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Got my DNA results back - some opinions needed...

Got my DNA results back - some opinions needed...

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I'm reaching out because I have really no experience with geneoligcal research so I kind of wanted to just throw out what I think my DNA results mean and if people agree or disagree, I'd really appreciate the help. I did this test because I don't know my father, so half of me is a question mark and this means a lot to me.

My results were...

49% Central European
34% Eastern European
13% Scandavian
3% Unknown.

Well A lot of people in my family tree (mom's side obv) are from Luxemberg so I know the half German is correct. My ancestors date back to Scotland, so I was surprised to see none of that. BUT I read that Norweigans invaded Scotland, so maybe we're really Norweigan but just settled in Scotland (any opinions on this?). And the 3% unknown I'm assuming is my Native American Side (My grandfather was a quarter Seminole). So all of that I was able to reason to make sense... except for the Eastern European... no one in my family was ever said to be from there... or ever even go there. I'm over a third of this and I'm surprised that I've never heard of it before. I was thinking maybe it was from my father's side, since I don't know him that would make sense, but my mother said he was German. Could it be a mistake? Being over a third of something and never hearing of it before, or finding it in my tree, seems odd. Could it be a mistake or on my father's side? My mother is going to do the test soon so I'm hoping that'll shed some light.

I'd love some opinions on if my reasoning is well... reasonable.

Re: Got my DNA results back - some opinions needed...

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Ancestry is getting quite a bit of grief on the fact that many with Uk Ancestry are being told its Scandinavian.....they may be picking up Viking from long ago but this needs work. I would not discount the Eastern European. Many from Germany had Eastern European backgrounds so this may be a few generations back from what you know. The unknown is a catch all category for those things that they cannot yet parse.

Re: Got my DNA results back - some opinions needed...

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Thank you for the reply. I know I have no UK ancestory at all. Like at all lol. I do have a Swedish great grand mother so I'm sure its from that.

I know the Central European is correct and I know the Scandavian is correct. It's the Eastern European that has thrown me for a loop. I do think they are pretty dead on though with the German and Scandavian.

Re: Got my DNA results back - some opinions needed...

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The problem is that Ancestry is using different markers or classification of markers as other places, so some of the results they tell you don't match well. I don't want to say they're wrong, because they are probably accurate representations of the sets of markers they choose, but you end up with a lot of very off results.

Getting your mom tested is totally the way to go for the next step. But if your goal is to find out more about your dad's side, I wouldn't use AncestryDNA. I would test at 23andme or FTDNA where you can get your raw data download. Then upload it to (it's free) and play around with their ancestry programs. You'll get a much better sense of what you're working with. And there are some programs that will let you compare your and your mom's results too.

AncestryDNA is a good place to be plugged into the database. You may find some family from your dad's side. But it's not the best choice for ethnicity tests. They say they'll be releasing raw data in 2013 (to existing testers too) and that it will be in a format that gedmatch can use, but we don't really know until we see it.

If your goal is to try to find some paternal relatives, then you will want to be in as many places as possible. You're already at AncestryDNA (and no need for your mom to be in that database except to weed out the relatives on her side (the ones that match you both)). I'd do 23andme then do a transfer of raw data to FTDNA (you can't go the other direction unfortunately). And I'd always do GedMatch, cause it's free and will do some matching as well as the ancestral stuff.

Good luck!

Re: Got my DNA results back - some opinions needed...

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Thank you! I may wait a little bit until Ancestry releases the raw data... and if they don't I'll take your advice and do the other companies to see what pops up. It irks me that they're saying I'm an ethnicity that I've never even heard of, or is close to what I know
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