of the marriage record Roots web message boards 22 Dec 2003 which is a very good version. Also have a copy of their marriage contract 6 Jan 1813 from the notary files of L'Assomption This legal document reveals much more information which states that Marguerite was "fille naturelle et adoptif". She was adopted; thus not a foster child.
So there is a challenge for someone to find the adoption file and reference to origin. The contract states she was seventeen; thus sometime after c1795 the papers were drafed and filed somewhere ? ?

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Marguerite Brien adoptée par Jean-Baptiste-André Brien et son épouse Marie Perreault.

Il est mentionné que Jean-Baptiste-André Brien était le père nourricier

Jean-Baptiste-André Brien et Marie Perreault n'ont pas eu d'enfant.

Objet : Mystery of Marguerite Brien

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Would it be possible to put the original marriage contract of Joseph Turcot/Turcotte and Marguerite Brien?

Many people whose ancestors are this couple,search this contract

my ancestors are Joseph Turcot / Turcotte and Marguerite Brien

Thank you.

Re: Objet : Mystery of Marguerite Brien

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Contact Archives Nationales du Quebec, Quebec City. Request copy marriage contract for Joseph Turcot and
Marguerite Brien dated 6 Jan 1813 endorsed by notaries
Louis Raymond and Pierre Mercier, L'Assomption Co, Quebec. OR contact by click on user BZ421A listed above & e-mail.

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Good evening,

I now have the marriage contract

It was transcript and is on my famyly tree on Ancestry.


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