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Gladys Jean Haddow

Gladys Jean Haddow

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Surnames: Haddow, Hunter, Seaton

I'm trying to find any family information on my grandmother, Gladys Jean Haddow who was born in ~ 1890 and married James Robertson Hunter on Nov 25, 1910 in New Cumnock. They immigrated to Canada around 1913 when my father Edward was about 2.

Her mother was Annie Haddow also of New Cumnock but I have no information regarding her father or brothers and sisters.

Also her maiden name on my father's birth certificate was Haddow, but on his marriage certificate it was changed to Seaton plus I found a copy of a birth certificate in the family records for an Alexander Seaton (also from New Cumnock). Another family mystery!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Gladys Jean Haddow

Chris Doak (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Hi Al,

Hope you can unravel something from these Census entries:

CENSUS 1901:Ayrshire,New Cumnock.
At Bank Terrace Village:
-Alexander SEATON,head,mar,35,Coal Miner,b.Ayrshire,New Cumnock.
-Thomas,son,6,b.Ayrshire,New Cumnock.
-Robert,son,4,b.New Cumnock.
-John,son,1,b.New Cumnock.
-George Gow COLLIE,boarder,unm,21,Electrical Engineer,b.England.

And next door:

-Thomas HADDOW,head,mar,57,Coal Miner(Retired),b.Dumfries,Sanquhar.
-Thomas.g-son,6,Scholar,b.New Cumnock.
-Isabella,g-dau,1,b.New Cumnock.

Checked the Census before:

CENSUS 1891:Ayrshire,New Cumnock.
At 8 Connelpark,Connelpark:
-Thomas SEATON,head,mar,52,Coal Weigher,b.Kirkcudbright,Dalry.
-Catherine,wife,49,b.New Cumnock.
-Alexander,son,unm,25,Coal Miner,b.New Cumnock.
-James ,son,15,Coal Miner,b.New Cumnock.
-Thomas,son,4,b.New Cumnock.
-Mungo WALKER,son,16,Coal Miner,b.New Cumnock.
-David WALKER,son,12,Pony Driver(Underground),b.New Cumnock.

At Bank Glen Cottages:
-Thomas HADDOW,head,mar,47,Coal Miner,b.Dumfries,Sanquhar.

I checked the 1891 Index for the rest of Ayrshire,and surrounding Counties,but no sign of Annie or Gladys .

Is it possible that the Jessie,9,in 1901 was your Grandmother?Jessie,generally,was used as an alternative to Janet,and occasionally Jean.


Re: Gladys Jean Haddow

Al Hunter (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hunter, Seaton, Haddow, Roberston
Hi Chris, thanks for the information.

It looks like the Seaton's you found in 1901 are the correct ones since Annie is the correct first name although I still need to confirm if her maiden name was Haddow. Jessie could indeed be my grandmother since the age is correct although I'm not certain where her first name of Gladys came from but it must be back in the family somewhere. I think the fact that Haddows lived next door adds further proof that these are indeed my ancestors.

I'm still a little puzzled why she would have used Haddow on my dad's birthday certificate and Seaton on his marriage certificate.

Could I ask a favour if you still have access to the 1891 and 1901 census to look up my ggf Edward Hunter (born in Sanquhar?) whose wife's names is Jemima (Robertson) to see if they were in New Cumnock at these times.

Thanks again for all your help.


Re: Gladys Jean Haddow

Chris Doak (View posts)
Posted: 1049023677000
Classification: Query
Hi Al,

Here you go:

CENSUS 1891:New Cumnock:
At Craigbank:
-Edward HUNTER,head,mar,42,Coal Miner,b.Sanquhar,Dumfries.
-Jemima,wife,35,b.Ayrshire,New Cumnock.
-William,son,14,Scholar,b.New Cumnock.
-Janet Waddell,dau,10,Scholar,b.New Cumnock.
-Hugh R.,son,8,Scholar,b.New Cumnock.
-Thomas,son,6,b.New Cumnock.
-James,son,3,b.New Cumnock.
-Agnes ROBERTSON,widow,87,b.Ireland.

CENSUS 1901:New Cumnock:
At Craigbank,No.43:
-Jemima HUNTER,head,wid,45,b.New Cumnock.
-William,son,unm,22,Engine Man,b.New Cumnock.
-Jessie,dau,unm,20,House Maid,b.New Cumnock.
-Hugh,son,18,Labourer,b.New Cumnock.
-James,son,12,Scholar,b.New Cumnock.
-Edward,son,8,Scholar,b.New Cumnock.
-John,son,6,Scholar,b.New Cumnock.
-Isabella STEWART,boarder,unm,b.New Cumnock.

Regarding the puzzle over the names Seaton/Haddow on the Certificates,I think you might have to consider that Alexander Seaton was not the father of Gladys/Jessie.Since Annie seems to have been in Canada for the birth of Jessie,I suspect that the real father was over there somewhere.The name Gladys(certainly not common in Scotland at the time),may come from that side of the family,or may have originated from a friend or neighbour who was of assistance to Annie at a difficult period.


Re: Gladys Jean Haddow

Al Hunter (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hunter Robertson Seaton Haddow
Hi Chris, thanks very much for all the information and also for helping me find another 3 greatuncles plus a greataunt I didn't know I had. Also the entry for Agnes Robertson (born in Ireland) solves another puzzle since my ggrandmother's maiden name was Robertson and I haven't been able to find any that seem to be related in the New Cumnock area so it's off to the records for Ireland.

On the Haddow side I also noticed that the census indicated that Jessie was born in Canada (although she did die there) which is strange since all the documentation that I have to date (which as yet doesn't include her birth certificate) indicates that she was born in New Cumnock, however you never know and your observation on the uniqueness of of the name Gladys in Scotland is also a good one.

On the Seaton side I believe that the ones at 8 Connel Park are my ancestors since all the data seems to match and I've been able to confirm it with another source.

So thanks again for all your help.

Just a quick question do you have any Haddow/Seaton links?

Regards, Al

Re: Gladys Jean Haddow

Chris Doak (View posts)
Posted: 1049622686000
Classification: Query
Hi Al,

No,I'm afraid I do not have any Seaton or Haddow connections - nor New Cumnock.My Doaks originated from the town of Irvine.

Good hunting.

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