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My Merritt's from Fair Haven had sons who married into the Dawson family from Ct in 1780's, when some of their sons moved into Lower Canada, the spelling was changed, could yours be from the Dawson's of Ct? Michelle


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The Dassances are coming from the Basque Country. My mother's name is Dassance. We now there are lots of Dassance in the USA but, here in France, we don't know who emigrated to the New World, when, what was his (or her or their) birth-city. Lots of archives burnt during the Revolution here in France, but maybe there is an american Dassance memory...
Anyway, my grand-uncle, Felix Dassance made a genealogy of our family, setted near Bayonne (South Western France), stopped in...1789...
You can also look at


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The earliest Dassance that we have record of in this country is Abner who moved from Cuttingsville Vermont USA to Newfield New York in 1816. It has always been supposed that our earliest ancestor came to this country in or about 1775 although I have never found documentation of this. It may be a family legend or there may be some facts to back up this date which have been lost over the years. Any new data confirming or disproving this date would be appreciated.


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I don't think it's a legend because the archives of Saint Pierre d'Irube, the basque village where lived the Dassances until now (there are still many of them and my grand father was born there), the archives burnt in 1789 (French Revolution) and we can't find a clue of Dassance immigrating after this he must have land in the New World before 1789.
You can see this page about the Dassance, made by Richard Dassance (your cousin), Washington DC :

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Surnames: dassance
I'm Vincent Ladevèse-Dassance, Biarritz, Pays Basque (Basque country).
Here are any clues i've found on internet or emailing dasance in usa. I hope it'll interrest someone and i'm waiting for more informations if anybody have some, espacially about the "dassance bible"...
One more thing : Martin is use in the Dassance family since a long time, it's a tradition : the one who landed in America was called "Martin Dassance", my grand-grand-grand-father was called "Martin Dassance", my grand-father is still "Marcel-Martin Dassance"....
Best regards to all my american "cousins" :-)

Cuddeback History per Byron Cuddeback (part 3)
Posted by Jake Jakoubek <> on Sat, 22 Jul 2000
Surname: Cuddeback, Sherrod, Lee, Lyle, Kliekner, Greenfield, Woodman, Graham, Perry, Toof, Laclan, Dassance, Springatt
Daniel Sherrod lived near Edinboro, Erie County, Pennsylvania and was a farmer by occupation. In the early days of that period (about 1800) there were wild animals and Indians in abundance in that part of the state and grandfather spent a considerable part of his time hunting, going into the forest and staying for a week or more before returning home. He is reported to have killed 250 bear, seven elk, numerous panther and countless deer. He was married twice and had three children by his first wife (whose name is unknown): Daniel 2nd ;Susan and Betsy. By his second wife, who was my grandmother and whose name was .Julia, he had six children: Polly, Rosanna, Maria who was my mother, George, Andrew and Frederick.
Daniel 2nd and Susan came to Michigan and settled near Paw Paw but Betsy-remained in Pennsylvania. Daniel 2nd married twice and two children by his first wife – Phillip and Margaret (Lee), and seven by his second wife - Matilda (Lyle), Sarah (Kliekner), Hiram, Jesse, Lorenzo, David and Almond. Susan married John Sherrod, her first cousin, and had no children. There is no. record of Betsy. Polly married a Greenfield and had one daughter, Lillie. Rosanna married Roland Cuddeback. Maria (my mother) married Hanford Cuddeback and had eight children one having died when a few days old. The others were Alice, Henry, Laverne, Charles, Frederick, William and Byron. There is no record of Andrew Sherrod. Frederick Sherrod died when about 20 years of age. George Sherrod married Marilla an adopted daughter of John Sherrod, and lived in the Lyle School neighborhood all of his married life. George and Maria (Marilla) came to Michigan together by way of Lake Erie to Detroit about 1850. They had five children; Cyrus, Eva, Sumner, Nettie and Addie.
Cyrus 1852-192 [sic] - married Grace Woodman – no children
Eva 1854-19 [sic] - married Calvin Graham – one son George
Sumner 1856- - married Ruth Perry and had three children
Nettie 1860-1865.
Addie 1868- - married Gridley Toof and had one girl, Frances
By Byron Cuddeback.
(Revised 11/19/62 Br.A.L.R.C. [Brother Adrian Lorance R. Cuddeback])
Adelbert went to live with his sister, Mary on a farm near Cadillac Michigan when he was 11 years old. Some time later his father R. D. Cuddeback (Roland) moved to the same locality and engaged in farming. Adelbert was married twice; his first wife was Lydia Laclan and they had two boys, Clair(e) and Glen. His second wife was Emma Dassance a widow and they had two girls – Ella and Della. Frank never married but lived with his mother in or near Nicholasville, Cass Co.His last years were spent (in Decatur) with his half-sister Ester (Fenton) Springatt. He died a suicide and was buried in Charleston cemetery by the side of his mother. Ardie was born on the farm near Cadillac, married and had one son.
(By Byron Cuddeback -1931)

