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Petro, Chupak, Hudak, Birescik, Fedor

Petro, Chupak, Hudak, Birescik, Fedor

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Surnames: Petro, Chupak, Hudak, Birescik, Fedor
I'm new at researching my family tree and need some guidence to start my Mother's side of Family Tree.
I'm also looking for any relatives.
This is what I do know...

I know that my Grandparents are John Birescik 1907-1974 and
Mary Birescik (Petro) 1911-1984.

Mary Petro's father was Michael Petro Born 1871-1936 in Checkloslavakia, his wife Mary Chupak Born 1872-1937 in Checkloslavakia.

They all resided and died in Clairton, Allegheny, Pennsylvania in the same house I grew up in until mid 1980's.

One of my Grandmother's Brothers was also named Michael Petro 1897-1935, his wife was Elizabeth R.Petro Hudak 1903-1984.

My Grandfather's Parents are John Birescik abt1887-?
and Anna Fedor abt1891-?

All relatives knowing more than this are deceased.
I am trying to locate more information on Petro but nothing seems to be matching up.
Any guidence on where and how to continue research on Petro, Chupak, Fedor, Birescik would be so appreciated.

Re: Petro, Chupak, Hudak, Birescik, Fedor

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What you need is the village of origin for the ancestors. It will be difficult for you to make any progress without first determining this. This information should be on official documents, such as naturalization papers.

The only clue I could find was that there was an Anna Biresc'ik (pronounced "BEE-rehs-cheek") who arrived at Ellis Island from Tokes Terebes, which was the Magyar/Hungarian name for what is today the town of Trebis'ov in southeastern Slovakia. There is some support for this general region in the fact that the surnames Hudak and Fedor are very common in eastern Slovakia.

Re: Petro, Chupak, Hudak, Birescik, Fedor

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Hi, iam from slovakia. Just wanted to give you good advice, if you are looking for information try to key in Maria Petrova (Mary Petro) and Maria Chupakova.
Try to use, www.zlate
Maybe it will help.
I know people with surname Petro, they live in village Kocovce,Slovakia.

Re: Petro, Chupak, Hudak, Birescik, Fedor

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Thank you both!
That could be the reason why my Grandmothers's Mary Birescik nee Petro marriage certificate says Marie Petro
There are so many inconsistencies in a lot of the records I'm finding in the USA that is making it hard for me to obtain arrivals and naturalizations information.
I know I have the right census records because it shows the same house I and 4 other generations of my family resided.
I can't find the death records of my Great Grandparents.
Thank goodness I payed attention as a child when my Grandmother & Mom would drag me weekly to tend to all the graves at the cemetery.
I went this week and took pictures of all the headstones and obtained death dates.
Even after obtaining death dates from headstones there is no death record information available on my Great Grandparents.
1910 census shows Great Grandfather imm 1895 not naturalized and Great Grandmother 1902 naturalized.
1920 census shows G. Grandfather imm 1900 naturalized and G. Grandmother 1906 alien.
1930 census shows G.Grandfather imm 1900 not naturalized and G. Grandmother 1905 not naturalized.
I'm about ready to pull my hair out trying to figure this all out.
Just one move in the right direction at this point would be helpful and make me so happy.

Re: Petro, Chupak, Hudak, Birescik, Fedor

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If they are from slovakia, it would be hard because they archive record only for 100 years. I am trying to find my grandparents too, have same problem. But there is a archive in capital of slovakia, Bratislava and another big one in Banska Bystrica. Not sure about the web.sites, but i"ll check for you later, cant now cos iam in work.

Re: Petro, Chupak, Hudak, Birescik, Fedor

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Try to email to State archiv in Banska Bystrica. Email address is :

Re: Birescik/Berescik, Csupak/Czupak

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Birescik, Anna Terebes, Slovak
Berescek, Michael Trebisov, Cz. Slov
Berescsik, Gyorgy Tike Tarebes
Beresczik, Georg Terebes
Fedor, Anna Toketerebes
Fedor, Mihaly T. Terebes
Toke/Tike Terebes/Tarebes is Trebisov, SK
Birescsik, Mihaly Horr, Hungary
Berescsik, Andras Horo
Berescsik, Andras Hoor
Berescsik, Gyorgy Koor
Beresczik, Rusznakindras Horr
Horr/Hoor is Horovce, SK
Czupak, Anna Kudlocz, Hungary
Czupak, Janos Kudlocz
Czupak, Josef Kudlocz, Hungary
Czupak, Maria Kudlocz, Hungary
Czupak, Maria Kudlocz, Hungary
Czupak, Michal Kudlocz, Hungary
Csupak, Jozsef Kudloss
Csupak, Maria Kudloss
Csupak, Marton Kudloss
Kudlocz is Kudlovce; now part of town of Humenne.
An ALL site for research:
You might also want to post on

Re: Birescik/Berescik, Csupak/Czupak

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I think I may finally have a slight lead on where my Great Grandparents came from, Karsa Ujfaln.
Anyone know anything about maybe this being a village and Petro's from there?
I'm going to go now and look at maps.


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PETRO, Michal Karsa Ujfaln (correctly) Kassaujfalu, Abauj megye, Hungary ~ Kosicka Nova Ves. click on Abauj
A good locator:

Re: Karsa Ujfaln/Kassaujfalu : Kosicka Nova Ves

Posted: 1225984160000
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PETRO, Maria Kassanjfalu, Hungary
PETRO, Gyorgy Kassayfaln, Hungary
PETRO, Michal Karsa Ujfaln (correctly) Kassaujfalu now Kosicka Nova Ves a part of a city of Kosice, Slovakia.
The above arrived thru
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