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Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Posted: 1023467815000
Classification: Deed
Edited: 1158455143000
Posted FYI. Transcription from Pendleton Co., VA WB3:22-26

Thomas Hoover collar talls(?) & Quelens(?) 1 lock chain £2.11.0
Peter Havenor 2 mattocks £0.16.0
Thomas Hoover 1 ax £0.5.1
Henry Amick shovel howes & dungfork £0.7.7
John Davis 1 box & raisor £0.5.3
Jacob Hoover 1 shovel pleyh £0.8.0
dito dito 1 craus cut saw £1.4.0
George Caplinger 1 dito dito dito £0.7.0
Crestian Luzan 1 plogh & clives £0.12.5
Thomas Hoover 2 paire (illegible) trees £0.4.1
James Sims old Iron 2 wedges £0.9.1
Henry Smith old Iron 1 hammer £0.5.9
dito dito dito £0.3.0
dito dito dito £0.9.0
dito dito dito £0.3.0
Jacob Hoover (illegible words) £0.4.0
Thomas Hoover (illegible) £0.1.7
dito dito 1 (illegible words) £0.11.0
Henry Amick 1 ax 1 adz 1 pan £0.6.1
George Hoover 1 tea pot £0.8.1
dito dito 1 waggon £8.9.0
Thomas Hoover 5 hogs £4.6.70
dito dito 5 dito £2.0.9
dito dito 5 dito £1.8.2
dito dito 7 dito £1.13.3
Jacob Hoover 1 sorral mare £7.10.0
Joseph Varner 1 sorral coult £6.2.0
John Riadman? 1 horse £1.2.0
William Hoover 1 mare £19.12.6
Lamuel Wilson 1 coult £6.5.6
Jacob Hoover 1 mare £14.3.0
Abraham Pitzinbarger 1 mare £10.18.0
George Hoover 1 mare £ 11.0.0
George Poffingbarger 1 coult £3.0.0
Joesph Liezar 1 mare £12.2.00
George Erwin 4 stead (illegible) 1 bull £15.7.8
dito dito 4 dito hiffers £10.17.1
Samuel Redman 1 cow £ 3.18.0
John Redman 1 cow & calf £4.1.0
Hezekiah Da??s 1 cow £4.10.4
George Simmons 1 cow £4.0.1
Michael Hoover 1 cow & calf £4.18.0
John Simmons 1 cow & calf £4.13.0
Jacob Hoover 1 cow £6.0.0
Michael Hoover 1 cow & calf £4.19.0
John Hoover 1 cow £3.16.6
Michael Hoover 1 calf £1.18.0
Thomas Hoover 1 (illegible) smith tools £11.4.0
George Harman old Iron £1.10.3
Jacob Hoover 1 scythe £0.4.0
John Hoover 2 calves £1.12.0
Henry Paulser 9 sheep £5.14.2
George Rexroad 1 churn £0.2.0
Michael Hoover 1 oven £0.17.1
Thomas Hoover 1 oven £0.12.0
Jacob Hoover 1 bucket of (illegible) £0.1.1
dito dito 1 dito 1 (illegible) £0.2.0
dito dito 1 dito 1 dito £0.3.0
Michael Herold 1 oven £0.10.0
Nicholas Havenor 1 pot £0.12.0
Thomas Hoover cooper ware £0.5.0
dito dito 1 pott £0.9.0
John Smith 1 skillet £0.3.7
Henry Snider 1 pott £0.2.0
Peter Varner 1 kittle £1.9.0
William Hoover 1 pott £0.9.0
Thomas Hoover 1 pan £0.6.6
Jacob Hoover 1 kittle £2.5.3
John Cowgar tow £0.1.6
dito dito dito £0.1.0
Christian Stone 1 (illegible words) £1.13.0
William Hoover some pewter £0.16.0
George Erwin dito dito £0.8.2