Posted by maurica gilbert <> on Thu, 09 Dec 1999

The Dassances are coming from the Basque Country. My mother's name is Dassance. We now there are lots of Dassance in the USA but, here in France, we don't know who emigrated to the New World, when, what was his (or her or their) birth-city. Lots of archives burnt during the Revolution here in France, but maybe there is an american Dassance memory...
Anyway, my grand-uncle, Felix Dassance made a genealogy of our family, setted near Bayonne (South Western France), stopped in...1789...
You can also look at

My Merritt's from Fair Haven had sons who married into the Dawson family from Ct in 1780's, when some of their sons moved into Lower Canada, the spelling was changed, could yours be from the Dawson's of Ct? Michelle

Top of Form 1
Dassance, 1749, Bayonne, France
Posted by: Diana Lynn Brace Date: February 03, 1999 at 00:49:04
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I am Searching for information on a Martin or Marten Dassance. He was suppose to have been born in Bayonne, France in 1748/49. The last name has experienced several changes here in America from its original spelling, so has been difficult to trace. It has ended up as Dauson, or the very English sounding Dawson. However, I do have records of this same individual with his various changes of spelling to his last name. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for any information you may provide.


Your posting interested me a great deal because of the DASSANCE name. The Martin Dassance you are seeking was not born in France, but in Norton, Massachusetts. Try the published vital records. His father (also Martin) was the one that was born in Bayonne, France about 1726 and arrived in Massachusetts by about 1745.
Hope this helps.

Jennifer Mitten

If you look at the geneanet data base for France ( there is a Dassance in Ustaritz (nearby Bayonne)in the early 1800's.The email of the person who posted this name is mentionned and might be able to give you more details.

I am searching for any information about Patience Hilton, quite possibly Widow Patience Hilton who married Martin Dassance at Keene, New Hampshire in 1781. Additionally, she is probably from the Cheshire County, New Hampshire area. Given the date of her marriage to Martin Dassance, she could be a Revolutionary War Widow. I did come across on Kindred Konnection a Patience Witcher who married ---- Hilton but there were no dates or areas attached to this information. Thank you in advance for any information you may provide.

I have a Patience Hilton who married Martin Dassance ( No dates ) they had a son Martin born about 1789 N.H. he married Lydia Tambling 28 Oct. 1810 in Shrewbury, Rutland co; VT. Martin died 16 Aug. 1865 in Cuttingsville, Rutland co; VT. Lydia died 25 Oct. 1866 in Cuttingsville, VT. they had thrieteen children one of them my 3ed. great grandmother Julia Ann Dassance or Dawson who married Lucian Streeter and moved to WI.
Can we help each other?
Linda Sue

Thanks again for trying to help me. I Have a may be father and mother for Patience HILTON wife of Martin DASSANCE or DAWSON could be Israel HILTON and Margaret BARTLETT? I have no dates for Patience HILTON or her husband Martin DASSANCE. Their son Martin was born about 1789 in N.H.? he married 28 Oct. 1810 in Shrewsbury, Rutland co; VT. ahd he died 16 Aug. 1865 of Dysentery in Cuttingsville, Rutland co; VT. Martin and Lydis TAMBLING DAWSON had thirteen children that I know of. one was my third greatgrandmother Julia Ann DASSANCE or DAWSON who came to WI. with her husband Lucian STREETER they had six children that I know of. They are buried in the Waupun, Fond Du Lac co; WI. cem. I have info on their children if you would like to have it let me know.
Looking forward to your next letter of info.
Thanks again.
Linda Sue

Florence DASSANCE (1847 - 1925)

