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Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

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Surnames: Weber, Ehrenhofer, Preininger, Urban
Seeking information about family members. I have tried to do this research but have come up with nothing more than what is in the US up to the present time.. If anyone has any information on my family members or information on how to go further back in the search I would gladly appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance
Samuel Weber Mary McKees Rocks, Allegheny, PA abt 1890 Austria Head (father is listed as Franz on the ship record)
household: Grove Street
Samuel Weber abt 1890 Austria Head owns home 40, married first at 24 Austria/Hungary
immigrated 1907 Naturalized Engineer at Baking Co.
Mary Weber (Maria Ehrenhofer) abt 1892 Wife 38, married first at 22, Austria Hungary imm 1909

WW1 Draft Registration Card:
Samuel Weber 08 Dec 1889 Caucasian Austria;Hungary Not Stated, Allegheny, PA
(hard to read)
resided at Mekees Rock, PA
born: ? next word looks like Kymar? Austria
Farmer, self employed
married with 2 children
medium height & build
dated June 5, 1917?

Frank (Franz) J Preininger Cecelia Coraopolis, Allegheny, PA abt 1884 Austria; Magyarorszag Head
resided on Sylvan Way
Preininger, Frank J owns home 46, married first at 24 Austria/Hungary imm 1903 Alien Odd Jobs/Railroad
Cecelia Urban wife 47 married first at 25 Austria/Hungary imm 1906

WWI Draft Registration Cards:
Frank Prinninger 14 Mar 1884 White Not Stated, Allegheny, PA
image very hard to read, birth year may be 1888.
resided at Coraopolis
age 35
born in Austria
Laborer/ Railroad
nearest relative: Celia Prinninger of Coraopolis
tall and med built
gray eyes and brown hair
disability: Partial Paralysis-left side
dated Sept 12 1918

Re: Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

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Can you post the WWI draft card to this board (which allows attachments) so we can have a look at the place of birth which you are having difficulty reading?

Re: Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

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Well, shows a number of promising records for you.

1. Samuel Weber of Neustift, age 17, arrived in 1907. His father is listed as Franz Weber in Neustift. Samuel was born in Neustift. He went to join his brother Joseph Weber in Allentown, PA.

Neustift is likely the place with this name near Güssing, today in Burgenland, Austria. Lutherans attended church in nearby Kukmirn (called Kukmér when it was still in Hungary), which may be the place you are reading in the draft record.

2. Maria Ehrenhöfer, age 18, arrived in 1909. Her father is listed as Josef Ehrenhöfer in Alsóröndök, which seems to be a misspelling for Alsórönök (German name Unterradling). Maria went to meet brother-in-law Stefan Mark in McKees Rocks in Pennsylvania.

Alsórönök is still in Hungary today, but lies actually very close to Neustift bei Güssing.

3. An almost fitting Franz Preininger arrived in 1902, age 18. He hailed from St. Martin. In the context of the ship manifest, this St. Martin is likely the one called St. Martin an der Raab, quite close to Alsórönök and Neustift. I have no idea why the transcription of the Ellis Island record calls the ethnicity of Franz Slovak. It looks like out of the blue to me.

4. There is a record of a Cecilia Urban, age 18, who arrived from Raabfidisch (Rábafüzes) in 1900. Rábafüzes is still in Hungary today and lies very close to Alsórönök. My grandfather started his career as a teacher in about 1913 in Rábafüzes.

If these records look like your family, I recommend that you connect with the web site of ther Burgenland Bunch at . You could also try to search parish records available from LDS (the Mormons), though only through LDS Libraries.

Re: Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

Hope (View posts)
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Surnames: Weber, Ehrenhofer, Preininger, Urban
Thank you very much Fritz. I am going to the Burgenland Bunch site now to apply. This information is great to have.

Re: Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

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Surnames: Weber, Ehrenhofer, Preininger, Urban
The draft card blank states that number five is where you were born town, state, nation.

Re: Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

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Hi Hope,

Are you Roger's wife? I am a granddaughter of Frank (Franz) and Cecelia Urban Preininger. Cecelia's parents were Julia Bauer and Geroge Urban. My grandmother was born in 1882 and died in 1945. Frank was born in 1884 and died in 1952. I got this information from my mother. Frank and Cecelia were parents of seven children: Elfreda, 1909-1999, married, Luben Tesla, 1913-1965, one child, Nancy; Frank , Jr., 1911-1969, married Lucy Masciola; Cecelia, died in 2002, married, John Sambolt,5 children, John (Pearl), Marie, Cecelia (Richard), Margaret Jane (Frank, and James (Christine); Matilda, died in 1999,married Joseph R. Zieger, 3 children, Robert, Joseph, and Sandra; George Preininger, married Jean Richardson (1st wife), son, Richard; 2d wife, Ruth; Edward L. Preininger, 1915-1991, married Gertrude (May Mobberly), 2 children, Edward, Jr., died in 1979, and Gertrude (Honey); Elsie %. 1916-1990, married Albert S. Weber, 4 children, Albert, George, Cheryl, and Roger. Any info you cn pass on to me will be helpful. Thanks, Nancy.

Re: Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

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Sorry, Hope. Gorge Preininger's 2d wife was Ruth.

Re: Weber/Ehrenhofer Preininger/Urban Austria/Hungary

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My mother was a sibling to Preiningers from Stowe. She told me about her dad working the railroads and she could speak German fluently. She has passed away for many years. She had no contact with the family and said she was told not to attend the funerals of her parents. I obtained her school records from Stowe years ago and I believe it was under Pauline Preininger. She had a distinguished mark on her face that she covered with make-up. Because there was no contact with her family I knew nothing about her side of my heritage except her telling me about my granddad working for the railroad.
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