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Marion Alexander Todd

Marion Alexander Todd

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My great grandfather, Marion Alexander Todd, was probably born in Chambers County, Alabama, son of Levi Todd. He married Arminta Jane Sims, daughter of Paul Sims. Any help on either family will be greatly appreciated. Email me at

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SHerry (View posts)
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I am a great-granddaughter of Marion Alexander's sister, Frankie Todd, but can find NOTHING on her...Do you have any information about her at all? I have seen her name as Vera Frankie Todd and also Frankie LuVecie (sp?) Todd. I do know that she was born in Chambes County Alabama.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Re: Marion Alexander Todd

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Can you tell me when your great grandmother, Frankie Todd, was born?
All I've seen is the 1850 census for Chambers Co., AL. which includes names of children as follows:

1) James A. Todd; b. abt. 1838 GA.
2) Marion A. Todd; b. 2 Oct. 1843 GA.
3) Levi A. Todd; b. abt. 1844 GA.

Have read a posting on the internet that an unknown son of Levi Todd and wife Jane Driggers was killed in the Civil War.
Think that unknown son was likely James A. Todd; b. abt. 1838 in GA.

I've quite a bit of data about Marion Alexander Todd; b. 2 Oct. 1843 in GA. and married Arminta Jane Sims on 19 Dec. 1872 in Chambers Co., AL.
Note: Marion Alexander Todd is reported as having been a Soldier (C.S.A.) and lost a leg in that war.

One report is that Levi Todd; b. abt. 1812 in GA. was also married to Elizabeth Keith in Marion Co., AL. I don't know if that is correct or not, but the date of that marriage as reported makes me wonder (23 Oct. 1836)???

Re: Marion Alexander Todd

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I have documentation of the Levi Todd/Elizabeth Jane Keith marriage. Please email me if interested.

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Possibly Levi A. Todd married twice?
I am interested in having a copy of his marriage to Elizabeth Jane Keith.

I do have a copy of a posting from 27 May 2001 by Dixiecuzn reporting that Levi Todd isher 4th greats (born bef. 1820) place of birth unknown, married Jane Driggers (born bef. 1820).
The poster states being not sure of this is absolutely correct.

From the 1850 census of Chambers Co., AL.
Levi Todd, age 38, born GA.
Jane, age 38, born GA.
also, children names and ages.

From the 1860 census of Chambers Co., AL.
Levi Todd, age 50, born GA.
Jane Todd, age 50, born S.C.
Marion Todd, age 18, born GA.
Nancy Driggers, age 95, born S.C.

Nancy Driggers, age 95, was the widow of John Driggers, and their daughter, Jane Driggers was born abt. 1812 in South Carolina.

In my binder on Drigger ancestry is a copy of another posting by dixiecuzn (Linda LeBlanc)of 1 June 2000 in which she posts that Levi Todd did marry twice.
Jane Driggers - no date of marriage
Elizabeth Keith on 23 Oct. 1836 in Marion Co., AL.

A posting on GenForum of 28 May 2001 by Emily Keith states that Elizabeth Keith (b.abt.1814) married a Levi Todd in Meriweather Co., GA.

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Meriwether County Marriage Book 1828-1843 pg 72. They were stil married in 1853. Both were named in a land record. In the 1880 census of Ripville, Chambers, Alabama, Lydia Driggers, Charity Todd and Jane Todd are listed as sisters. Lydia's mother, Nancy, and her father John are found living as neighbors of Levi in an earlier census. Could Jane, Charity, and Lydia have been sisters of Levi?

Re: Marion Alexander Todd

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Thank you for the copy of the marraige 26 Oct. 1836 record of Levi Todd and Elizabeth Keith in Meriwether Co., GA.

I don't find a census enumeration of John Driggers and wife, Nancy, in Chambers Co., AL. Think John Driggers was born abt. 1765 in S.C. and died 1830's possibly in Fayette Co. GA.
Lydia Driggers, from the 1860 census of Chambers Co., AL. was born abt. 1815 in S.C.
I do show that Lydia Driggers and Jane Driggers were sibling/sisters and daughters of John Driggers (c.1765-1830's) and wife Nancy (c.1768-c.1860's).
Have no census info. in my file about Charity Todd as a sibling/sister of Lydia Driggers and Jane Driggers.
Will check at the local library for census enumerations of Chambers Co., AL. for 1870 & 1880.
It is entirely possible that the family group record form in my file about John Driggers and wife, Nancy, and their children is incomplete and is missing the daughter, Charity Driggers.

While seeking further information about Levi's father, I managed to find a posting on line by Richard McMurty of a transaction in 1812 by John Todd of Putnam Co., GA. transferring his entire estate to his minor sons, Benjamin G. Todd and Levi Todd.
Reference is made to Putnam County, Georgia Deed Book 1812-1814, page 86.
Sons of John Todd appear to have been Benjamin, born abt. 1800; Levi, born abt. 1810/12; John, born abt. 1812/14; William A., born 14 Aug. 1817.

Checking in my copy of a book about early Georgia Marriages I found in the Fayette County, Georgia marriages a record of 24 Dec. 1834 for John H. Todd and Charity Driggers.

I don't see any way that Lydia, Jane and Charity could have been sibling/sisters to Levi Todd.

I'm guessing that Levi Todd and wife, Elizabeth Keith, were the parents of James A. Todd, born abt. 1838 in GA.
Also, with the gap from abt. 1838 to 2 Oct. 1843 before Marion Alexander Todd was born.
This makes me think Levi's wife, Elizabeth Keith, may have died soon after the birth of James A. Todd, and Levi married Jane Driggers before Oct. 1843 in GA. and they, Levi and Jane (Driggers) Todd, were the parents of Marion Alexander Todd and Levi A. Todd.

If you have access to marraige records of Meriwether Co., GA., you might check between 1838 and 1843 for Levi Todd to Jane Driggers.

Re: Marion Alexander Todd

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Thank you for responding. We have a family member working very hard on this lineage to try to document it and figure it out. One of us will post what we find, too.

I find John Driggers in the 1850 Chambers, Alabama State census next door to Levi Todd. Here is the link:

Re: Marion Alexander Todd

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I'm not a paying subscriber to, so am unable to access the link you supplied.
However, do have books, 1840,1850 & 1860 census enumerations of Chambers Co., AL.
Page 111 of the 1850 census enumerations does list Levi Todd and wife, Jane, and children residing in household 562.
Household numbers prior to 562 and after 562 do not list John Driggers. Also, the name John Driggers does not appear in the index.

I would much appreciate it if you or whomever is posting will e-mail directly to me rather than in Ancestry.

Re: Marion Alexander Todd

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Charles, this is a state census, not federal. Let me see if I can copy it and upload it as a link for you.
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