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Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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Surnames: Schmucker
Hi all, I was thinking about traveling to Cumberland County in search of a ggggrandfather who lived there from about 1745 until his death sometime around 1790 or so.

He was Lutheran and first generation immigrant from Palatine Germany, but I don't have much information besides his name, year of birth, and wife's first name.

What kinds of resources do you have there that could help me try to find him? Were should I start?

Thaks for any help. Naturally with gas at $4.20 a gallon, I need to get my ducks in a row before I start off.


Re: Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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Here is my suggestion before you travel. Check the Cumberland County Web sites at Ancestry, Rootsweb,PAGenweb, etc. Get as much inofrmation as you can on your ancestor on line including cemetary and census records.That way your time can be spent on records not available from home and take the time you are in Carlisle for the things you do not have access to. The Cumberland County Historical Society has a large archive and genealogy library in Carlisle. Contact them before you go and ask about hours, fees, parking etc.

Your ancestory may have been in the military you may find records at the Carlisle Baracks. Carlisle is a beautiful old town. Take some time to enjoy the history of the area. You will better understand your ancestors history that way. Many communities in Cumberland County have small libraries and may have sir name files that others have worked on. Check them out online if you can. Do as much as you can from home and you will then have many leads to follow when you get to Carlisle. It is called research, and I have found it necessary to retrace my steps many times, and re-search, because new information lead me in a different direction.
Most of the major chain hotels are represented in the area, and discounts are available if you shop around. Write ahead and get a good map of the town. We went in the spring and you can not beat PA at that time of year. Hersey is near by and summer is peak season. Pick your time to your needs. There is a huge Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, the capitol which is worth a trip if you are interested in that era of your Ancestors history. Gettysburg is only a few hours south. Contact the states tourist info and have them send you their magazine. That was the first I heard of Shun Pikers. Folks who like to travel the back roads and stay off the interstates. Have fun and good luck.

Re: Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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Surnames: Schmucker/Smoker/Schumacher
LOL! Thanks for the tips. As a matter of fact, *you* are helping me with my pre research ;)

My problem is that I am looking at a time period before the advent of cemeteries as we know them and he (they) don't show up on any of the cemeteries master lists.

I have only a passage in one of those turn of the century biography books to tell me they were in Carlisle, and my gut feeling is the book sort of gussied the family up and they probably weren't in Carlisle proper. I'll bet they were in a German enclave in western Lancaster county, possibly near Carlisle. The people around Lower and Upper Mifflin townships seem the most logical neighbors based on their last names, so that's another place I'm looking.

The family center is actually considered Somerset in Somerset Co., PA, and I am trying to get one or two steps earlier in time from what is already well documented. In Somerset, they are all Lutherans, but I am finding a possible match to his son being, I think that's it. There was a man by the same name known as Jacob the Dunker. Some of the men nearest him on the ship's manifest were Moravian. Which reminds me: Is a long beard indicative of any particular religion in the area?

Well, thanks for the help -- and yes, I have been to Carlisle, and the surrounding area, many times. It *is* beautiful. As a kid, we always drove THROUGH the area on summer vacations, but I always wanted to stop at the barns with the hext signs. Too bad my dad wasn't a Shun Piker! ;)

Re: Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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Surnames: Bashore, Martin, Rupp, Craig, Delvin, Hayes
Reguarding beards. Not sure what the religous custom was for groups during that time period. Looking for German links to religion UB is United Brethern. That church was a combination of other German sects. The Brethern definatly were German. This group is know as United Methodist when the Methodist and United Brethern became one church in about 1968. The family I a researching that were in Hampden Township, East Pennsborough, Rye Gate Tract, were German French and Hugnots (sorry about the spelling). They came from Lancaster County also. The name is Basehore (Bashore, Bashor,Basor etc.)

Re: Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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The County Historical Society has the tax records (at least from 1815 to ~1828, but likely earlier). Names are alphabetized in the originals (a shame from my research perspective) and revealed many more males than I was prepared to see. They have a partial searchable computer database for some things (wills!, land uses) and the original 1858? map of the county showing named dwellings. The 1798 Glass tax is also there.

If you're seeking info from the southern end, Kittochtinny Historical Soc in Chambersburg or at the Coyle Free Library next door to it may be useful. Remember that early Cumberland County was much larger than the current version so some records might be in strange places.


Re: Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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Surnames: Rupp, Logan, Evers, Zering
Saw the name Rupp in your list and wonder if you might help me. I found a History of Joh.Jonas Rupp written in 1874. In the book it mentions the capture of Elizabeth Logan July 2, 1752 by Indians. She lived at Logan's Mill, Cumberland County, PA, She was 5 yrs old when captured, she escaped after 7 yrs. She lived with her Rupp relatives when she returned home. Reference given is History of Cumberland County PA pg 129. I was unable to find this history online, do you have any info on Elizabeth Logan and the Rupp's or where I might find the history book.
Elizabeth married an Evers as her daughter Anna Barbara Evers m Jonas Zering in 1811. He was born May 4,1785 and is the grandson of Jonas Rupp. Jonas Zering was a carpenter and learned the trade from George Webbert.
Hope you can help me

Re: Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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Surnames: Basehore, Rupp, Martin, Morris, Craig, Krieg,
I D Rupp published an early History of Cumberland County PA. I have not seen it on line it is not available at Ancestry either. It may be possible to see it at the State archives in Harrisburg. The book was written early about 1842-45 I belive. Correct me anyone if you have more information on this history. Has it been digitized. A hard copy would be considered a rare book. It is quoted often in other histories. So it is available.

I did plug Elizabeth Logan into the two histories I have access to on line through Ancestry and all I could find was a listing for marriage. It does not list the groom though.

Elizabeth Logan
Marriage License
21 Mar 1772
Cumberland Co., PA
Records of Marriage Licenses Issued by John Agnew, Esq., Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1771-1789
Issued at Carlisle.

Could this be the same Elizabeth? Where is Logans Mill located?

The Rupp family had mills along Conedoguinet Creek in what is now Hampden Township (East Pensborough early on) Cumberland County PA. From my Bashore file:
." Daniel and Anna Maria (Wolf) Boeshor had four children, viz.: Michael, John, Christina and Elizabeth. Christina, the older of the two daughters, married George Rupp, and became the mother of Isaac Daniel Rupp, the noted historian and genealogist." Daniel Boeshor(Bashore, Basehore, Bosore) settled in East Pennsborough Township in 1791. My husband is his 4th great grandson. Danial, John, Peter, Samuel, John, and Wilma Bashore.

Mary Ellen

Re: Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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Logan William 21 3 1772
Baxter Elizabeth

from the Agnew marriage book, a JP.

Re: Cumberland County genealogy resources for 1750-1800

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Surnames: Logan, Rupp, Buffington,Daugherty, Hornbeck
Mary Ellen
thanks so much for your information. My info on Elizabeth Logan was what I found in the Rupp History in 1874. The author could have been referring to the earlier history. Will try to see what I can find on it.

Logan Mills was mentioned as the place they lived, no other info as to where located in Cumberland County.

Have read that the Logans, Daughertys and Hornbecks moved west from Cumberland at an early date.

was trying to find info on Elizabeth Logan who married Joel Buffington. His uncle William Buffington married Alice Rupp. I thought the Rupp and Logan connection worth investigating.

I have no info on Alice Rupp as to parents or siblings.
again thanks for your help, this gives me more places to look
If I find any Bashore info will past it along to you. I have also seen the Wolf name connected to the Rupps and Buffingtons.
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