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Hosea Holcombe

Hosea Holcombe

L Fisher (View posts)
Posted: 949070993000
I have info on Hosea Holcombe's family back to the 1100's. Anyone interested can email me:

Clark Holcombe

Kathy (View posts)
Posted: 963154075000
Is there any chance there was a Clark or William Thomas Holcombe from SC in any of your info.

Clark Holcombe

Kathy (View posts)
Posted: 963154183000
Is there any chance there was a Clark or William Thomas Holcombe from SC in any of your info.

Holcombe names

Lori Fisher (View posts)
Posted: 963225688000
Below is a partial list of names that I have in my computer. I have many more, and I will post them when I have more time. Maybe this will help someone.

Allie Colona Holcombe

Ann Eliza Holcombe husband:Samuel McBride

Annie Ruby Holcombe

Anthony Chayce Holcombe (living)

Benjamin Holcombe

Chelby Lorraine Holcombe (living)

Daniel P Farris Holcombe
b.12-20-1855 d.1878

Delton Edward Holcombe wife:Evelyn Elizabeth Graham

Delton Edward Holcombe (living)

Eldridge Threatt Holcombe wife:Nora Dell Russell

Haley Brianne Holcombe (living)

Harmon Holcombe

Henry Anthony Holcombe wife:Debbie Tullos

Hosea Holcombe wife:Phoebe Smith b.1760
b.1755 m.1778 Union District, South Carolina

Hosea A Holcombe wife:Sarah Threatt
b.5-4-1831 Jefferson County, Alabama
m.3-30-1855 Shelby County, Alabama

Hosea Holcombe

Hosea Holcombe b.1-2-1862 d.2-13-1917

James Holcombe

Jesse Richard Holcombe

Joel Holcombe

John Holcombe

John Holcombe III wife:Eleanor
b.1720 Prince Edward County, Virginia

Jonathon Holcombe

Joseph Holcombe

Karen Marie Holcombe (died in infancy)

Layne Chance Holcombe (living)

Lutie Erma Holcombe

Rebecca Ann Holcombe

Richard Holcombe II

Richard Holcombe III

Richman Edgar Holcombe

Robert Carl Holcombe

Steven Warren Holcombe

Thomas Graves Holcombe wife:Willie Mossenton
b.7-7-1860 Shelby County, Alabama
d.2-9-1940 Crecy, Trinity County, Texas

Thomas Opal McDushel McDowell Holcombe

William Curry Hogan Holcombe

William Henry Holcombe wife:Elizabeth Ann Archer (living)

William Leo Holcombe wife:Susan Renee Lamb

William Richard Holcombe (living)

Good luck.

Holcombe names(LORI FISHER)

RENAE CRUMP (View posts)
Posted: 966104432000
I don't know where you got all of those names from but I would be very interested in finding out. Those are my family tree. So if you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

Hosea Holcombe

Lori Fisher (View posts)
Posted: 966113605000
The following information was obtained from copies my aunt gave me on the Holcombe family. Some of the information was given to her at a family reunion. Other information was obtained through family Bibles and old family papers. I cannot guarantee the accuracy, but from the research I have done, all of the information that I have checked so far is correct.
A great place to start looking is Troy, Pike County, Alabama. I was sent some copies of records from a courthouse in the county that helped me a great deal. If you need more detailed information, I can send you copies of what I have at my office. E-mail me with your mailing address.

The earliest Hosea Holcombe that I have was born in 1755. He married Phoebe Smith in 1778, in Union District, South Carolina. His parents were John Holcombe III and a woman named Eleanor. Hosea's wife, Phoebe Smith, was born in 1760 in Spartanburgh District, South Carolina. They had a child also named Hosea Holcombe, born July 20, 1780.
Hosea Holcombe (b.1780) had a child named Hosea A. Holcombe, born May 4, 1831 in Jefferson County, Alabama. He married Sarah Threath on March 30, 1855 in Shelby County, Alabama. Sarah was born March 25, 1835 and died July 24, 1885 in Texas. She was also married to a man named Joe Lester.
Hosea A. and Sarah had five children:
1-Daniel P. Farris Holcombe
b. 12-20-1855 d. 1878
2-William Curry Hogan Holcombe b. 12-15-1857
3-Ann Eliza Holcombe b. 12-13-1858
4-Thomas Graves Holcombe
b. 7-7-1860 Shelby County, Alabama
d. 2-9-1888 Crecy, Trinity County, Texas
(Thomas is my part of the family tree. This is the member that I have most information on after 1888.)
Thomas married Willie Mossenton 3-4-1888.
5-Hosea A Holcombe
b. 1-2-1862 d. 2-13-1917
John Holcombe III
b. 1720 Prince Edward County, Virginia
John and Eleanor had 4 children:
1-Jonathon Holcombe
2-Harmon Holcombe
3-Joel Holcombe
4-Hosea Holcombe b. 1755
John Holcombe III was the son of Richard Holcombe II. Richard Holcombe II had 5 children:
1-Benjamin Holcombe
2-Joseph Holcombe
3-James Holcombe b. 1715
4-John Holcombe III b. 1720
5-Richard Holcombe III b. 1726

holcombe's -alabama

Jo Holcombe-Crowder (View posts)
Posted: 968855555000
looking for information about my grandfather
Major Coy Holcombe,
We don't very much about, only that he was
born in a town called West Blockton, Ala.
please help
jo holocmbe-crowder

hosea and phebe holcombe

Posted: 973018199000
Edited: 1025657673000
hi. i'm les tillman from coffeeville, ms.
i've got luke and judith{farris} smith,phebe's parents. john and eleanor {smith?} holcombe,hosea's parents. i also
have martha smith jackson married to william
jackson III. not a whole lot on them or their
grand parents and so on. if you can help e-mail me.
thanks les

hosea and phebe holcombe

Lori Fisher (View posts)
Posted: 973052772000
Capt. Luke B. Smith and Judith (Farris) Smith lived near Richmond, VA. Judith was born in 1711, died 1811. She married Luke in 1729. She was the daughter of Henry Farris. He was an emigrant from Glomorozon, Wales to VA.
Capt. Luke B. Smith was a professor of Prince Edward Academy (now Hampden-Sydney College) in Prince Edward County, VA. He trained people for military service in the American Revolution.
After Luke's death, Phebe married William Wilbanks II of Spartanburgh District, S.C.
I have copies that were given to my aunt at a family reunion that I will mail to you. It lists places to look for more information and gives church and military information. It also has names of the ancestors of Hosea Holcombe and the history of the Holcombe's. Email me:
Hope this will be of some help.

holcombe history

Posted: 985787739000
Edited: 1080068408000
I have some more data for you on Hosea A. Holcombe, and am looking for information on Thomas Grove Holcombe, and, more importantly, his wife, Wille Mossenton.

Hosea A. Holcombe was a corporal in COmpany K of the 31st Alabama regiment in hte unfortunate unpleasantness between the states, and was killed at the battle of Vicksburg on 7/30/1863. He is burried in the Baptist Cemetary of Shelby, Alabama.
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