dito dito dito dito £0.15.6
John Bodkin dito dito £1.5.9
Caty Hoover wood ware £0.1.6
Thomas Hoover dito dito £0.2.0
Michael Wi???? dito dito £0.2.2
Thomas Hoover dito dito £0.2.6
Jacob Hoover 1 crock £0.2.0
Thomas Hoover 1 kagg £0.2.7
John Jones 1 sickle £0.1.6
Thomas Hoover 1 bell £0.3.8
Peter Hoover horse Irons £0.2.1
dito dito 1 tub £ 0.1.1
Jacob Hoover some tin ware £0.4.0
dito dito dito dito dito £0.6.0
Thomas Hoover some pewter £0.16.4
dito dito dito dito £0.2.0
Jacob Hoover some pewter £0.3.1
John Davis 1 paire specks £0.1.7
Jacob Snider 1 dito dito £0.0.4
Henry Hoover money scales £0.2.0
James Sims Horse (illegible) £0.1.6
Jacob Hoover 1 gun £0.6.0
Peter Hoover 1 dito £0.7.0
Caty Hoover 2 paire wool cards £0.2.0
dito dito cocumber hovel £0.0.6
Michael Hoover hemp £0.1.5
Jacob Hoover dito £1.7.0
dito dito nails £0.4.6
dito dito dito £0.12.10
Thomas Hoover dito £0.7.0
Jacob Hoover old Iron £0.5.1
George Hoover 1 hammer £0.1.7
Michael Hoover some pewter £0.6.1
dito dito dito dito £0.7.3
Nicholas Hevenor old (illegible) & Pewter£1.9.0
dito dito scythes £0.9.0
Thomas Hoover 1 watering pot £0.6.7
dito dito 1 candlestick and snuffers £0.1.0
dito dito 1 wheel £0.0.6
Michael Hoover 1 dito £0.2.0
Jacob Hoover 18 bushals £3.12.0
Michael Hoover spoon moals £0.15.1
Thomas Hoover 1 saw Lsquare & (illegible) £0.15.0
Jacob Hoover 2 (illegible) & tubs £30.2.0
George How 1 bee hive £0.10.0
dito dito dito dito £0.9.6
Thomas Hoover 1 bee hive £0.7.8
Jacob Snider 1 bee hive £0.10.2
dito dito dito dito £0.9.0
Thomas Hoover dito dito £0.9.7
dito dito dito dito £0.8.2
Daniel Snider 1 bee hive £0.8.1
dito dito dito dito dito £0.11.0
dito dito 6 old waggon wheels £1.4.4
Michael Hoover 1 Negro man Jim £130.6.0
Jacob Hoover 1 Negro man Andrew £180.0.0
Mary Hoover 1 woman 1 girl £128.1.0
John Cowgar 1 (illegible) £0.2.0
Jacob Snider 1 grind stone £0.3.7
dito dito 1 hackles £0.14.0
Daniel Snider some leather £0.18.0
Caty Hover reed & geers £0.6.0
Peter Poffingbarger some wool £0.12.1
Michael Harold dito £0.11.2
John Jones some leather £1.0.3
Michael Harold some wool £0.12.1
Michael Wilfong dito dito £0.12.11
Joseph Luzar dito dito £0.14.6
Peter Poffingbarger dito dito £0.14.0
Christina Luzar dito dito £0.13.8
John Botkin dito dito £0.12.4
Jacob Hoover some books £0.6.3
John Heveley dito dito £0.4.0
Christian Roleman dito dito £0.7.1
Peter Varner dito dito £0.5.0
Thomas Hoover 1 paire stilards £0.10.8
dito dito sheep shears £0.4.7
dito dito 1 Bible £3.5.1
Lenard Propst 2 kaggs £0.2.7
Jacob Hoover 1 chaire £0.1.7
Christian Roleman 1 hovel £0.7.7
Thomas Hover 4 chaires £0.9.0
