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Francis Clymer Mary Fountian

Francis Clymer Mary Fountian

Schramm (View posts)
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Looking for any info on these two. One of their sons name was Charles Fountian Clymer. Charles was born in 1764, Dorchester MD. Want parents of Francis and Mary and the rest,if any other, children. Thanks

Francis Clymer and Mary Fountain

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I have the book "The Clymer Clan of Maryland, Delaware and Points West" by Anita L. Ockert. In it, she says that Francis Clymer was the son of Charles Clymer and Johannah Neale. Charles Clymer owned an estate called Shadwells Addiction, that Johannah's father had given him. He was also a carpenter. Some believe that Charles died while Johannah was pregnant with Francis, around 1725. Johannah quickly found another husband, John Russom. The exact date of their marriage is not shown, but it is believed they married before 1727.

There is not much about Charles, mainly about Francis. It says that Francis earned enough money to buy himself 50 acres of land and also bought "the right of one William Cross".

The writer of the book is not positive, but she believes Charles and Johannah had three children...Thomas, Francis and Sarah. It has Sarah listed last, but I believe she is the oldest child. She married before both of her brothers and since Charles died while Johannah was pregnant with Francis, they didn't have anymore children together.

Apparently, Francis didn't want to continue caring for Shadwells Addiction. There is no record of a sale for it, so the writer of the book believes it must have went up for taxes.

Francis and Thomas served in the French and Indian War (1754-1763), but Francis was first seen on a muster roll in 1747.

Francis married Mary Dehorty and became step-father to her children, George, Vincent, Sarah and Mary. Francis and Mary also had children of their own, Francis Jr., Massey and Charles. After Charles was born in 1764, the family moved to Kent County, Delaware.

The last account she has of Francis is n 1767 when he once again served in Captain Henry Casson's Militia. She's not sure what happened to him after that.

I have more information about Francis Clymer's children and I can probably find some dates for you if you need them.


Francis and Mary Clymer

Schramm (View posts)
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Thanks Brandy That was a great help. Massey Clymer had a daughter named Mary. Does it show in your book if she married a Daniel Smothers? Is this book still avalible and if so where can I find a copy? Was there any dates for Charles and Johannah? Thanks again the info helped me a great deal. Lisa

Massey Clymer

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The book only goes in-depth about one family. It stops at Massey, but goes on with his brother Francis and his ancestors. The only thing it really says about Massey is that he was born in 1760-1762 in Dorchester County, Maryland. He married Mary Needles of Kent County, Deleware. It doesn't say when he died, but it says his will was probated on September 19, 1818 in Fairfield County, Ohio.

Mary married Daniel Smothers on March 27, 1833 in Franklin County, Ohio.

As for Charles and Johannah, Charles was born in 1680 and died in 1725 in Queen Annes County, Maryland. They were married in January 1, 1709 in Talbot County, Maryland.

Johannah's father, Francis Neale, immigrated from England in 1661, when he was only 12. By the time he was 67 years old, he accumulated over 800 acres of land. In his will, he divided the land equally between his wife, Ann and his 8 children. Francis also owned an estate named Shadwell's Addiction and 100 acres was left to Charles and Johannah.

Though the family was Quaker, Johannah married in St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church.

Johannah was pregnant when Charles died. Soon after, she married John Russom, who was supposed to be a full-blood Cherokee Indian.

On page 157 of 1850 Indiana Census it shows Daniel Smothers at age 36, Mary at 33, Hiram at 16, Henry at 12, Levi at 6, Angeline at 3 and David between 2-12.

I got the book from Anita L. Ockert. I'm not sure if I should give her address or phone number on the message board, so please email me at and I'll send it to you.

Mary Clymer

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Are you a descendant of Daniel Smothers Mary Clymer? If so, drop me a line. I'm their descendant, too. E-mail me at

Francis and Mary Fountain

Lisa Wiggin (View posts)
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Cousin! Boy did you hit the jack pot, I have a book put together by a relative of ours that is a professional researcher. Just a quick over view of the line, Franics Clymer b. 1725 - 1775 father was Charles Clymer 1680 - 1725. His mother was Johannah Neale 1695 - 1745. They had 3 children Thomas, Francis, Sarah. Charles father was John Clymer, mother unknown.
As for Mary this was a second marriage for her, her first husband was Absalom Dehorty. Her parents were Mercy and Mary Fountain.

clymer family

Lisa Wiggin (View posts)
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I have that book too. Very helpful. I am even in it. (Lisa Muir)
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