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Spanish surnames

Spanish surnames

lynn trelles gaines (View posts)
Posted: 944395200000
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Surnames: Trelles, Gonzalez, Garcia
Bernarda Gonzalez was married to Leoncio in Mellecina,
Spain. Their first child, Macrino was born in Spain in 1883. There were three sons and three daughters. Need more information about Leoncio and Bernarda.

I'm a Trelles! haha

Esteban Balaguer Trelles (View posts)
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Surnames: Trelles
Hi, my name is Esteban, from Argentina.
My mother's surname is Trelles and she had a cousin named Macrino(not the same Macrino but I think is one of the family names, the other is Ivo)
I was born on 1977.
write if you need some info!

see ya

of course yes!

Esteban Balaguer Trelles (View posts)
Posted: 957614400000
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Surnames: Trelles
Yes, I'm sure is the same family.
They are all from Asturias, Spain.
Asturias is like a state of Spain (actually it's a princedom) The capital of Asturias is Oviedo.
I went to Spain a lot of times, my family house is on Paredes, a very little town near Oviedo.
There is family history on Luarca too(also in Asturias).
Some Trelles came to Argentina on the 50's and I have aunts and uncles.
I have some kind of family tree but I dont have all the dates yet.., here it goes:
Camila Trelles married with Manuel Mendez(Paredes, Asturias)
They had:
Jesusa Mendez Trelles who married to Manuel Trelles Osorio

they had: Joaquin (my grandfather - came to Argentina)

Marina (came to argentina - dies last year)

Isaura (came to argentina)

Alicia (came to argentina -dies 4 years ago)

Manuel (came to argentina-dies)

Antonio (came to argentina-dies)

Cecilio (went to florida, usa -he dies too)

Maria (dies too young in spain)

Nestor (dies in spain)
Camila and Manuel also had:Macrino, Nicasio, Alfredo and Julia

It's a veeeeeeery long root, and it's very complicated, I have cousing married each other and a lot of info lost.
The Cuba and Central America root.
Well if u want me to send you all the root send me mail!!
see ya!!



Lynn Trelles Gaines (View posts)
Posted: 957614400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Trelles
Thanks for your reply. My great uncle was Macrino Trelles; probably not your Macrino. My grandfather was Ubaldo. All of my Trelles family came from Oveido, Spain. My greatgrandfather was Leoncio Trelles. His wife was Bernardo Gonzales. Do you think our families connect? Can you trace your Trelles family to Spain or the U. S. ?


esther f.tigera (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: trelles, tigera
I reard you message my g-grandfather's name was Nicanor Trelles Santoyo, he was born in Cuba but his family came from Spain, I have not been able to find out from where. He lived in the US many years around the 1870's in New Orleans where he became a US Citizen. Does it connect in anyway with your Trelles?

Do you know......

Judy Balaguer (View posts)
Posted: 1005688459000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Balaguer
Do you know anything about the Balaguer side because all I know is my grandfather came from Spain and had 9 sisters.Also he had a cousin which happened to be Joaquin Balaguer which was the President of the Dominican Republic.If you have any info I would be so happy. Thank you.

Re: Do you know......

Esteban Balaguer Trelles (View posts)
Posted: 1005702486000
Classification: Query
Hi Judy!

Unfortunately nope...
My father is Balaguer, but I dont have a good relation with him... :o(
I meet my grandparents, Jose Balaguer and Alicia Quilez (both born and die in Bs As, Argentina)
I also know that the family name cames from a city near Barcelona, Spain. The City of Balaguer.
If you have any family roots of Balaguer please let me know, Im making my Family Tree, but I only have the Trelles family by now... :o(
Take care


The Balaguer family

Judith Balaguer (View posts)
Posted: 1005791279000
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Hi! I hope you had a good day.
Well, my father was James Balaguer and his father was Emil Balaguer. Emil Balaguer had 9 sisters and moved here from Spain. He told me that he carried the title of Don from Spain. His cousin, Joaquin Balaguer was the president of the Dominican Republic. Getting back to Emil, he had children by two different women and I have found their daughter. She needs to talk to me some more so I can get more information. Anyway that is the extent of my knowledge however if you want me to keep you updated on what I find I definitely will. Thank you for responding. I hope you find out more about your family.

Re: The Balaguer family

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I would like to share any and all info about the Emilo Balaguer family in Philadelphia. There were about 8 sisteres and Emil was the only boy. One of the sisters was Theresa who was my husband's grandmother. Theresa and Emilo's parents were Gabriela and Emil from Cuba....We have heard that they were originally from Spain but we have no real proof of this.....Joyce

Re: I'm a Trelles! haha

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Are you still there? My Trelles family was from Oviedo, Spain. Grandfather was Ubaldo Trelles. He was born 1888 Lynn
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