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Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

Jim Richards (View posts)
Posted: 1140965919000
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I am looking for information on Joseph Richards born in Hawkins Co. Tn. about 1872. Children's names were Florance, Willie, John, James, Joseph, Jenettie, Tobbie or Talbert

Re: Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

joycecollins (View posts)
Posted: 1140974348000
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You state that Joseph RICHARDS was b. in abt. 1872 in Hawkins Co., TN. Do you have him with his parents in Hawkins Co. or elsewhere? You give his childrens' names but no approx. dates on any of them. Are we to assume that these folks lived in Pulaski Co., KY? What kind of information are you looking for for your Joseph RICHARDS? Where did he die or perhaps you do not have that information.

It would probably be a good idea for you to return to your original query and add in some of this information to give yourself the best chance to learn more.

Joyce Taylor Collins
La Palma, CA

Re: Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

Jim Richards (View posts)
Posted: 1140975457000
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He was born in Hawkins Co. TN. His father was Andrew Jackson Richards mother Nancy Jane Farmer. In the 1910 census he was in Greene Co. TN. In 1930 census he was in Somerset, KY. His children: Tobbie or Tolbert b. about 1905, Florance b. about 1907, Willie b. about 1909, John b. about 1914, James b. about 1916, Joseph b. about 1920, Jenettie b. about 1923

Re: Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

Posted: 1140977893000
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Thanks for the additional information. I believe you already have part of this but it is what I found. Hope it helps you some.

1930 Pulaski Co., KY - Mag. Dist. #1
Dwelling 204-205
RICHARDS, Joseph R., head, 57, mar. at 23, b. TN; parents b. TN - gen. farmer
. .Lockie L., wife, 47, mar. at 18, b. TN; parents b. TN
. . Florance, dau, 23, single, b. TN
. .Willie S., 21, single, b. TN
. .John W., son, 16, single, b. TN
. .James C., son, 14, b. TN
. . Joseph S., son, 10, b. KY (per KBI b. 5-19-1919 in Pulaski; Vol. 49, Cert 24451; maiden name of mother fractured and states: Jackie McCRAM)
. . Jenettie M., dau, 7, b. KY (per KBI: Genetta N. b. 4-6-1922 in Pulaski, Vol. 042, Cert 20712; maiden name of mother: Lockie McLAIN)

I also note on the KBI:
Florence RICHARDS had a Belva M. RICHARDS n 12-29-1929 in Pulaski Co., KY

Cannot seem to locate them in 1920. In 1910:

1910 Greene Co., TN - Civil Dist #19
Dwelling 82-83
RICHARDS, Joseph R., head, 37, """married 2nd time"""", mar. 8 years, b. TN; parents b. TN - - occupation spelling is bad but it states: Ghosple Minernster (assume minister of the gospel)
. . Lockie, wife, 26, mar. 1, mar. 8 yrs, 4 born; 4 living, b. TN; parents b. TN
. . (looks like: Fanlata??, dau, 6, b. TN
. .Tolbert, 5, son, b. TN
. . Fornence, 3, dau, b. TN
. . William , son, 1 yr 3 months, b. TN

In 1880, this appears to be Joseph:

1880 Hawkins Co., TN - Dist. #4
RICHARDS, Nancy, 43, b. TN; parents b. TN
. .Samuel, 13, b. TN
. .William E., 11, b. TN
. .Sarah J., 9, b. TN
. .Joseph R., 7, b. TN * * *
. .John W., 5, b. TN

1870 Hawkins Co., TN - Dist. #4
Dwelling 76-78
RICHARDS, Andrew J., 29, b. TN
. .Nancy, 35, b. TN
. .Samuel B., 3, b. TN
. .William, 1, b. TN
FARMER, George, 10, b. TN
. .Elisebeth, 8, b. TN

NOTE: Would assume these are children Nancy brought to the marriage on her own or from a previous marriage or these are children taken in from some other family.

