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McGoon (Magoon) Family


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I am researching Scales Mound and the Magoon name is prominent here. Richard H Magoon was born in New York in 1799. He married Elizabeth Kinney in Monticello Wi Jan 21,1831.First marriage in Monticello and their son Henry S was the first baby born there Jan 31,1832. Richard & Elizabeth might have had the first divorce in Monticello also in 1836. There is a bit about R.H in the 1878 history of Jo Daviess county as he loaned the county money to build a court house in Galena. He has a biography of several pages in the History of Lafayette county Wi.

There is a quarry near my house called Magoon's quarry and at one time there was a group of houses called Magoonville. Most all of the houses are gone now.

McGoon (Magoon) Family

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Surnames: Magoon, McGoon
I am interested in the McGoon (Magoon) names that
are are mentioned in the Jo Daviess Co. UsGenWeb site.
Richard H. McGoon and H.K. (Hiram) McGoon are both
listed in the 1840 Census of Mining Districts. These
names are also listed several other times.
Please contact me if you are researching the McGoon
(Magoon) name.
Kris Townsend

Magoon family

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Surnames: Magoon, Vinsonhaler, Hartt, Brackinridge
Thanks for the valuable information Joann. I'll try and find copies of the two books you listed. Do these books happen to mention who Richard H. Magoon's parents were?
I believe he came from the following family that I'm researching:
Alexander and Sarah Smith Magoon and their 7 children:

1 ALEXANDER MAGOON b. 1765 d.abt 1818 IL +SARAH SMITH d: 1837, Buried in the Hill Cemetery, Galena, Illinois

*(Does this cemetery still exist?)





2 SARAH MAGOON d: Aft. 1870
. m. #1 John Vinsonhaler **

*(this is my line)

m. #2 Mr. Hartt

m. #3 Mr. Brackinridge

2 HIRAM KING MAGOON b: May 3, 1803 in NY, d: April 2, 1864 in MAGOON RANCH, MARIPOSA CO. CA
. m. #1 Angeline Lampton

m. #2 Mary Price d. 1852 Mojave Desert, CA

. m. Mr. Simpson
Kris Townsend

Re: McGoon (Magoon) Family

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I know this is an old post but I noticed in Jackson County, Iowa 1850 Census (Tate Des More Township, Dwelling 316) a Hiram K. is listed and two of his children are Hiram K and Richard H. I am researching David McGoon. Sincerely, Mike Peterson

Re: McGoon (Magoon) Family

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Surnames: Hartt, Hart, Magoon, McGoon, McGowen, McGowan, Brackenridge, Breckenridge, Burnham
Trying to revive this inquiry to see if new info can be found:

Hello, this is a long post but I wanted to try to put in as much info as possible for people who are interested or may know something of this person.

My 3X great grandmother, Sarah Magoon, was last heard of in Sacramento California in the 1880 census, under the name Sarah M. Hartt, living at 10th and K Streets in Sacramento, and listed as an invalid. We are unable to locate her after this date. It has been a lifelong search for my aunt to try to find out what happened to her. Please read the following info, and if you have any ideas, please email me at
Birth: Sarah Magoon, born abt 1800-1801 to Alexander Magoon and Sarah Smith Magoon, probably Ohio but possibly elsewhere.
Marriage: to John Vinsonhaler in Adams County, Ohio, 1820
First child: James Cramer Vinsonhaler born 1821, in Ohio. Sarah soon abandoned the family after James Cramer was born.
May have married a Joel Charles Hartt in 1836 in Montgomery, Alabama.
May have given birth to a son, Charles Hiram Hartt, in 1843, according to a mother's pension application she submitted to the Army in 1865 for a Charles Hiram Hartt who died in New Bern, North Carolina about 6 months earlier. (I say "may have given birth" because she told her daughter in law in a letter in 1865, that she paid for someone to go and enlist in her son's place, and said that her son died of an injury to the groin that same year. In that letter, she states that her husband, Joel Charles Hartt, died in a shipping accident (said the ship, the Esmeralda. sunk in the Atlantic) in 1843 before Charles Hiram Hartt was born. I could find no record of such ship sinking. Neither could I find record of the marriage of Sarah Magoon marrying Charles Hiram Hartt in Alabama.
Civil war pension application:
Truman A. Post, Notary Public, St. Louis
Nov. 14 1866 - Surgeon General's Office-Application for Pension #136398
Private Hiram C. Hartt is reported to this Office by Surgeon C. A. Cowgill as having died April 5 1865 at General Hospital Newbern, N.C. of debility from miasmatic disease.
Signed J.J. Woodward, Brevet Major and Assistant Surgeon
Nov. 5th 1866 Adjutant Generals Office
It appears from the rolls on file in this office that Hiram C. Hartt was enrolled on the 16th day of March 1864 at St. Louis Mo in Co.H. 26th Reg. to serve 3 years and was mustered into service on the 19th day of March 1864.

