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"The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY"

Re: "The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY"

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Surnames: Van Zon, Son, Sone
NOTICE: Main source sited in previous posting
"Will of Rodger Homby of Ipswich, Co. Suffolk, England, June 7, 1635 Vol 51 pd 125
My wife to be my Executrix and Mr. Francis Bacon, my cousin, Mr. John Sone, the elder,my cousin Sone my best gown

Will of John Wood of London, Merchant, Dec. 27, 1660, Vol. 52, pg 132
I release to my cousin, John Sone, one hundred pounds by him owing to me. I release to my cousin, Francis Sone, such moneies as are due him from me.

From `List of Persons of Quality who went from Great Britain to the American Plantaions' by John C. Hotten pg 408 Tickets Granted September 16, 1679:
SONE, George on the Barg Blessing for Burmudos.

From "Dictionary of National Biography" Vol VII pg 145:
Van Zon, Frans (Francis), Painter. Born in Antwep Aug 16, 1658 was son of Joris Van Zon (1623-1667), a well known Painter of flowers and still life in that city. Van Zon came to London and painted. Died about 1710 in London.

Zon was a town in Holland in early times , in Brabant

From the list of Palatines who came to England and America:
SON, Philip 30yrs
SON, Elias 21yrs

From Collection of NY Genealogy and Biographical Society, Vol I pg 196
Marriages Dutch Reformed Church, NY
March 24, 1758
Aris Cornelisse Zon,j.m. Van Soandyk and Sara Ament j.d. Van N. York

From Ecclastical Records, NY pg 2520
Thomas Van Zon, one of 4 ministers of Ansterdam appointed to take church to New Netherland, December 5th, 1730
Pg 759
A letter to Dutch Ministers in America signed by Zegerus Van Son , April 2nd, 1680
Pg. 790
Letter from Rev. Caspar Van Zuuren to the classis of Amsterdam, October 30(o.s.) 1681 to the Rev. Zegerus Van Son."

The only whay I know of doing the tree is to use my FTM.
Anyone else think of away to do it?

"The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY"

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Surnames: Son, Sons, Syoons, Sonn, Soon, Soone
This is from:
"The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY" by Harold W. Hein ca. 1957. LDS Micro Film #86/6019, Call # of original CS71.S585 1957
These are Mr. Heims notes that are handwritten above a large descendancy chart. This chart contains 100+ individuals. Unfortunately the alusive Garret is not on it.

"From the History of Columbia County, NY, Phil Everts and ensign 1873, page 284. Chatham's first settler were Hollanders who had fist taken up their abode in Kinderhook, and from there came to points futher up the creek, passing through the town soon after 1700. Among these families were Van Allens, Van Hoesens, Van Burens, Sons, Van Ness, Van Alstynes, Mesicks, Vosburghs, and Van Valkenburghs.

Boston, Christ Church Records, Vol. 102, page 32, burials, Feb. 8, 1775; Son, Mathew W. son of Mathew and Elizabeth Son ae. 1 mon.
Albany, Historical Collections of Albany, Vol. I pg. 41; Mr. Syoons was 132G for 9 gallons of wine for the Sacrament. Ref.-Dutch Church of Albany, NY
A Johanne G. Sonn and a Rose R. Sonn are listed in the Von Bethuysen Genealogy
NY Genealogy Rec., Vol. 73 pg 1842, Lutheran Church Rec. NYC, Oct. 20, 1771; John Ward, a shoemaker, married a Mart Son, widow.
Present at the funeral of Mrs. Cortland, Nov. 1723 NYC were Jan Soon, John DeForrest, Nicholas Rosevelt, Capt. Blood, John Waldron, John Rosevelt,
From the New England Hisorical and Genealogical Register Vol. 91, pg 11 (General Research in England)From the will of Robert Norton of Hallesworth, Co. Suffolk, England, June 12th, 1542:
I make John Soone, Gentleman, my supervisor and give him 40s.Wittness; John Soone, Gentleman."

there is more. I'll post it later.

Re: "The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY"

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Hello Sarah,

This may be my ancestor's line. I am descended from Maria (Mariah?) SON b. Abt. 1825 Chatham, Columbia, NY m. Samuel CURTIS b. Abt 1822 NY. I know that they were both still alive and living in Chatham as of the 1880 Census, but can't find them after that. Is there anything about them in the book?


Don McCormick

Re: "The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY"

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Don, are you still researching the Sons of Chatham? Mariah and Samuel Curtis are mentioned in the Will of Moses Son.

Do you have a copy of Harold W. Heins chart?

My ancestor was Moses's daughter Jane who married John HOLVENSTOT and James ABBEY.

Tom Wagner

Re: "The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY"

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Hi Tom,

I'm sorry that it took me so long to answer. I don't believe that I ever saw your post for some reason. I am absolutely still researching the Sons of Chatham. Do you have a copy of Moses' will?

I don't have a copy of Harold Heins' chart.

Re: "The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY"

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Hi Don,

Yes I have Moses' Will. I also have Harold Hein's genealogy chart of the Son family. If you want I'd be happy to email them to you.


Re: "The Son Family of Chatham, Columbia County, NY"

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That would be great, Tom - thanks! My e-mail is
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