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I'm looking for info on a Gilbert Haynes....he had a son George Jeptha Haynes. Story has it that Gilbert was shot in the back while on posse looking for an escaped convict. I know that George was a native of Wiess Bluff....I'm not sure if this is in Jasper Co or not..........any info would be appreciated.J.Haynes

Re: Jeptha Haynes

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Surnames: Beard, Berry, Hanks, Haynes, Hyde, Horn, Gates, Kaldenbach, Ratcliff, Robertson, Young
Hi J. Haynes,

I thought that I would be able to help you out because the name Jeptha Haynes "rang a bell". I have a "Jeptha Haynes" in my family tree database, but he's not attached to the people that you mentioned. I don't have a Gilbert in my database. Also, you didn't mention the years involved.

I had a g-g-grandmother whose name was Mary Frances Haynes (b. 1856 in Jasper Co, Tx). She was the daughter of Dunstan Banks Haynes (b. 1828 in Perry Co, AL) and Mary Ann Horn. Dunston had an uncle whose name was Thomas Haynes (b. 1800 in Green Co, GA.) who married Mary Hurt. Thomas Haynes had a son name Jeptha. Since this was not my direct line, I didn't really continue on it at the time.

If any of this sounds familiar (or promising) or if you want more information on the Haynes and associated families, let me know and I'll help if I can.


P.S. Wiess Bluff IS in Jasper Co.

Re: Jeptha Haynes

J.Haynes (View posts)
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Hi Karen,
Thank You for your reply. I have to do some more research to find the dates I need. My late husbands fathers name was Jeptha Haynes. I think he was born around 1909-1911. Jep's mother and father were Jessie Ivy Bass, and George Jeptha Haynes. This is about as far back as I can go. I'll try to get some more info tonite.
Thanks again,
Judy Haynes

Re: Jeptha Haynes

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Surnames: Beard, Berry, Hanks, Haynes, Hyde, Horn, Gates, Kaldenbach, Ratcliff, Robertson, Young
Hi Judy,

Here’s what I found this evening. I still haven’t been able to hook Jep to “my” Haynes, but I have no doubt that he was one of them. His father, George Jeptha was born in what I think of as the “black hole” of genealogy. He was born after the 1880 census but by the time that you look for him in the 1900 census, he’s no longer living at home. He wasn’t married because Jessie wasn’t old enough yet.

Jeptha Haynes, born Abt. 1910. He was the son of George Jeptha Haynes and Jessie Ivy Bass.

George Jeptha Haynes, born 13 Oct 1881 in Texas. He married Jessie Ivy Bass Abt. 1907. Jessie Ivy Bass, born 30 Aug 1890 in Texas. She was the daughter of F.M Bass and Martha E. Unknown.

Notes for George Jeptha Haynes:
On the 1910 Federal Census, he was listed as Jeptha G. Haynes. He was a "scaler" in the logging industry. He said that both of his parents were born in Texas. There was a boarder living in the house whose name was Henry Womack who also worked in the logging industry.

On his World War I military registration in 1918, he is described as being stout, of medium height, with blue eyes and dark hair. He said that he is a "log scaler" for Houston Oil Co. His nearest relative is "Mrs. J.I. Haynes, his wife, who lives in Silsbie, TX.

Again in the 1930 census, he is listed as George J. Haynes. Now he gives his occupation as an "oil gauger" in the oil fields. He and his family are living in Beaumont, TX.

More About George Jeptha Haynes:
Other-Begin: Hardin County
Residence: 1910, Justice Precinct 4, Jasper, Texas

Notes for Jessie Ivy Bass:
On the 1910 Federal Census, Jessie said that her father was born in Louisiana and her mother was born in Texas. As of May 9th of that year, she and Jeptha had been married for 3 years, but didn't have any children yet.

The 1930 census gives the birthplace of Jessie's father as Texas.

Child of George Haynes and Jessie Bass is:

1 i. Jeptha Haynes, born Abt. 1910.

Let me know when you get something that I might be able to help you with. Did I understand that your husband has passed away? Does this mean that there is no one left to ask about his aunts and uncles, etc?


Re: Haynes

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The Gilbert Haynes you're looking for was my GG grandfather, b. 3 Jun 1859 in Orange Co. TX, m. Martha Miriam Womack 18 Mar 1880 in Orange Co. TX, d. 2 May 1896. Their children were George Jeptha, Henry Presley (or Preston) "Press", Jesse Phelps "JP", and Mary Octavine. I have a good bit of information on this line if you're interested.

Do you have any more information about Gilbert's death while on posse?

Tucson AZ

Re: Haynes

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Surnames: Haynes, Beard, Womack
Hi Kevin,

I'm interested in your line of the Haynes family. I was able to find some information on Gilbert Haynes for the other person looking (unfortunately, I don't think that I found anything more about his death.) I was working on the Haynes family because my GG grandmother was Mary Frances Haynes. She married Calvin A. Beard. She was the half first cousin of Gilbert Haynes (same grandfather-different grandmother.) Although my concentration for the last several months has been chipping at my Beard brick wall, when I saw the name Womack in your posting my ears perked up.

To try and make my way through the Beard brick wall, I've been researching the "collateral lines". I believe that several families intermarried over several generations and that the families of Mary Frances and Calvin knew each other before they got married. Calvin's maternal grandmother's first husband was a Womack.

Calvin and Mary Frances lived in Jasper County and their 3 children either lived there or close by in neighboring East Texas counties.

I have more information on Gilbert's ancestors if your interested.

Re: Haynes

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Surnames: Beard
What info on Calvin Beard are you looking for?

Re: Haynes

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Surnames: Beard

I have quite a bit of information on Calvin, his wife (and her family) and his children. My brick wall is actually his father, James A. Beard. I have a lot of information on James A., but his parents are currently a mystery. There is a current theory out there, but I haven't seen any proof of it.

Are you related to Calvin?


Re: Haynes

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Surnames: Beard
No I am not related--but I do research of families in that area--like you looking for connections to mine. I can tell you this:
1850 Census for Ouachita County Arkansas
Beard James A 29
Malisy 24
John P 8
Pamela 6
James A 4
Living nearby was
Beard Berry 50
Nancy 49
William M 25
Margaret 21
Winny 19
Nancy 17
John T 8
Samuel C 5
Murry John G 35

Re: Haynes

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Surnames: Haynes, Beard, Robertson, Womack
This is what I was talking about. I haven't found any proof that this Berry Beard is James' father--and I have my doubts. I think that it's highly probable that Berry is either an uncle or cousin to James A., but I don't think that he is his father. On the 1850 & 1860 census, Berry says that he was born in Georgia. In 1870, (the first year that they asked the question) James A. said that his father was born in South Carolina.

James A. was married twice. Both women seem to have lived in Tallapoosa Co., Ala. At least his second wife was born in South Carolina. Mahala Todd died in Arkansas after the birth of their fourth child (the child died shortly afterwards). By the 1850 census, he had returned to Alabama, remarried, and returned to Arkansas with Molsey Robertson Beard. They later moved to Louisiana and then to Texas. James and Molsey are both buried in Lufkin, TX.

Molsey's grandmother was Sarah Daniel who married Jesse Womack then Edward Hancock. Sarah and Edward had a daughter Rebecca who married Joseph Robertson.
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