BIRTH: 1847
DEATH: 1925
BURIAL: Woodlawn Cem., Newfield, New York

email date du 01 08 2000

I am happy to see another Dassance online. I e-mailed Maurica Gilbert but never got a response from her. The Dassance she is looking for is Ziba Dassance born in Massachusetts abt 1772. Ziba's father was Martin Dassance, born about 1726 in Bayonne, France. He is supposed to have been taken from a French ship and impressed by the English. He lived in Norton, Massachusetts and later in Foxborough, Massachusetts. I noticed that there was an older Martin Dassance at the Fortress of Louisbourg who was probably born around 1700. I wonder if he might be the father of my Martin. I have not been able to find anything about Martin's parents and did not find his baptism in the Bayonne church records. I am compiling a list of all his descendants (who include Richard Dassance of Washington D.C.) I would love to hear from you.
Jennifer Mitten Dallas, Texas

Hi Misses Mitten, my far cousin

In 1989, came in Basque Country Richard Dassance (D.C.), looking for clues about his ancestors. Here in France we didn't only suppose that we have cousins in the New World. He based his searching on an old letter he founded in his fater's or grandfather's garage or roof (sorry, i don't exactly remember and it's not really important...).
Then he met my grandfather, Marcel-Martin DASSANCE (seems to be the name Martin a long tradition...), shoe-maker, and my granduncle Félix DASSANCE, catholic priest, who made our genealogical tree. This one stops at the French Revolution because, as i told you before, lots or batism files were destroyed during the years 1789-1799...
Anyway, i give you a translated sum-up of the letter sent to Forrest DASSANCE, Wellsville, N.Y., on June 6th 1932, by Louis DASSANCE, Ustaritz, France (recently deceded), to answer a letter now disappeared :

"Dear Sir,

Please forgive for not answering sooner to the askink you sent a long time ago and that finished to arrive to me*. Lots of death in my family lated me.
I'm a descendant of the DASSANCE family from Ustaritz you seem to be interested with. I'll try to give you at least a partial answer
to you questions because i persannaly looked for my fathers origin and i'm pleased to communicate the results of my search in old registers and documents. I hope it would please to a DASSANCE who may represent a separeted part of a tree whose roots are in the Basque Country, probably in Ustaritz, or in the near city or villages around.
We are able to state that the name DASSANCE is a basque one, but the french administration gave a french soundind to the original "ASSANTçA", or in the basque orthograph, "AZANTZA" (the "d" is only the mark of gentry, the name was certainly written " d'Assance).
In old files, we can found DASSANCE families almost in Ustaritz and Saint-Pierre d'Irube, and some of them in Mouguerre, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Bayonne, Biarritz**. There is a house named Azantza in Cambo, there was another one, now destroyed in Halsou***. All those places are in the little county of Labourd, include in The Pyrénées Atlantiques since the French Révolution, close the Spanish border****.
I give you now from my children to my ancestors, the DASSANCE of my family, as i'm able to tell you :

Pierre DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in 1921 (the 1st of my 5 children)
Louis DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in 1888 -myself-
Pierre-Arnaud(?) DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in 1839, my father, farmer
Pascal DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in 1799, lawyer
Pierre DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in 1756, justice of the Peace
Oger DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in 1707, lawyer
Martin DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in 1609, royal sergent
Joannès DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in about 1630, royal sergent
Martin DASSANCE, born in Ustaritz in about 1600, royal sergent

There are my ascendants but their was in Ustaritz other DASSANCE, more or less cousins, but with no male descendance."

Then Louis DASSANCE answers about a "Padre" Thérée DASSANCE, as Forrest asked about him. Not very interresting for us.Then he follows :

"Here we go to the fact you're so interrested with : knowing if a DASSANCE emigrated to America before 1775 and obtaining details about that.
It's unhappily impossible to have certitudes about that : basque families in the 17th and 18th centuries, just as nowadays, had lots of chidren, and only the first one had the farm, so the following ones, with the typical basque sense of aventure, sometimes expatriated and sometimes never came back in their country*****. I've found a lot of texts about Basques born in the 18th century, who went to the West Indies or Southern provinces of the United States. Your ancestor may have been one of them, as you think he arrived in the New World before 1775. The only thing you can be sure is that he was Basque. His name prouve it. He was very probably from Ustaritz or from one of the places i wrote before.
When did he emigrated ? From what place did he start his journey ? i don't think it's possible to have certitudes about that.
About his religion, no doubt it was Catholicism, as all his compatriots.
If you have any informations to help us in our search, you could give them to me, i could use them. Tell me too if you have follow this far DASSANCE, from his arrival in America, his settling and his actual descendants ; and more particularly how did you obtain this date : 1775.

I'm hopping to hear from you soon, and receive, whith the "hello" from an homynus stayed in the country of the ancestors, maybe one of your parents, certainly a compatriot, all my best wishes.

