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Cuevas family Lares, P. R.

Cuevas family Lares, P. R.

mhc (View posts)
Posted: 960650899000
Going on stories told by my father-in-law that Lares is a small town... I will assume that most Cuevas' born or living in Lares at a given point in time will more than likely be related.

Peter Cuevas (birthdate UNK. but early part of 1900s) married Blanche UNK. in Lares, P.R. then moved to Bronx, NY. and had three children:
Raymond Anthony b. 1934 m. Andrea Colon
Peter m. Isabel UNK.
Johanna (never married)
(one adopted daughter Blanche)
Raymond, Peter and Blanche stayed in NY while Johanna moved to Los Angeles.

Peter Cuevas (orig. ancestor) born in P.R. had at least three brothers all born in P.R.:
Frank (Ephriam?)
Steven (Esteban)
Believed to have others siblings but not sure.
Louis eventually moved to Bronx, NY. and brothers Frank and Steven went to Los Angeles.
If any of these names sound familiar please email direct at:

Cuevas in Lares P.R.

Denise (View posts)
Posted: 961091752000
I was always led to believe that all the Cuevas' from Lares were somehow related too. The names on your list are not familiar to me, but I printed the list up and will show to my father and his family to see if anything rings a bell.

Peter Cuevas Update

mhc (View posts)
Posted: 961098623000
additional information:
Peter Cuevas born Sept. 9, 1908 Lares, P.R.
Died April 1976 Bronx, New York.

Cuevas - Spain to Lares, P.R. to NYC

cuevas (View posts)
Posted: 963310947000
Dear Denise,
Thanks for the help.
I just returned from a trip to NY and have a few more names...if you wouldnt mind asking around.
We know Peter (Pedro) Cuevas was born in Lares in 1908...and he married a woman named Blanche (Blanca) Santiago of Humacao, P.R.
Peter's father was Genaro Cuevas of Palma Majolca(?) Spain. He married Juanna Peña of P.R. and had at least 5 children and then married a woman named Tina and had at least 10 more children, all born in Lares, P.R.:
Pedro (Peter)
Esteban (Steven)
Luisa (Eloise)
Luis Pedro
Luis (yes..he named 3 children Luis!)
Johnny (Juan?)
Carlos (Charles)
Miguel (Michael)
Most of these children used the English form of their names but not all.
Genaro's son Peter who married Blanca moved to NY in the early 1930s we think. His 4 children were all born in NYC beginning in about 1935.
And Im afraid thats all I was able to come up with in the 10 days I was there...*sigh*
Thanks for any help you can give me.


s. (View posts)
Posted: 967134266000

Some names sound a little familiar to me. But, mainly, the Cuevas I know of are from Naranjito. By the way, have you found the Cuevas 'coat of arms" from Spain. (Families in old times use to be identified by a particular symbol/icon)

The Cuevases Name

Posted: 968094487000
Edited: 1084553640000
Simple, my great,great,great grandfather, imigrated to Puerto Rico, from Spain on the 1800's, he was a Captain in the Spanish Armada, married a lady from the Segarra/Velez, Family in Isabela, P.R. was transferred to the town of Lares, to control the revolt of the criollos at that time. He lived and died in Lares, son's Anastasio Cuevas, Baltolome Cuevas, and my Father Rafael Cuevas. They use to own almost all the land in Lares. I'm trying to trace the name Cuevas all the way to Spain. All the Cuevas of Lares are related. By Rafael Cuevas

Cuevas Coat Of Arms

Posted: 968094969000
Edited: 1084553640000
I've got a picture of it.

coat of arms

sheila velez-cuevas (View posts)
Posted: 968098653000
Thanks for the reply. Is there a possibility you could e-mail it, or tell me where/how I could get one?

Cuevas Coat of Arms

m. huddleston cuevas (View posts)
Posted: 968437276000
Id enjoy seeing a copy of the coat of arms. If possible, could you email it to:
or ICQ it to me. Im online almost every nite between 8pm and 2am central time.
ICQ 54480925

Coat of Arms

Posted: 968853021000
Edited: 1084553640000
"E" mail me at my address on top so I could give you the details. OK?????
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