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Frederick William Henry Schultz

Frederick William Henry Schultz

Laurie Dick (View posts)
Posted: 935132941000
My gggrandfather was one of three brothers who came from Germany. Their names were Frederick, William, and Henry Schultz. Each of the brothers took all 3 names, each with those 3 names in a different order, and of course, Schultz, as their last name. This was for the purpose of identification and locating each other at some future time when they got to America. My gggrandfather was Frederick William Henry Schultz, another was William Henry Frederick Schultz, and the other was Henry Frederick William Schultz. F.W.H. Schultz first arrived in Huron, Canada about 1855 where he lived for several years, and then moved to Michigan in about 1870, where he lived for the rest of his life. He had only daughters, so the Schultz name was not continued thru F.W.H. Scultz.

Despite the troubles they went through to be able to locate each other in America, I don't have any idea where the other two brothers settled! If this sounds familiar to anyone, please contact me. I'm willing to share info.

Fred William Henry Schultz

Karen Bushman (View posts)
Posted: 936128658000
My ggrandfather was Fred William Henry Schultz. He was
born in Woebellin, Germany around 1850. He Married
Augusta Elfrieda von Hoffman. He had two sons that
lived. One was Fred Schultz the other William Schultz, both
in Chicago, Illinois. I know that he had an aunt
in Michigan. If any of this sounds familiar, please
let me know.

Henry Fred Schultz

L.V. Ashe III (View posts)
Posted: 943996192000
I am doing a family history paper for a college class and am looking for relatives of my gggrandfather Henry Fred Schultz

Possible match with Henry Schultz

Amanda Burkart (View posts)
Posted: 951912495000

My gggrandfather was named Henry Schultz and was Michigan. He would have been born between 1840 and 1860. He had at least one daughter (Annabelle, my g grandmother). Please let me know if you have any other info. He married Amelia Schmyser betweem 1860 and 1880.

Frederick William Henry Schultz

Laurie Dick (View posts)
Posted: 952950085000
My Frederick William Henry Schultz was born about 1832. I don't know if his brothers were older or younger. I don't know anything about William Henry Frederick Schultz or Henry Frederick William Schultz, where they settled, what names they went by or who they married, so I'm afraid that I can't be much help. Do you have any more information?

Fred Schultz

cindy Martin (View posts)
Posted: 954071337000
My Gr Granduncle is Fred Schultz is the Brother of My Grandfather Ervin Herman Schultz please E-mail me direct if we connect at

William Schultz

karen wilsey (View posts)
Posted: 970180328000
My gggrandfather William Schultz was born in Germany and immigrated to Michigan or Wisconsin. He died in 1941 and was in his 90's, so was born around 1845. I don't know his wife's name, but suspect it was Bielke. He had 5 or six children; Anna, Amelia, Henry, Meta, and possibly Lizzie. Anna's birthplace is unknown, but her daughters, Violet and Naomi were born in Winona Wisconsin in 1905 1907. If anyone can give me further information on my gggrandfather, I would love to share photos. E-mail

Henry Schultz in Huron County MI

Bob Adams (View posts)
Posted: 976823051000

My history of the Schmyser family contains a reference to an Amelia Schmyser who married Henry Schols in 1879. Amelia was born in Sarnia Ontario. I have Henry's birth as 1856 in Germany.

I have a history report of the Schmyser family on my web site:

Do you think Schols could have be Americanized to Schultz?

William Henry Frederick SCHULTZ

Gareth B. Schultz (View posts)
Posted: 988657102000
My gg-grandfather was William Henry SCHULTZ (1805-1899). I just found out about the Henry part. He came from Bremen, Prussia(later Germany) to Baltimore in 1829. He moved to Philadelphia by 1832. He was a master mechanic and one of the earliest railroad engineers. He built two engines in 1839 to be shipped for a one-year trial by the Kaiser. His engines having surpassed the Kaisers engineer's standards, he was invited to Russia to supervise the operation of the Czar's newly started railroad from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Upon completion of the RR and having amassed a small fortune (he was paid $6000/year for 12 years) he returned to
Philadelphia in 1852. If he is your gg-grandfather's brother, perhaps he invited his brothers to join him then. He became a gentleman and his children married into Philadelphia high society. He moved to Newark, DE in 1862, and later after his wife's death in 1864, moved to Wilmington, DE. In 1872 he remarried a had a son, Eugene
at age 68. He gave a newspaper interview about his long life and experiences in 1891, and lived to be 94. Could he be your ggg-uncle?

FWH Schultz

Laurie Dick (View posts)
Posted: 988961106000
Thank you for your reply. Quite a coincidence with the names, but I don't think it's likely that they were brothers. Not impossible.....just not likely. I think that we should investigate a bit more.

My FWH SCHULTZ was born in either 1831 or 1840 depending on the source. Your WHF SCHULTZ was born in 1805. That's quite an age difference for them to be brothers, but I guess it's possible.

My FWH SCHULTZ was born in the Province of Banbert, Prussia, Germany (according to his obituary). Your WHF SCHULTZ was born in Bremen, Prussia. We will have to check an old map and see if the two areas are the same. I don't have time right now, but will check when I get a chance.

I would think that if your WHF SCHULTZ sent for his brothers that they would have at least passed through Philadelphia, but I have no indication of FWH SCHULTZ in Philadelphia.
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