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Jacob Sandusky b. 1750

Jacob Sandusky b. 1750

Nina Everett (View posts)
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Am looking for a list of Jacob Sandusky and Katherine V. children and their families. Also need to know if he was in the Revolution War. Will appreciate any help.
Thanks, Nina

Re: Jacob Sandusky b. 1750

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I found information for Revolutionary War through this web site

Re: Jacob Sandusky b. 1750

Patricia Balis (View posts)
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Our Sandusky/Sadowski descendants

(Patricia Jean [Finney) Balis My name is Patricia Jean (Finney) Balis born, April 10, 1957 in Georgia. My father’s name was John (Jack) Finney, born October 17, 1928 in Jefferson Co., KY, died June 6, 1993 and according to his extensive genealogy research, Jack’s father’s name was Henry Middleton Finney, born May 19, 1899 in Shelby Co., KY and died August 3, 1984. Henry’s mother’s name was Addie Button, born April 8, 1863 in KY. Addie’s mothers’ name was Ann Sandusky born June 21, 1838 in Shelby Co., KY and died December 24, 1880. Ann’s father’s name was Jacob Ephraim Sandusky, born June 15, 1808 and died January 3, 1898 in Lexington, KY. Jacob Ephraim’s fathers’ name was Ephraim Sadowski, born Oct 2, 1779 in Virginia and died August 20, 1854 in Jessamine Co., KY. Ephraim Sadowski’s fathers’ name was Jacob Sadowski born 1750 and died May 19, 1832 in Jessamine Co., KY. Jacob’s father’s name was Andrew Sadowski, born 1705 in Freehold, NJ and died 1768 in Moorefield, VA and Andrew’s fathers’ name (my 7th great grandfather) was Anthoni Sadowski, born 1668 in Gostyn, Poland, died April 22, 1736. Athoni’s father’s name was Martin Sadowski born 1644 in Poland.

Jack (John) Finney My father, John (Jack) Finney was born October 17, 1928 and died June 3, 1993

My father, John (Jack) Edward Finney born October 17, 1928 at St. Joseph Infirmary in Louisville, KY and lived at 1614 Deerwood Avenue until he married in 1949. He attended eight years of grade school at St. Agnes School and graduated from St. Xavier High School in Louisville in 1946. He received a B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of Louisville in 1949.
Upon graduation he joined the J.W. Ford Co. as an accountant. He was transferred to the Atlanta branch in 1953 and was the assistant branch manager there. From 1961 to 1965 he was a sales and systems representative with the Service Bureau Corp. ( a subsidiary of IBM) in Atlanta. In 1965 he joined Ernst & Whinney, an international accounting and consulting firm, and was transferred to their headquarters office in Cleveland, OH in 1973.
Jack was a CPA, a CMA (Certified Management Account) and a CDP (Certified Data Processor). He had contributed articles to professional journals, especially on the subject of cost control over data processing operations. He served in the U.S. Navy reserve from 1949-1960 and retired as a Lieutenant, USNR
He was president of the Georgetown Recreation Club (1970-71), the Association for Systems Management (Atlanta Chapter, 1971-72), and the National Association of Accountants (Cleveland Chapter 1984-85). He was a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants, the National Association of Accountants, the Association for Systems Management, the Institute of Management Accounting, and the Cleveland Athletic Club.
Jack was a Republican and a Roman Catholic. He was on the finance committee of Our Lady of Peach Church asTreasurer and was a member of the Board of Managers of the Shaker Towers Condominium Association in Cleveland, Ohio
He traveled extensively to other countries on later years with his wife, Rosemary. He was interested in genealogy and traced his family’s history back to 17-century Virginia. Before his death he completed a book about his findings and had planned to have it published. He belonged to the Western Historical Society, Louisville Genealogical Society, Kentucky History Society and Virginia Genealogical Society. After his death , an interesting obituary was written about him in the Cleveland Plain Dealer dated June 8, 1993 but unfortunately they made a large mistake and did not mention his second child and only son, Michael Joseph Finney.

Jack married Rosemary Faulkner on June 18, 1949 and they had 5 children, Carolyn (Finney) Champion, Michael Finney, MaryAnn Finney, Patricia (me) (Finney) Balis and Rosanne (Finney) Mason

Henry Middleton Finney – Jack’s father, my grandfather was Henry Middleton Finney, born May 19, 1899 and died August 3, 1984

Henry Middleton Finney, born May 19, 1899 in Chestnut Grove, Shelby Co., KY. Henry attended grade school at Peytonia, KY 6 months per year. He attended high school at Waddy, Ky. He moved to a home about 1 mile east of Peytonia about 1900. He then moved to a new house at 1614 Deerwood Ave. in Louisville with his mother and brother Everett in 1923. The farm at Peytonia was sold about 1925. He worked for the L & N Railroad as an auditor for 50 years. He married Blanche Veeneman (my grandmother) on October 1, 1927 and they had 6 children: John (Jack) Finney (my father), Mary Ann Finney (she died of spinal mengingitis at age 4 1/2, Charles Henry Finney, James (Bud) Dennis Finney, Jane Marie (Finney) Grimm and Mary Agnes (Finney) Hanks.

Addie Button -Henry Middleton Finney’s, mother, my great grandmother, was Addie Button, born April 8, 1863 in Kentucky and died January 21, 1934

Addie married Tillman Joshua Finney February 12, 1891, they had six children, Annie Mary Finney, born Dec. 16, 1891 and died at the age of 7, Richard Tillman (RT) Finney, Pauline Finney, E. Christine Finney, Henry Middleton Finney (my grandfather) and Everett Joshua Finney.