dito dito 1 wind mill £3.8.0
dito dito 1 cuting box £0.3.0
dito dito 3 brakes £0.1.1
dito dito 4 hoges £0.6.0
dito dito 1 dresser £1.11.6
dito dito 1 table £0.10.0
dito dito 1 riddle £0.4.3
dito dito 1 pot trammel & shovel £0.14.0
dito dito 1 paire fire dogs £0.13.6
Henry Amick 1 bed £1.6.0
Thomas Hoover 1 chest £0.16.4
George Hoover 1 dito £0.7.0
Thomas Hoover 1 (illegible-possibly stove) £3.0.1
John Smith 1 pot trammel £0.2.6
Thomas Hoover some plank £0.18.0
Jacob Hoover some bed steds £0.8.0
Thomas Hoover 1 bed £0.12.0
Wm. Douglass 1 bottle £0.2.1
Jacob Snider 3 barrels £0.1.2
Thomas Hoover 4 hogsheads £2.9.0
John Kiestiry 1 big wheel £0.6.0
Sebastian Hoover 1 branding Iron £0.0.9
Thomas Hoover some barrels £0.12.0
Sebastian Hoover 2 drawing knives £0.7.6
Thomas Hoover glass £0.13.2
Jacob Snider (illegible) £0.11.0
John Smith leather £0.2.1
Thomas Hoover barrels £0.2.0
Jacob Snider saw £0.9.0
Thomas Hoover linen £0.11.0
John Smith some check £0.7.6
Thomas Hoover linen £1.15.0
John Smith dito £0.3.3
Jacob Caw some (illegible words) £1.5.0
Jacob Hoover some cloth £0.12.6
Thomas Hoover thread £0.3.1
dito dito 1 table cloth £0.5.0
Jacob Hoover 1 (illegible) £0.6.0
Jacob Snider 1 dito £0.6.0
Thomas Hoover 1 bottle £0.0.10
dito dito dito dito £0.3.4
dito dito dito dito £0.1.0
Jacob Hoover 1 bottle £0.0.4
dito dito 1 (illegible) £0.8.1
Thomas Hoover 1 harrow £1.0.4
Jacob Snider 7 (illegible) corn £8.4.0
Sebastian Hoover 2 combs buckle and (illegible) £0.4.0
Jacob Hoover 1 glass £0.0.4
Thomas Hoover 1 bed sted £0.4.1
dito dito 1 cow chain £0.2.3
dito dito old Iron £0.4.2
Jacob Snider 1 wheel barrow £0.2.4
Jacob Hoover 2 brass (illegible) £0.2.0
dito dito 2 (illegible) £0.6.0
Michael Hoover 1 ax £0.3.7
Sebastian Hoover 1 hay fork £0.2.6
Thomas Hoover 1 hay fork £0.2.1
Sebastian Hoover 1 dito £0.2.0
Jacob Hoover wagon boxes £0.1.0
Thomas Hoover 1 (illegible) £0.1.3
Jacob Hoover 1 bell £0.5.3
Zachariah Rexroad bells £0.2.0
Michael Hoover 1 reed £0.3.1
Thomas Hoover Mall rings £0.1.7
Jacob Hoover Hob rings £0.3.0
Thomas Hoover S hook £0.1.1
George Hoover 1 quart 1 bason £0.1.5
Thomas Hoover 1 paire plaugh irons £0.6.7
Jacot Hoover 2 collars £0.0.2
Thomas Hoover 1 saddle £0.1.7
Jacob Hoover bottles £0.0.10
Thomas Hoover 1 bottle £0.0.4
dito dito 1 apple mill £0.7.1
George Hoover 1 stear £3.19.1
dito dito 1 cow £4.1.2
Sebastian Hoover 1 cow £4.0.1
Thomas Hoover 1 tub £0.4.3
dito dito 1 crowd tub £0.6.1
dito dito 1 tub £0.2.1
dito dito 1 lantran £0.3.0
Michael Hoover 1 steel trap £0.7.2
John David clk (total) £783.18.2
/s/ Jacob Hoover, Thomas Hoover, administrators