Dec. 10 1867 - St Louis Mo-
Before me (David Bailey, Notary) appears Mrs. Sarah m. Hartt to me personally known, who being duly sworn on her oath declares that she is the applicant for a mother's pension, claim 136398,
That the full name of her son was Charles Hiram Hartt.
She further declares that her husband, Joel Charles Hartt, the father of said Charles was, as she was informed soon after that event, lost at sea from the Brig Esmeralda, a Spanish vessel on a voyage from Rio to New Orleans on the 3rd day of January 1843, some months before the birth of Charles.
She further declares that at that time and afterwards up to the commencement of the Rebellion, she resided in New Orleans. That afterwards she moved to New York and came thence to St. Louis in March 1864. That under these circumstances it is impossible for her to obtain the evidence of any person or persons whatever as to the fact of her husband's death. That she does not know the whereabouts or address of any person who was formerly acquainted with her in New Orleans who can give any testimony in the case and that she knows of no better evidence of the facts than the affidants of the identifying witnesses attached to the original application in this case, and she therefore prays that this evidence may be received as sufficient.
Signed Sarah Hartt.
I hereby certify that from the appearance and the general ---of afficint, I believe her to be a credible person and entitled to full credit and belief. David Baily, Notary, St. Louis
Jan 12 1869-St Louis, MO
Before me, Truman Post, Notary, appears Purvina Doyle whom I believe to be a credible witness who being duly sworn declares that she resides in the city of St. Louis and has resided here for about six months. She states that she is well acquainted with Mrs. Sarah Hartt and with her family and was acquainted with her deceased son Charles . That she formerly resided in the city of New Orleans where the said Mrs. Hartt and her family then resided and knew them there. That she has known them since about the year 1856.
She further states that she has seen in the possession of said Mrs. Hartt, a family record containing copy of a marriage certificate of Joel Hartt deceased husband and Sarah Hartt and of the death of Joel Hartt by shipwreak at sea. That she does not remember the date of the last event as recorded, but remembers that both dates were many years prior to her acquaintance with them. She further states that Mrs. Hartt was living then as the widow of Joel Hart declared and universally recognized as such by the community in which she lived and that Charles Hartt was living with her and recognized as her son.She remembers that the marriage record said the 12th day of Feb. 1836 as the date of said marriage.She further states that Sarah Hartt during their acquaintance often spoke of her deceased husband, and-showed her letter reporting to have been written by him to her.
Signed Mrs. Purvina Doyle
Feb. 10th 1869-State of Missouri-Proof of Dependence
Purvina Doyle appeared from Truman Post, Notary, stating she has been for 10 years last past well acquainted with Sarah M Hartt and applicant for a mothers pension and with Charles Hiram Hartt deceased and know said applicant to be the mother of deceased. The father of said deceased, the husband of the claimant was lost at sea as she verily believes.
That from personal knowledge the said Sarah Hartt was wholly dependent on her son for support for 4 years preceding his death and that during this time he actually paid her entire expenses. That before he enlisted he paid her expenses out of money earned by himself until he lost employment and his money was exhausted. That he then enlisted in above service and paid his mother when he enlisted $28.00 that on the first of Aug. 1864 he sent her $75.00 more and $50.00 in separate remittances.
The amount of real and personal property of said Sarah Hartt does not exceed $75.00 and she has no means of support except her own exertions. He has no other relatives living and no property or source of income and is herself to infirm to support herself by manual labor.
She further swears that her knowledge of facts above set forth derived from inter---- acquaintance with claimant and deceased and from seeing the money and the orders for money hereinbefore referred to.
Signed Purvina Doyle
California -Sarah M. Hartt mother of Charles Hartt-San Francisco Agency-Rate per month $8.00 commencing 6 April 1865. Certificate dated 2 March 1869 and sent to T.M. Post St. Louis. MO
2/18/1869-St. Louis MO-Claim for mother's pension
Sarah M Hartt, mother of Charles Hiram Hartt, Private, CO H 26th Mo Vol.
resident of St. Louis MO, address 116 North 6th St.
Charles died April 5 1865 at Newberne NC from Miasmatic disease.
Sarah's husband lost at sea, Jan. 3, 1843 confirmed by witnesses.
For 4 years prior to enlistment, Charles paid from his proceeds of his labor the entire expenses of the support of claimant. After enlistment he sent sums of $48.00, $75.00 and $50.00.
Admitted Feb.18 1869 to a pension of $8.00 per month starting April 6 1865.
1870 Jan 14th.Transferred to San Francisco Cal. from March 4 1869

