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Ship Smith/England to Va. 1732/Jeffery researchers

Ship Smith/England to Va. 1732/Jeffery researchers

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Did any of you researching the Jeffery family have any that came from England to Virginia on the Ship Smith in 1732?
Anyone with any Jeffery families that came aboard a ship(name unknown)around 1764,if so would like to make contact and exchange names of family members .
Thank you.

English "Jeffery"

Philippa Jeffery (View posts)
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Funny you should mention people coming to the States on a ship. I am from England and working in the States at the moment and I can trace the name of Jeffery on my family tree right back to that time and beyond. Apparently one branch of my family was known as blacksmiths!

English Jeffery

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Would any of your Jeffery families have come from the area of Sussex England to the Kingston, Alexandria, Virginia area in either the years of 1732 or 1764-1766?
I have an Isaac , suppose to be the father of an Isaac, who provided his son Isaac the means for getting to America, family legend states that the young Isaac, his wife having died, came with his sons, John, James, Jesse, Joseph, and Jeremiah, I descend from the son James who married a Jane Mason in Alexandria, Va. abt. 1769. Isaac was said to have died in Tennessee, when about 76 years of age. Sons, John, James, Jesse, were also in Virginia, Tennesse, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, and eventually , James and Jesse ended up in Arkansas. Jeremiah after some trouble between he and his brothers, was said to have returned to England and died there, but some believe he stayed in the States and has a long line of descendants in the states, but have been unable to verify this, no information has been found as yet on Joseph. There is some information about John, seems his wife and children were killed by indians and there is a story that goes along with that, not much more is known of him.
There are different family stoies as to the year our Jeffery line actually came to the states, one is that James indentured himself and came along with his son also a James, aboard the Ship Smith in 1732, another is that Isaac and his five sons came around the year of 1766. There is also some opinions on the fact that our Isaac could possibly have been Isaac James, or James Isaac. I have been trying to determine the year our Jeffery family first came to America. At this point I don't know which date is correct or if either is correct, which is why I need to locate them on a ships passenger list, but it is pretty difficult not knowing the date for certain. Most of the information is passed down family information which needs some documentation.

English Jeffery

Philippa Jeffery (View posts)
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Dear Sandra,
I'm not sure that you understood. I actually am English - I have a British passport. But I do know that some of my family emigrated to Vancouver and Toronto before WW2. My family comes from all over England. I come from Cheshire in the North-West, but my dad's side comes from Birmingham, and earlier than that, the Scottish border lands. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.


English Jeffery

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Yes, I understood you are English.
Just thought some of your Jeffery family could have came to the states real early and stayed. I am sure we Jeffery descendants had brothers , sisters and cousins of some of the ones that came to the states that remained in England.

I am curious as what the most often used spelling of Jeffery is in England, we are finding that since our ancestors arrived in the states that it has been spelled a variety of ways in the same family lines.
Here the census takers or the official that wrote it down, spelled it the way it sounded to them and they didn't necessarily all hear the same sounds and a lot of the people back then couldn't read or write, so the spelling has been changed often. We find it spelled, Jeffery, Jeffrey, Jefferies, Jeffries, Jeffrys, etc.
Thank you for your reply.

English Jeffery

Janet Jeffery/Jones (View posts)
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To any one who can help me. My dad has passed away not noing much about his family and I would like some help.My dad was raise in a foster home in Harbor beach Mi. He was a triplet.His moms name was was Drew Jeffery. He had a sister named Ruth who passed on I beleave in 1941. That is real iffy. I found nothing with those names. I do know that his grandparent came from england too. My dad did find some cousins in Pt Hurion. If any one can help please do so.It appeared that my dad was the only triplet that lived. but sometimes I wonder if that is true.Oh his name was Roy Hemmel Jeffery.born 6-20-1921 Thanks Jan from mich.

Lizzie Jeffery

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My great great grandmother is
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jeffery.
Her dress caught on fire and she died,
when my grandfather William Jeffery Smith
was very very small..
Her parents are William Fredrick Jeffery
and Annie ? If anyone sees a connection,
I'd be delighted to hear of it.
Thanks ......Dana

English Jeffery's

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Do you have any of the following Jeffery's in your family tree: George Jeffery b. 1840 Sussex, m. Susan b. 1846 Essex, CHildren Anne 1869, George Henry b. 1875 Battersea, Ada b. 1878,Alfred E b. !881.
George Henry Jeffery m. Lily Esther de Neuman. Son William George b.Nov 22, 1910 (possibly adopted)

Surnames ?????

Alan Jeffery (View posts)
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Hi Janet,

Have just found your message on the excite page, I am always looking to trace my fathers family roots, he passed away when I was 14 years old and I have only sketchy details of his family, as far as I know he had a brother who emigrated somewhere when he was young, now I have your details I will keep you informed if I turn anything up.



Jeffery Family

Jan Jones (View posts)
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Hi Alan I just found your message and wanted to know if you have found out any thing. I have gotten no where. Janet
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