At a court held for Pendleton County the 5th day of July 1808 this sale bill of the estate of Sebastian Hoover, dec'd, was returned to court and ordered to be recorded.
(illegible) Teste. Z. Dyer, CPC

Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Nancy Albritton (View posts)
Posted: 1026168379000
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Are you related in some way to some of these Hoovers? My GGG Grandfather was Michael Hoover - born in VA abt 1800, migrated to Ohio, then to Indiana & to IL by 1850. I'm told that he had at least 2 brothers, John & Sebastian. I'm also told that his father may have been Michael, also. It's looking like Michael (1800) may have been married to Mary Botkin/Bodkin. Do you know anything of this family?

Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Sandra Keltner (View posts)
Posted: 1026223066000
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Surnames: Hoover, Mueller, McCrea
Nancy - Kate asked that I send you info on Michael Hoover. Michael b. ca 1800 was the son of Michael Hoover Sr and wife Mary. (Both Michael Sr and Jr have wives named Mary). Michael Sr was the son of Sebastian Hoover Sr and prob Catharine Mueller.
Michael Hoover Sr's will named children John, Sebastian, George, Mary, Michael, Thomas and Rachel. A daughter Catharine most likely predeceased Michael Sr.
Mary, the wife of Michael Hoover Sr, died in the late 1820's and he married widow Susanna Crummett in 1830.
I'm trying to track down the other children. Mary Hoover md John Hoover and I've been able to follow them on the censuses. Sebastian Hoover md Elizabeth McCrea and he MAY be the Sebastian Hoover who died 9/19/1839 in McDonough Co, Ill but I have no proof of that yet. We'd appreciate if you could give us the names and spouses of Michael's children and what counties/states Michael was in for any census info that you have. If you have additional info on brothers John or Sebastian, we'd also be grateful for that.
If I can help with anything else, please let me know. Sincerely, Sandy Keltner

Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Nancy Albritton (View posts)
Posted: 1026254598000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1158455244000
Hi, Sandy. Well, this is quite a boon. Do you have a copy of Michael Sr's Will? I'd love to have a copy. I've been told that Michael Jr's wife was named Mary Bodkin or Botkin - have you any such info? Did Michael Sr ever leave VA?

The following is the information I have on Michael Jr's family - not all of it is proven.

Michael Jr died aft 1880 (shown in Census with son-in-law, James Garner, & dau. Mary - living in Millersburg, Mercer Co., IL)

I have Michael & Mary's marriage date as 2 Feb 1821 Pendleton Co., VA

I have Mary having been born abt 28 Sep 1800 (Pendleton Co., VA) and dying 8 Mar 1871 in Millersburg, Mercer Co., IL

Mary is buried in OakRidge Cemetery in Millersburg & we think Michael is buried there, also - just without a stone.

I show 6 children (and a possible 7th) for Michael Jr.:

John (1 Feb 1823 in Rockingham Co., VA - 1906 New Boston, Mercer Co., IL) - married to an Eliza - 1850 Census shows them in 14NR5W, Mercer Co., IL

James M (1828 in OH - 24 Jan 1870 Plymouth Co., IA) - married 1st to Elizabeth Johnson in Bad Axe, Crawford Co., WI) - divorced before 1871 WI
2nd marriage to Sarah Jane Murphy in 1867 in LeMars, Plymouth Co., IA

Mary (2 Dec 1824 Champaign Co., OH - 16 Jun 1898 Millersburg, Mercer Co., IL) - married 1st to George Wade on 18 Mar 1842 Mercer Co., IL. He died about 1849. She married 2nd, James S Garner (May 1811 in Warren Co., KY - 28 May 1882 in Mercer Co., IL) - they were married on 8 Dec 1850

Margaret (Dec 1829 in IN - aft 1906) - married Daniel Knox on 17 Jun 1858, Mercer Co., IL

Williamson (My GG Grandfather - 2 Dec 1839, Delhi Co., IN - 18 Sep 1901, Viola, Mercer Co., IL) married Lucinda Ditto on 25 Sep 1866 in Abington Twp, Mercer co., IL. (Williamson fought in the Civil War)

Ancil B (1834 in Madison or Miami Co., IN - aft 1890, Monroe Co., WI) - married a Charlotte. (fought in the Civil War)

The possibility is Rachel born abt 1834 (shown living in same household as Williamson - house of Mary Stanton - at age 16)

I'm told that this Mary Stanton was a niece of Michael Jr - either John or Sebastion's dau. - No proof.

Michael Jr & Mary have been tracked from 1850 (Michael shown as Nicholas, Mary & Ancil B) in Rock Island Co. (Dist 37)

1860 finds them living with son James in Wellington, Monroe Co., WI (Vol 1, page 172, 1410-1392)

1870 - Michael & Mary living in Millersburg, Mercer Co., IL

1880 - Mary having passed, Michael is living with son-in-law, James Garner in Millersburg, Mercer Co., IL.

Please send me any proof that you have to substantiate your information. I have very little real proof. I've recently sent for the pension papers for Ancil - to make sure he really is one of ours. Although I don't have a copy, another researcher has a copy of Williamson's papers.

Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Sandra Keltner (View posts)
Posted: 1026256178000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1158455260000
Surnames: Hoover, Bodkin
Nancy - I do have a copy of Michael Hoover (Sr)'s will. If you send your snail mail address, I'll get it out to you. There is evidence that Michael Jr married Mary Bodkin but I don't have a copy of that record although I believe it can be found at the Pendleton County (WV) Clerk's office. I can send you a xerox of the record from Puffenbarger's Marriage Bonds of Pendleton Co if that would help.
Michael Hoover Sr lived his entire life - except the time he served in the Revolution (1778) - within 12 miles of where he was born on the South Fork in Pendleton Co (which was Augusta Co, VA when he was born (in 1753 per his pension application), Rockingham Co, Va for a short period in the 1780's, and then Pendleton Co. He moved south of where he was born and bought property which was still in Pendleton at the time. He lived there until he died. His will was probated July 7, 1842. That portion of Pendleton was later split off and became part of Highland County, Va.
If you'd rather send your snail mail address directly to me, I'm at I appreciate your help with Michael Jr's info and I love to hear if you find anything else re brothers John or Sebastian. Thank you, Sandy

Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Nancy Albritton (View posts)
Posted: 1026268285000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Hoover, Bodkin, Garner
Sandy - I've shared your info with another Hoover researcher - descendent of Mary Hoover Garner (Michael Jr's daughter). I've also invited him to this message board. I've received a good deal of information from him that correlates with your info but I think all parties can gain from an exchange between both you ladies & him. I'll not mention his name for his privacy sake - but I'm sure he'll join in & it will become obvious. He has apparently discerned that Michael Jr. & Mary Bodkin were married on Feb 22, 1821 in Pendleton.

I'm sure he join us shortly, but he did ask if you had tried to obtain a will or probate record for Sebastian Hoover in McDonough Co., IL. He's also looking for any information about the date & place Sebastian's marriage to Elizabeth McCrea.

I'll send my snail-mail address in a separate email. Thanks much for your generosity.


Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Sandra Keltner (View posts)
Posted: 1026269096000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1158455291000
Surnames: Hoover, McCray
Nancy - I have only found an internet posting for an abstract of Sebastian Hoover's will in McDonough Co, Ill. It indicated that his wife was Elizabeth and heirs were sons Geird (sic) T., James N., John H., Rice R., Robert Y., and daus Sarah and Mary Margaret. The marriage info in Pendleton Co is Hoover, Sebastian md McCray, Elizabeth 4 Mar 1824. I cannot make the link between the two nor can I guarantee that Sebastian is the son of Michael Sr - there were several grandsons of Sebastian Hoover Sr named Sebastian (Michael Sr's brothers Peter, George, and Sebastian Jr all had Sebastians of their own!) Michael's son had vanished from the (W)Va censuses and was believed to have gone west.
If anyone has info on those descendants, I'd be grateful to hear from them. Thanks, Sandy

Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Posted: 1026299925000
Classification: Query
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Surnames: Hoover, Jones, McCray

Michael Hoover Sr.'s son, Sebastian, married Mary Jones on Nov. 12, 1812 in Pendleton Co., WV and moved onto Champaign Co., OH by 1820, and then onto to Madison Co., IN by 1830. I have looked at the 1850 census for your Elizabeth McCray Hoover in McDonough Co., IL. She had children who were born in 1829 and 1831 in Ohio, NOT Indiana. That would make me believe that your Sebastian (husband of Elizabeth McCray) was a nephew of Michael, Sr. and NOT his son. Additionally, when was your Sebastian born? Sebastian Hoover (son of Michael, Sr.) was born bet. 1790-1792.

I am interested in exchanging information with you. I am descended from Michael, Sr.'s son, Michael Nicholas Hoover (1800-aft.1880). Michael N. moved to Mercer Co., IL abt.1841. Mercer County is only about 35 miles north of McDonough County. Please let me know if you are interested in exchanging further information.

Craig Hays

Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Sandra Keltner (View posts)
Posted: 1026303545000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1158455349000
Surnames: Hoover
Craig - I'd be happy to exchange information. I appreciate your help with the Sebastians. I'm descended from another Hoover line - Ines aka Hiness (and several other spellings!) b. 1790. A group of us Pendleton Hoover descendants are working together to assemble a documented genealogy. Please contact me at . Thanks again, Sandy

Re: Sale bill for Sebastian Hoover 1808, Pendleton Co., VA

Sandra Keltner (View posts)
Posted: 1026308756000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hoover
Nancy - I'm posting a correction to my previous email. (I was typing faster than I was thinking! - SORRY)
Peter Hoover (Michael Hoover Sr's brother) did not - to my knowledge - have a son Sebastian. - Sandy
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