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Descendants of James Cutler from England, IL, IN, KS, MA, NY, VT

Descendants of James Cutler from England, IL, IN, KS, MA, NY, VT

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Surnames: Cutler, Wilken, Ide, Jury, Church, Wadley, Nichols, Haynes, Rice
Ancestors of James Luke Cutler (that's me)

Claud Ide Cutler (my Grandfather), born 29 Nov 1892 in Scott City, KS; died 14 Jun 1976 in Manhattan, KS.
He was the son of Frank Martin Cutler and Oliva Ide.
He married Sophia Kathrine Wilken 24 Jan 1921 in Sharon Springs, KS.

Frank Martin Cutler (my Great Grandfather), born Nov 1861 in Avon, IL; died 1944 in Scott County, KS.
He was the son of William Judson Cutler and Mary Jane Jury.
He married Oliva Ide.

William Judson Cutler, born 01 Jan 1839 in Western Prairie, Lake County, IN.
He was the son of Leonard Cutler and Vilona Church.
He married Mary Jane Jury 1859.

Leonard Cutler, born in Brattleboro, VT; died 1881 in Union, Fulton County, IL.
He was the son of Asa Cutler and Sally Wadley.
He married Vilona Church, daughter of Richard Church.

Asa Cutler, born in Guilford, VT; died Bet. 1834 - 1835 in Elba, Genesee County, NY.
He was the son of Joel Cutler and Betsey Nichols.
He married Sally Wadley, born in Brattleboro, VT.

Joel Cutler, born 19 Mar 1738 in Rutland, MA; died 05 Jun 1821 in Halifax, VT.
He was the son of Abner Cutler and Anna Haynes.
He married Betsey Nichols, born in Guilford, VT; died 24 Aug 1827 in Halifax, VA.

Abner Cutler, born 16 Jul 1701 in Sudbury, MA; died 23 Jan 1751 in Rutland, MA.
He was the son of Thomas Cutler and Tabitha Rice.
He married Anna Haynes (born in Sudbury, MA) 08 Dec 1735 in Rutland, MA.

Thomas Cutler, born 19 Jan 1678 in Cambridge Farms (Lexington) MA; died 26 Mar 1718 in Sudbury, MA.
He was the son of Lient. Thomas Cutler and Abigail ???.
He married Tabitha Rice.

Lient. Thomas Cutler, born Abt. 1648 in Watertown, MA; died 13 Jul 1722 in Lexington, MA.
He was the son of James Cutler and Mary ???.
He married Abigail ???.

James Cutler, born 1606 in England; died 17 May 1694 in Cambridge Farms (Lexington) MA.
He married Mary ??? 09 Mar 1645. Mary ???, died 07 Dec 1654.
James wrote his will 24 Nov 1684, Cambridge Farms (Lexington) Mass. His will was proved 20 Aug 1694

Primary sources:

1. Nahum S. Cutler, A Cutler Memorial and Genealogical History, (1889)

2., Scott County Cemetery List, by Kathy Hoeme

Re: Descendants of James Cutler from England, IL, IN, KS, MA, NY, VT

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Hi, I have several of those Cutler names in my family tree. I have the Cutler going from 2007 to 1400's My Mom was a Cutler. Her Dad Orrin Cutler was born in Wallingford,CT. His Dad was Charles L Cutler. His Dad was Edward Linsley Cutler. His dad was David Cutler. His dad was Jesse Cutler. His Dad was Uriah Cutler. His dad was (James)John Cutler.His dad was James Cutler. I have a lot of information on the Cutler. My Cutler family is Extremly large and I;m still entering all the data.If you want the information I have please e-mail me at
Thank you

Re: Descendants of James Cutler from England, IL, IN, KS, MA, NY, VT

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My Cutler line also begins with James (1). My next ancestor in line is James (2), who was brother to John (1663-1714). But according to the genealogical history I have, Uriah was son of John (3) who was the brother of Isaac (my line). Uriah had acquired land in Killingly CT as part of an inheritance from his father John (1675-1727), but then sold it and settled in Morristown NJ about 1734-35. Isaac (John's brother) and future generations from my line continued to live in the Killingly, Putnam, Pomfret CT areas. I am the 12th generation in America.

Re: Descendants of James Cutler from England, IL, IN, KS, MA, NY, VT

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Good Morning,
I'm currently live in Connecticut. All of my Cutler family are mainly from CT. Yes some were from Morristown New Jersey, Killingly, Wallingford, Clinton, New Haven, New London, Guilford, and Middletown. Maybe we should compare notes since we are talking about the same family. The interesting thing is I meet a gentleman out of Alaska that his Dad did over 60 years of research on the Cutler family. Our family ties in with his family from James and Anna Cakebread. This CD has alot of information on the Cutler family from Killingly CT.It talks about the war that they fought in CT. It is quite interesting. The book that was written by this gentleman was called An American Story The Cutler Family History from 1630 to 1976. Since then they have updated it to the 2000. I'm still in the process of transferring my information over from My Heritage family tree to Family tree maker version 16 as we speak. My e-mail address is

Re: Descendants of James Cutler from England, IL, IN, KS, MA, NY, VT

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James, I am writing for Joseph Gore Cutler, Jr, Dallas TX. He is descended from Abel Cutler & Sarah Nixon and direct descendent of the author of the Cutler Family Memorial. We did not have any information of any of the English ancestors and were thrilled to find your tree. We are going to be in London the end of July and hope to make a trip to Ipswitch. Can you please email me any of your source information for there that we could possibly verify while there?

Re: Descendants of James Cutler from England, IL, IN, KS, MA, NY, VT

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Surnames: Cutler
I'm also descended from James Cutler who arrived in the colonies in 1634. My line follows yours down thru Lt. Thomas, Thomas, Abner and Joel. My Gr-gr-gr-gr Grandpa was Joel's son and Asa's brother, Thaddeus. Then to Charles, Charles E., Bert, and my Grandmother Laura M. Cutler. Charles moved to WI, where my family resides.

Any info you could tell me about the early Cutlers would be appreciated, Cousin. :D
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