Ann E. Sandusky -Addie Button’s mother, my great-great grandmother was Ann E. Sandusky, born June 21, 1838 in Shelby Co., Ky and died December 24, 1880

Ann E. Sandusky married Richard R. Button on March 8, 1858 in Shelby Co., KY, they had five children, James I. Button, Addie Button (my great grandmother), Henry Button, Nannie Button and Margaret Button. She had two brothers, Oliver A. Sandusky and James M. Sandusky. Apparently my grandfather’s brother Everett lived with his great uncle Oliver for some time.

Jacob Ephraim Sandusky – Ann E. Sandusky’s father, my great-great-great grandfather was Jacob Ephraim Sandusky, born June 15, 1808 and died January 3, 1898 in Lexington, KY

His first wife was Hannah Middleton (my great-great-great grandmother) and they had three children: Oliver A. Sandusky, James Middleton Sandusky and Ann E, Sandusky (my great-great grandmother)

Jacob Ephraim Sandusky was born, reared and educated in Kentucky. In 1837 responding to the lure of the far West, he came to Missouri, traveling on horseback across the states of Indiana and Illinois. Having purchased a
tract of land in Clark County, Missouri, he went back to Kentucky for his family, and on the return trip had a pair of horses and carriage to convey his family, while the household goods and farm implements were
brought in a lumber wagon. At Shelby County, Kentucky, the little party made a halt in order to visit his wife's parents, who were living there. His wife was ill, and her relatives persuaded him to sell his Missouri
land and buy in Shelby County. He did so, and was afterwards engaged in farming, with slave help, until the slaves were freed. His first wife, Hannah (my great-great-great grandmother died in 1841 and he remarried in 1842 to a Nancy Blaydes and they had six children. He subsequently continued his residence in Shelby County until his death, on January 3, 1898, in the ninetieth year of his age, he having been accidentally struck by a train while visiting in Lexington.

Ephraim Sadowski -Jacob Ephraim Sandusky’s father, my great, great, great, great grandfather was Ephraim Sadowski, born October 2, 1779 and died August 20, 1854

Ephraim Sadwoski born October 2, 1779 and died August 20, 1854 in Jessamine Co., KY. Jacob Sadowski – Ephraim Sadowski’s father’s name, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather wasJacob Sadowski, born 1754 and died May 19, 1832 in Jessamine Co., KY. Jacob Sadowski – Ephraim Sadowski’s father’s name, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather wasJacob Sadowski, born 1754 and died May 19, 1832 in Jessamine Co., KY. Ephraim and his first wife Ann Evans (my great-great-great-great grandmother had eleven children, their third child Jacob Ephraim Sandusky was my great-great-great grandfather. Ephraim and his first wife Anna, my great-great-great-great grandmother settled on land given to him by his father on the south side of Sinking Creek. He was a farmer and stock raiser. He apparently was an atheist, as an interview by Rev. Shane in the Draper papers begin with the sentence, “Ephraim Sodowsky was a great infidel.” Another interview with one of the early settlers mentions the road which ran past Ephraim’s Sodowsky’s farm and is identified as “the infidel man.” When Ephraim died his estate was valued at $50,000. Ann died in 1843 and Ephraim remarried a Hester Collins in 1845 and they had two children. Ephraim’s sisters and brothers were Jacob and Susan. his 1/2 sisters and brothers were Margaret, Sarah, Susan, Sarah, Rebecca and James.

Jacob Sadowski – Ephraim Sadowski’s father’s name, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather wasJacob Sadowski, born 1754 and died May 19, 1832 in Jessamine Co., KY.

His first wife Jemima Voss (my great-great-great-great-great grandmother was taken prisoner as a child by the Indians and lived in captivity for seven years, till she reached the age of fourteen or fifteen, when she escaped and returned to her father’s home. the family tradition says that after she was kidnapped, her crying so annoyed one of the Indians that he struck her on the head with a tomahawk. The chief intervened and saved her life, but the head wound never completely healed, and she wore a bandage over it for the rest of her live. Jacob and her had three children: Ephraim Sadowski (my great-great-great-great grandfather), Jacob Sadwoski and Susan Sadowski. Jacob first came to Kentucky about 1774 in a party of eleven men under the leadership of Isaac Hite. They came down the Ohio River and up the Kentucky River by canoe to the area of Harrodsburg. The journal of Daniel Boone records his presence in Harrodsburg when he passed through to establish his settlement. On July 10, 1774 Indians fired upon a party of men at Fontainebleau a large spring 3 miles below Harrodsburg killing Jared Cows. Jacob Sandusky esacped through the woods of the Casey County region to the Cumberland River and then traveled by canoe down the River to the MIssissippi and then further down to New Orleans. There he arranged travel on a ship back to Baltimore and returned to Virginia. Later he would take up his activities in Kentucky again.

Re: Jacob Sandusky b. 1750

Nina Everett (View posts)
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Surnames: Sandusky
Thanks for your reply. My great-great grandmother was Susan Sandusky by Jacob's second wife, Elizabeth Evans. Her son, Jacob Sandusky Megee, was my great grandfather. We cannot find any information about him since the 1880 census in Mo. Think he returned to Ky. because his daughter, my grandmother, was there in 1883. Hope more information will turn up some day.
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