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Florida State Mental Hospitals

Florida State Mental Hospitals

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I was looking for information on Chatahoochee from a hisorical perspective. However, mental health is a mess and was and is still. Chatahoochee is not the only wierd one. I as a nursing student in the 1970's visited the one in Hollywood Florida as a student. It was scary at best. My brother was also in and out as a patient. It was also the beginning of the local mental health cetners that were supposed to cut out state hopital admissions.

My brother was diagnosed as schizophrenic and was in and out of state mental hospitals from when he was 19. He at times was in jails in the 1960's. I can not even find him any longer. He was getting local mental health follow up with meds but suspect he may have been lost in the shuffle.

Drugs and alcohol confuse the issue. I think he was most likely bipolar. He has taken such big psych drugs for years who knows.

One has to keep in mind there are multiple drugs to help with mental illness issues. Many were not available or thought of prior to th 1950's. Electrroconvulsive Therapy was then used. It was then on the outs and now it is back at imes again recommended. Do drugs and alcohol confuse the mental illness issues ? Yes indeed they do.

One entry talks about legal issues in holding someone for mental illness issues. I don't think many years ago if that issue was addressed and if you annoyed your family you could be institutionalized. Then you can indeed be ill and take your meds while followed. Sadly as you get out taking meds and follow up gets lost in the shuffle.

Are all mental health issues inherited? Some says yes and some say no and some say may be differently inherited. Either we have had a boatload of diagnosis of bipolar or the variation in effect may vary. Is it helpful to know genealogy wise mental health issues. Yes indeed it is. If you know of the problem you will look and follow more closely those issues. If you have juvenile diabetes it is important to know. If you are bipolar it is just as important for later family to know. We still have discrimination about mental health issues. As I recall a vice presidential candidate quit running when it was put out he had a mental health hospitalization.

I also saw a strange movie about the facility in Chatahochee. It showed awful inhumane care. The end of the movie showed the follow up and change in law for the care and to provide humane care for the mentally ill at Chatahochee. I am sorry I cannot remember the name.

There are all kinds of legal issues to force people or not force people to take medication. It is a very complicated issues. Both legal and medical overlap and confuse. I sure do not have the answer.

It would be nice to know genealogy wise our family mental health background. Surely it would help the development and happy life of current and future generations. Maybe we need to not discriminate as we always have on this issue.

Re: Florida State Mental Hospitals

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I was probably about 28 years old 28 years ago when I found out that my great grandmother even existed and that she was a patient at Chattahoochee State Hospital. I was sitting with my great aunt (who had had a few drinks)when she began to talk about my grandmother (I only had one that I knew of). When none of the conversation seemed to make sense I said, "Auntie you can't be talking about my Grandma Susie". She said, "No, I'm talking about your grandmother up at Chattahoochee". To make a long story short, I confronted my family, went to see my great-grandmother, got other family members to do the same, and attended her funeral with my great aunt and great uncle, my mother and her sister. My mother's mother as well as my mother's sister was also institutionalized at Chattahoochee. When I found out about my great-grandmother, she had been institutionalized for nearly 75 years. She went in when she was about 23. My mother's mother died at the hospital.

For the past 15 or 20 years I have been dealing with my own depression and alcoholism. The other night, I saw a program on public broadcasting called "Depression: Out of the Shadows". It got me to thinking about the women in my family, Chattahoochee and my current struggles. I'm an African American female. I want to know more. I googled "Chattahochee History" and found this site. I want to know more.

Re: Florida State Mental Hospitals

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The name of the movie was Chattahoochee.
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