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Morey(s) in Belize

Morey(s) in Belize

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Surnames: Morey
Hoping this Morey forum is still operational.

My name is Elvis Morey, i am from Belize, a small country in Central America. I would really like to be a part of this forum and discover the history of my surname.

From what my parents and relatives have told me is that my great grandfather was from Scotland, but after countless researching and other information from other relatives; they have told me that he actually came from Isle of Wight, England, probably came to Belize around the 1880's to 1900's Probably some confusion took place as to his origins.
His name was John Edwin Morey, he also had two (2) other brothers William Jerehmiah Morey and Charles Morey.

Would really like to connect with other people who could help me gather valuable information.

John Edwin Morey b. 18 Jul 1888 d. 04 Aug 1942 m. Leota

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Morey 2421 Email 02 Relpy

Dear Elvis

Thank you for your query on John Edwin Morey. I will get you put on the Morey Forum of which I am convenor. This is a very confusing Morey family, but I will try to join up a few dots.

The Morey Forum knows this family as “KLN Mrs Anna Werner”

John Edwin Morey was born 18 Jul 1888 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland; why I do not know. Morey is not a Scottish name. It is actually found in several counties; in England along the Saxon Shore near the various ports in Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, and Sussex. Variations occur in spelling as the name moves north across Great Britain. When Morey is found outside its location for spelling, the migration generally has been late.

Morey is also found scantily in Ireland and across France and other European countries, but most strongly it is found on Majorca having reached there 31 Dec 1229. The Morey Forum is working on all fronts, even Japan; as Morey is a Japanese name meaning Forest, the character for it being a tree. Generally the Moreys of Central America are from Majorca, and spread across the Islands of the Caribbean and every country in South America. So when you wrote of Belize, my mind immediately went to Majorca.

90% of American Moreys descend from two Englishmen, Roger Morey 60% and George Morey 30%. I think we may find you are descended from one of these.

OK so John Edwin Morey was born 18 Jul 1888 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. He was an Anglican with medium complexion, eyes blue and hair medium. He was in height 5 ft 9.75 in. Being an Anglican immediately removes him in my mind from being, Scottish, Welsh, Irish or any European country. It plonks him squarely in England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or several countries in Africa, such as Rhodesia, Kenya, Tanzania etc.

I am pleased you have singled out the Isle O Wight. There is only one main Morey clan on the IOW. It is spread scantily across USA, CAN, AUS, and NZL

His mother was Annie. Sometimes these dots are very blurry. He married Leota who was born 19 Mar 1885 in Illinois, probably, Chicago, Cook, IL, USA. Both her parents were born in Illinois. She died Nov 1966 Chicago, Cook, IL, USA.

We have given his mother Annie the surname “Of Waukegan” until we find her real maiden name. I must say here I do not believe John Edwin Morey was ever anywhere near Scotland. But we shall see.

Of his brothers, Frederick Morey was born 01 Nov 1883 (B: IL F: IL M: NJ) Waukegan, Lake, IL, USA. This suggests his father was born in Illinois, and his mother in New Jersey. Then John Edwin Morey was born 18 Jul 1888 in Scotland, Charles Dorwin Morey was born 28 Dec 1890 (B: IL F: IL M: NJ) Waukegan, Lake, IL, USA. He died 01 Dec 1942 Waukegan, Lake, IL, USA. These three Morey boys in 1900 were stepsons of Henry Werner 1900 aged 32 B: MA. Anna Werner his wife was 1900 aged 39

William Jerehmiah Morey is new to this family. He was not in the 1900 census with his step father and brothers Frederick, John, and Charles respectively were; 1900 aged 16, 1900 aged 11, and 1900 aged 09.

It is interesting your family tradition has your John Edwin Morey coming from the IOW, when the one born in Scotland was in Toronto, York, ON, Canada during the first war. That is from where his physical details were given, but he was also drafted into the US military from where we get his birth date. And although he was married and his wife was Leota, we do not see him in any census with children. I have him dying 04 Aug 1942 aged 54 in Bremen, Cook, IL, USA.

On 31 Jul 1917 in Toronto, York, ON, Canada; 2497933 19th RW Cst, (married) he gave his occupation as Machinist Apprentice, which is old to be an apprentice and in the 1920 census he was Chicago, Cook, IL, USA occupation engineer with his wife Leota and bachelor brother Charles Dorwin was a packer.

The only common elements with your Morey story are:

1 John Edwin Morey – only one in the Morey database (out of 315,000 Morey records).
2 B: Scotland
3 Brother Charles Morey

The uncommon elements far out weigh the common.

Sub Umbra Floreo

I will now look at the IOW aspect. Looking for the three brothers sorted on father does not show anything. Now let us have a look at the White Page Moreys in Beliz:

Morey Bradford F 223-0598
Morey Delbert 523-2170
Morey Felix B 523-2306
Morey Luigi 824-3683
Morey Hilton 523-3272
Morey Elvera 503-2321
Dr Morey's Internist Clinic 804-0197
Morey Bruce 804-2237
Frances Morey 824-3417
Morey David Richard 824-3433
Morey Ezron E 227-0138
Dr Morey's Internist Clinic 610-1937
Morey Ezron 610-4393

Kind regards, Geoffrey
Morey Forum, New Zealand

John Edwin Morey b. 18 Jul 1888 d. 04 Aug 1942 m. Leota

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Dear Morey Rootsweb Listers

Do not get waylaid by this set of postings.

The chances of it talking about one Morey family is slim.

We shall see how it pans out.

Kind regards, Geoffrey

Re: Morey(s) in Belize

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Re: Morey(s) in Belize

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I'm not sure if this thread is still opened, but my great, great grandfather was william morey, and my great grandfather was edwin morey and my grandfather was william john morey on my mother's side born in belize.

Could we be related?

Re: Morey(s) in Belize

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I think we might be related yes, since my great great grandfather was also William Morey, and my great grandfather was John Edwin Morey, (Same person I think Edwin Morey).

Re: Morey(s) in Belize

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That would be great if we are. Can you please tell me more information about your family. Where in Belize were they born and grew up. What is your grandfather's name? My grandfather's name was William Morey as well. His siblings are: Mary Morey, Estell Morey, Edwin Morey, Zelda Morey.

Looking forward in hearing from you.

Re: Morey(s) in Belize

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From Belize yes, those are my grandfather sisters and brothers his name was Reuben Morey. My email is

Re: Morey(s) in Belize

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where r u frm? i am elvis's sistr

Re: Morey(s) in Belize

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Hi Shirley, nice to meet you.

I was born in Belize but was raised in the California.
Are you in Belize as well?
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