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Theory on George and Eliz Jane DeLong's last home

Theory on George and Eliz Jane DeLong's last home

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Surnames: DeLong, Ward
I am hoping to solicit input and perhaps some discussion from other researchers of the family of George and Elizabeth Jane [Ward] DeLong on a theory I have regarding the location of the last farm where these ancestors of ours lived.

Probably like many of the others who descend from this family line I have accumulated bits and pieces shared by cousins and other researchers for some time. After rereading some of commentary I had received on the location of the final home for George and Elizabeth Jane, I began doing some digging into the facts. One of the notes I have discusses the probable location of this farm.

Information from other researchers state the following: "On record at Cambridge, OH., George purchased a farm in Muskingum Co., OH., exact date unknown, presumably in 1805. It was bought at the land office in Zanesville, Oh., and transferred to Cambridge after the forming of Guernsey Co. from part of Muskingum Co. in 1810." They went on to comment that "today this farm lies in Noble Co., which was formed from a part of Guernsey Co. in 1851. This old farm, one of the first ever owned by a white person in this part of Ohio, lies on the south-west edge of Kennonsburg in Wayne Twp., Noble Co., Ohio. It is believed that George DeLong died about 1820. His grave is unknown, but very likely he is buried on his farm. After his death his farm was quit-claimed by his 10 children and sold to Ezekiel Emerson, Sr. and was the north-west 1/4 section of section II, Township I, Range I, of Military Lands."

Upon further research, I found some major contradictions of known facts in this foregoing commentary. For one, Kennonsburg is in "Lands East of the Scotia River (T8N R8W) and not in the area defined as the Military Lands. Richland & Wills townships are in Township1, Range 1 of the Military lands which are north of Wayne Twp. Only sections 19 - 22 along the eastern edge of this Military survey land were incorporated into the newly formed Noble County in 1851. At first, I had determined that George had purchased land from a gentleman by the name of Zaccheus Biggs who had purchased or was partner in the purchase of 18,600 acres of land in Ohio and was patentee of 4000 acres Issued 3/20/1800 described as sec 2 (2nd qtr of Twp), Twp1 Range1-US Military Survey Guernsey County. This land was is in Wills township. But, after looking at the 1830 census index for Guernsey County, and finding Ezekiel Emerson listed in Richland township, I began reassessing this theory. Seeing that George's farm was quit-claimed to Ezekiel Emerson after his death, I believe that some weight must be given to the fact that Mr. Ezekiel Emerson was found living in Richland Township. I do not have access to the 1820 could not verify Mr. Emerson's whereabouts at that time.

As many of you may already know, Military Survey lands were not divided the same as other lands in most of Ohio. Each township was laid out 5 miles square...and were divided into 4 quarters with approximately 4000 acres in each quarter. However, from about 1803 forward, the scheme was revised, and each 4000 acre quarter section was divided into 40 - 100 acre parcels. This later scheme was how Richland township was divided...and the Aliquot Parts defined the particular "section" within the quarter township division. Under this premise, George may possibly have bought a 100 acre parcel described as "Aliquot Parts" or parcel 2 in Richland township from the original patentee, Roger McBride. The patent was issued to Mr. McBride on 3/05/1806, so that would put George's acquisition of the land sometime after that date. Only quarter townships 2 and 3 were granted under the authority of June 1, 1796: United Brethren Warrant Act (1 Stat. 480). All land granted under this authority were sold through the Ohio land office. The eastern two quarters were ultimately laid out similar to normal township sections and sold under the authority known as the April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)

Countering the comment that the land "was bought at the land office in Zanesville, Oh" is the fact that BLM records show no lands in Twp1, Range1 of the US Military Survey Lands were patented through the Zanesville Land Office until 1821..sometime after the date when George was estimated to have died.

If we assume that the description regarding the quit claim for the land is our best clue, and the land was, indeed in section 2, Twp1, R1 of the Military Lands, then George may well have purchased the land from Roger McBride or his agent sometime after March, 1806 and his farm would have been located in Richland and not Wayne Township.

If this is scenario is right, then perhaps the final resting place for George and his Elizabeth Jane is one of the cemeteries in Richland township...and not on their farm. With George's conversion to the Catholic religion...they may be buried in the catholic cemetery in Richland township.

I have extracted all original patentee information for Range1, Township1 of US Military Survey if anyone is interested in a copy, please contact me

Thanks for any comments or input

descended from George and Eliz. Jane Ward DeLong through John Francis daughter's Elizabeth [Cline] and Effie [Windle]

Re: George and Eliz Jane DeLong

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Surnames: Delong, Sprague
Hello, I am searching for the parents/history of Hannah Delong, b. 1775-76 in Sackville, Nova Scotia. In 1795 Hannah is in Waterford, Washington Co., Ohio and marries Samuel Sprague. Am wondering if she could have been related to your George/Elizabeth Jane Delong. Thanks, Carolyn
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