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Confused about surprising high percentage

Confused about surprising high percentage

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Have read some posts where people thought they were a certain ethnicity and none or little showed up in their tests. I have the opposite issue. A surprising ethnicity comes up at around 15%. Would this percentage indicate a fairly close ancestor of this ethnicity? Thanks for any insights.

Re: Confused about surprising high %

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Not knowing which ethnicity pops up hampers my reply. if it is Scandinavian and you are mostly from the UK I would not put much crepe dance in it. However if it is showing African than it is likely quite real. or if it is Jewish or any of a number of other populations that are easy to discern.

if you don't feel comfortable sharing publicly. Feel free to drop me a message. lots of folks get surprises. I did but it didn't show up here.

Re: Confused about surprising high percentage

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I received my DNA results about 2 weeks ago and also was surprised by the Genetic Ethnicity which showed the following:

Central European 74%
British Isles 11%
Finnish/Volga-Ural 10%
Uncertain 5%

About 3 years ago I spent a great deal of time analysing my ancestors, origins based on Surnames, Birth Place, and documented descent. ( I did a spread sheet and everything.)

I determined the following:

Scotish 20%
Scots-Irish 20% (Scottish descent immigrated from Ireland)
Irish 20%
English 10%
German 20%
Other 10%

I am an extremely intelligent person with over 40 years professional experience in the computer industry, with a strong talent for Mathematics and logic. So I feel very confident of my analysis.

I am NOT questioning the results of the Genetic Ethnicity of the DNA test. I am simply looking for an explanation for the high Central Europe results and the extremely low British Isles results, which are complete opposites of what I expected.

Anyone form Ancestry DNA who can help let me know.

Re: Confused about surprising high percentage

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"Anyone form Ancestry DNA who can help let me know."

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