Louis DASSANCE, agronomist engineer
Ustaritz (Basses Pyrénées), France "

* Forrest DASSANCE didn't know to whom send his letter and sent copy of it to lots of mayor of city in the Basque Country. Richard DASSANCE did the same 55 years after

** my family is coming from St Pierre d'Irube, cost to cost with Bayonne. The name of the family house was Marichuri (i'm not sure of the spelling...i may ask my mother...), but but my grand grand father, shoe maker as his father and grand father from St Pierre,settled in Biarritz

***in the Basque Country, people's name was the one of their house. Still nowaday, in the rural part, imagine a family named...Olazabal (it's only an example)...if they bye a house already named "Sala", people in the village would call them "Olazabal of Sala". This just to explain you the importance of the name of the houses and why Louis wrote about them

****the Basque Country (Euskadi or Eskal Herria in Basque), had been independant in the years 1000. From this date, it's shared by France and Spain. But the Basque culture, language and identity are still alive

*****as Louis told us before, the only child who heritaded was the first (even if it was a girl...the Basques were modern). The other ones were soldiers, religious, or sometimes they were discoverer. Christopher Colomb's guide was Basque. Lots of Basque of the 17th and 18th centuries went to america, almost in South America because they already knew to be sheeps or cows keepers and because they often knew to speak spanish. Some of them went back to finish their life. They were called "American"...

That's it. Quite long to translate, and my english lessons are quite far...please forgive my English. I just hope you think it's interresting.
Here, we have no certitude that the DASSANCE in Ustaritz are our parents...but it's not a common name...This certitude may have burn with the memory of lots of french families, but if you know something else, please tell me. My secret hope is that the Martin who emigrated wrote the memory of his family to give it to his sons and daughters...
Well, it's time for me to give you my "Ikus arte"("see you soon" in basque language). You may ask informations to Richard in Washington. Except the fact that he's very sympathical, he may have any more informations...i don't know.

Love to hear from you soon too. Best wishes to you and all the DASSANCE.

I am so happy to hear from you!! I would not be surprised if we were related. There are some Dassances who went to Canada (Nouvelle France) in the early 1700's and were soldiers at the Fortress of Louisbourg. I hope we can connect. By the way, your translations are great. I do not speak or read French, Spanish, or Basque so you're a lot smarter than I am!! I will write back soon after I have had a chance to read everything you sent. I had heard about the Forrest Dassance letter so I am happy to now see it. I have some information on my ancestor, Martin Dassance, who came to Massachusetts in the early 1740's. He died in 1807 at the age of 81 years. He was an ironworker and worked in the factory of Alexander Dauby who was originally from Languedoc and moved to Massachusetts in the early 1700's. Thank you again for sending me this wonderful information.
Best regards,
"Cousin" Jennifer

Fortress of Louisbourg
Parish Baptism Record - 1728

NAMES: Desmarest, Louise
LeRoy Desmarest, Claude Joseph
de Basanniere, Marie Susanne
Mores, Jean Baptiste
Peré, Louise
Caradec, Zacharie Fre
Becquet, Lavasseur
Jouet, J.
Daccarette Le Jeune
Larreguy, M.
Archer, Louise
De Camillon
Du Purant
DATE: 1728, 13 October
REFERENCE: G1, Vol. 406, Registry 4, f. 6v

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have a look at

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Surnames: dassance
have a look at

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cheryl taylor (View posts)
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I just wanted to send a message to let you know how much I've enjoyed learning more about the Dassance family of Basque country. The Dassances you mention and the Richard Dassance (DC) are relatives of mine. My mother's maiden name was Paulina Dassance, born near Cadillac, Michigan and one of twelve children born to Elmer and Mable Dassance. Elmer's father, Stephen Dassance, fought in the Civil War for the New York infantry. There really are quite a few Dassances in Michigan (big families helped that to occur), and we are a family of musicans, educators, farmers, and business people. Thanks again for the information. I enjoy studying genealogy and I find family history fascinating. Cheryl Taylor

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I am part of the Dassance decendants. My mother is Eleanor Louis Dassance. Her father was Floyd E. Dassance. I also have a lot of information on the Dassance family. However I am not able to track down my mother's half brother. I do know that he died some years ago. But where are his decendants. You see my grandfather Floyd was married twice. But it is not recorded correctly in a few family tries that I have found on the internet. It does not show that may grandfather first marriage. It also does not show my grandfathers brother. Please contact me.

Yvonne M. Schaner Aspinall
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