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Descendants of Baptiste Navarre Rochon, Jean Navarre Rochon, Édouard Navarre Rochon, Narcisse Boisdoré Rochon

Descendants of Baptiste Navarre Rochon, Jean Navarre Rochon, Édouard Navarre Rochon, Narcisse Boisdoré Rochon

LANDRY Christophe (View posts)
Posted: 960297828000
Anyone interested in Jean-[Baptiste] Navarre Rochon husband of Marie-Thérèse Macarty, [Jean]-Baptiste Navarre Rochon husband of Henriette William,Édouard Navarre Rochon husband of Marie-Magdeleine [François]de Clouêt, or Jean-[Narcisse] Boisdoré Rochon husband of Charlotte Crêne...I have all the information you are probably searching me for more details.

Édouard Navarre Rochon

Frank Breaux (View posts)
Posted: 960319671000
I have been to track Edouard Navarre Rochon for a long time - problem has been that I was looking for a Edouard Navarre and recently found the Rochon part. I am a descendant of his first son - who I have as Edouard Navarre. Please email at either or

Thank you,


thelma thomas (View posts)
Posted: 960879185000
Hi, Chris--I am a great great grand daughter of Pierre Rochon ( his youngest daughter Antoinette, born around 1855 is my mother's grandmother. I am still confused by the following: Where did the Navarre Come in?
what info is available on the Guilbeau's connected to this family. where did the rochons come from? I thought maybe mobile? Also, Charles Rochon married Eleanore Neveu. My grandfather was Alexander Neveu, son of Charlotte Pamela Isidore and I believe Charles Neveu. Neveu's were also known as Armelin's. I would appreciate any info you can provide.
As to your family, did any live on what is the present day Chitimacha Reservation in Charenton, LA? Thanks for every thing - I have files on a few families and would be glad to send to you, just let me know which you are interested in. Thanks again,


Christophe Landry (View posts)
Posted: 960885317000
Bonjour Thelma! It seems as though we are related! My immediate families are the LANDRY and VAVASSEUR families. My grt-grt grandmother was Josephine Rochon, daughter of Jean-Steril Narcisse Rochon and Elisa Castille. Steril was the son of Jean-Narcisse Rochon Charlotte Crene. I have done really really extensive research on the Rochon's. It appears that the progenitors of the Creole of Color Rochon family of the Attakapas were 5 Free Mulatto siblings that came to the Attakapas sometime around 1800 from New Orleans. They were the children of Charlotte Rochon. She bore children for two men : Jean-Baptiste Boisdore and Jean-Baptiste Navarre. Around the time of their marriage to other Free Creoles of the Attakapas, they employed both their father's surname and their mother's. I can give you a complete file on them and their descendants. It is much too extensive to provide in this little space...I do not have much on Pierre Rochon and his children and grand-children, for they moved away to Charenton while others stayed in the St-Martinville/New Iberia areas. Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can exchange info and perhaps get acquainted...After all, we are cousins! :)


Christophe Landry (View posts)
Posted: 960886559000
Just a note on the ISIDORE/NEVEU line...Pierre Rochon's brother Prosper-Dorsili Rochon married Eleonore Neveu 24 Mai 1855, the daughter of Charles Neveu and Pamela-Charlotte Isidore. Pamela-Charlotte Isidore's brother, Francois-Gustan Isidore, married Pierre and Dorsili's first cousin, Estelle-Louise Rochon, 29 Jun 1846, the daughter of Narcisse Rochon and Charlotte Crene. It appears that the two ISIDORE siblings' mother was Charlotte Benoit, whom I believe was a slave.


Thelma Thomas (View posts)
Posted: 960962553000
Chris, parlez-vous Francais? Mon
Francais n'est pas facile comme d'autrefois. Si vous voulez, nous essayerons ecrire un peu en Francais.
Do you want me to send you the files I have on the Rochons, Neveu/Armelins/and Landry's that were sent to me from the US Indian Bureau? I can send them as Word files as an attachment. Also, I would appreciate receiving any files. I have collected tons of information, but as far as Pierre Navarre and ancestors, I would love to go back as far as possible. The files I have discuss that somewhat, but I would appreciate more. I am addicted. Thank you again...Cousin. thelma

Notre famille!

Christophe Landry (View posts)
Posted: 960980177000
Ma chere cousine Thelma,
mais ouais je parle francais...C,est tout ce que je parle! Et Anglais aussi, bien-sur. Oui j,aimerais recevoir le dossier que tu as sur les familles notees dans ton Mail. Hier, quand j,etais a la Biblotheque a la Nouvelle-Iberie, ou je suis apres rester, j,ai cherche un petit peu d,informations des Neveu et Isidore. Tu as probablement toutes les infos que j,ai mais on va voir hein! J,ai tout un dossier sur les ROCHON, commencant avec les naissances des enfants de Charlotte Rochon de la Nouvelle-Orleans, l,ancetre des ROCHON de couleur libres. Envoie-moi les infos que tu as et je vais t,envoyer les miennes.
A bientot ma cousine!


Thelma Thomas (View posts)
Posted: 960983276000
Chris, please e-mail me your direct e-mail address so that I might send you the files as an attachment. I am not sure how to do this using the surname forum. My direct e-mail is thank you.


Deric A. Hill (View posts)
Posted: 961441108000
Hello Ms. Thelma Thomas,

My name is Deric Hill and I reside in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I am doing some research on the Armelin name. My mother's maiden is Armelin and I always wanted to find information on the origin and history of the Armelin family. Please let me know if you can assist me, I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you.


thelma thomas (View posts)
Posted: 961485291000
Hi, I have some info provided by the US Bureau of Indian Affairs researcher. It is on Armelin/Neveu family in and around the Chitimacha Reservation in Charenton, La. these files are in Word or Wordperfect. I can send to you as an attachment if you e-mail me at --sent your direct email, since I don't have a way of sending you my file via this forum. Hope to hear from you, Thelma
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