Joyce Taylor Collins
La Palma, CA

Re: Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

Posted: 1140979810000
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From the:

1900 Hawkins Co., TN Fed. Census - Upper Beach Creek
Dwelling 19-19
McLAIN, Shadrack D., b. 11-1836; 63m mar, 34 years', b. TN, head
. .Vern???, wife, 63, mar. 34 years, 12 born; 9 living, b. TN
. .William B, b. 9-1871, 28, single, b. TN
. . Dora B., dau, b. 3-1873, 27, mar. 1, l born; l living, b. TN
. . Lockie L., b. Nov 1883, 16, single, b. TN * * *
. .Cordelia A., b. Oct 1885, 14, b. TN
. .Nancy C., b. May 1887, 13 b. TN
. .India E., b. Jan 1889, 11, b. TN
. . Ollie M., granddau, b. 1900, 2 months, b. TN; parents b. TN

There is a TN marriage which states:
Dora McLAIN married a Roby FRIDDLES on 7-15-1898 in Hawkins Co., TN. From other's research, Dora Bell was b. 3-19-1873.

Shadrack D. McLAIN was b. 2-14-1836 in Hawkins Co., TN and died 4-9-1907 in TN. His parents were: John McLAIN b. 1803 in NC and wife was Elizabeth STARNES b. 1802 in Greene Co., TN

Shadrack D. McLAIN married lst to an Elmira GARDENER on 3-24-1859 and married 2nd to Virinda A. MEYERS on 11-11-1866 in Greene Co., TN

Joyce Taylor Collins
La Palma, CA

Re: Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

Posted: 1226962895000
Classification: Query
I was just perusing the message boards looking for other family memebers in Pulaski Cty. and I came accross this old posting of yours.

I am descended from Joseph's son James Cecil. Lockie's name is Lockie Licille McClain Richards. Her parents were Shadrick McClain and Virinda Myers. I have her death cert which actually shows her mothers name as Vie Rendil. I guess they misunderstood Joseph when they filled out the death. Cert. Lockie's first name is not Julia. Joseph was married previously to a woman named Julia Poe.
I have a lot more info if you want it just let me know. Or you can check out my family tree under VanOrman Family Tree.

Re: Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

Posted: 1233344640000
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Surnames: Richards
Hi all, Joseph Richards was my gggrandfather. His son Tolbert Richards was my grandfather. Lura Mae Maret was his wife, my grandmother. Joseph was married to Lockie Rebecca Matilda Louise McClain (although my father and aunt argue over one of her middle names). Joseph's father was Andrew Jackson Richards. Lockie's father was Shadrach McClain. I have much more information. If interested, e-mail me at

Re: Joseph Richards who was married to Julie M. (Lockie) Mclain

Posted: 1267822184000
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Surnames: McLain McClain Richards
My great grandfather was John Tolbert McLain (1875-1931). He was son of Shadrack D. McLain.

1910; Census Place: Civil District 19, Greene, Tennessee; Roll: T624_1501; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 92; Image: 952
Joseph R. Richards h 37 m 2 8 TN TN TN Minster
Lockie w 26 m 1 8 4/4 TN TN TN
Faulatia d 6 TN TN TN
Tolbert s 5 TN TN TN
Forence d 3 TN TN TN
William s 1 1/12 TN TN TN

1920;Census Place: Clifty, Pulaski, Kentucky; Roll: T625_597; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 206; Image: 61
James R Richard h 47 m TN TN TN
Lockey Richard w 36 m TN TN TN
Sada Richard d 16 TN TN TN
Tolbert Richard s 15 TN TN TN
Florence Richard d 12 TN TN TN
Willie Richard s 10 TN TN TN
Johnie Richard s 6 TN TN TN
James C Richard s 3 8/12 TN TN TN
Samuel Richard s 8/12 TN TN TN

1930; Census Place: District 1, Pulaski, Kentucky; Roll: 776; Page: ; Enumeration District: 8
Joseph R. Richards h 57 m 23 TN TN TN
Lockie L. w 47 m 18 TN TN TN
Floarence d 23 TN TN TN
Willie S. s 21 TN TN TN
John W. s 16 TN TN TN
James C. s 14 TN TN TN
Joseph S. s 10 KY TN TN
Jenettie M. d 7 KY TN TN
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