Dec. 31 1875 Sacramento, CA
Sarah M. Hartt (age 75) appeared before notary Frank Martin to increase the pension of dependent mother.
She is the widow of Joel C. Hartt and mother of Charles who enlisted at St. Louis Mo on March 1864, who died of miasmatic fever at Newburn, NC on Apr. 5 1865. That said son left neither widow nor children of any kind and was never married. That she was dependent upon said son for support.
That her husband said Joel C. Hartt aged 52 years died on the ocean on the 3rd day of Jan. 1843. That she has not married and that she has no surviving children at the date of the death of her said son.
That she is now a pensioner which said pension is #125484 and dated March 2, 1869 which was granted on account of the death of her said son which is herewith returned. That this application is made on account of the old age and decrepit condition of applicant and in consequence of loss of health and injuries sustained by her falling down stair and broke her arm in 2 places which caused paralysis of her right arm and left leg and also paralyzed the nerves of her eyes causing almost a total loss therof.
That she hereby appoints Ed. Martin her attorney to prosecute the above claim. That his office is in the court house, corner of 7th and J Streets, Sacramento City Calif. That her residence is at the corner of 10th & K streets in the city and county of Sacramento and her post office address is as above.

3/6/1879- Application for Arrears of Pension
Sarah M Hartt applies for arrears. My post office box is Sacramento City, State of California
Witnesses: John McKune and Albert Manning
Hart, Hiram C.
Died at New Berne N. C. April 5, 1865
Moved to California between March 1869 and January 1870 because she transferred the military pension she was receiving from her son Charles Hiram Hartt’s death in the Civil war, from St. Louis Missouri to San Francisco California during that time. In Dec 1875, she was in Sacramento California and asked for an increase in the amount of pension she was recieving. Address was: 10th and K Street, Sacramento. She can be found in the California census under the name "Sarah M. Hart" at that address.

In another letter to her daughter in law Nancy Art Vinsonhaler, spouse of James Cramer Vinsonhaler, Sarah mentions that she also had married a man by the last name of Burnham, had a step son named Nathan Burnham who had died from a groin would (some wound as her supposed son Hiram's cause of death), but that letters could be addressed to her as a "Mrs. Brackenridge" where she was staying in California. Her brother, Hiram King Magoon, lived in Mariposa California, and had a very large ranch called the Magoon Ranch.He died about 1863, was buried at the Magoon Ranch, and his son, Samuel Edward Magoon and Samuel's wife, Sarah, would continue living there for a few years. They also died and were buried there on the ranch.
Son was James Cramer Vinsonhaler, who died in 1904 in Smith Center, Kansas, had several children, including my great grandmother, Melissa Ann Vinsonhaler (born 1862 and married John Riley Townsend). James Cramer Vinsonhaler was in the Iowa Infantry during the Civil War, so he must have been a young man when he moved to Iowa after he married. Sarah had mentioned in one of the letters that Melissa was a very "pleasant child and well mannered", so it seems she favored Melissa. Melissa Ann Vinsonhaler, granddaughter of Sarah Magoon, was born in Chareton, Lucas, Iowa in 1862, married John Riley Townsend in 1882 in Smith Center, Kansas, and died in 1915 also in Smith Center, Kansas.

Sarah had the following siblings: Hiram K.Magoon, Maria Magoon Simpson, Alexander, Jane, Richard, and Catherine. She seemed close to two of them: Hiram King Magoon and Maria Magoon Simpson. Hiram King died in Mariposa, California in 1863, and Maria died in Jackson County, Iowa in 1879.

Magoon was often spelled: McGoon, McGoun, Magoun, Magoone
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