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looking for information on Cornelius Cole born about 1800 New York, married Frances Ann Frost daughter of William Frost & Phoebe Burwell from Putman New York.

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Gary Gomes (View posts)
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Surnames: Frost; Cole
I saw your post on Rootsweb. I am a descendant of William Frost and hope that an exchange of information may help us both to uncover more family information.

As you are seemingly aware, the Cole and Frost families have close ties in the early 1800s; I suspect they migrated together from New York to Ohio.

My problem has been to find ancestors for William Frost. It appears from a number of secondary sources that he and family migrated from the Dutchess County, NY area sometime around 1820. I have, however, been unable to find details.

In researching the family, I have found Census records for the Cornelius Cole that married Frances Ann Frost; I have him born 8/15/1794 - 1801 in New York and died in Ogle, Il 03 Feb 1873. The 1850 Census in Morrow, Ohio shows his mother as "Lucy" and, based on the 1840 Census from Bennington, Delaware, Ohio, I speculate that his father was also "Cornelius".

I would be interested in discussing the family further
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Surnames: Frost
I'm also working on the William Frost line (Wm of Oyster Bay and wife Rebecca Wright; and their SON William and wife Hannah Prior/Pryor). I believe I descend from William and Hannah's son John (and Phoebe Tillear), their son David (and Sarah Hyatt) and THEIR son Charles and a woman named Sutherland. My line then appears to have gone to Cattaraugus Co NY, and my direct line then on to Calhoun County Michigan. Do these names/ places ring any bells? I've been at a dead-end for so long on the Frost gang that I'm about giddy to find your posting! I look forward to hearing from you!

thanks, in advance!
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Cornelius Cole (born 1801 or 1802) in Hurley, Ulster, NY, (This can be picked up on the 1810 census) Married Francis Ann Frost 10 Oct. 1832 in Bloomfield, Jackson, Ohio. Cornelius was my Great Great Gramdfather. As far as I can determin at least 8 of 10 children were born in Ohio including my Great Grandfather Arvy Cole. In 1860 all of the family is living (with exception of two daughter's Laura and Racheal who had died in 1845, and 1857) in Ill. Taylor , Ogle. Cornelius died in Rock Pine Ill. in 1873. His wife was living in Lincoln, Township Iowa with my Great Grandfather Arvy and his family. She died in 1893 and was buried in Rock Pine Ill.
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I can't help much on the Frost's except to say Francis Frost was my Great Great Grandmother. The Frost name appears in the family including my Great Grandfather Arvy Frost Cole. In 1880 Francis is living with my Great Grandfather Arvy in Iowa Lincoln Twonship. She died in 1890 and is buried in Pine Rock Ill. with Cornelius.
I show Cornelius born in 1801 or 02. I can find a David Cole in the Ulster Ny in the 1800 census. David Cole (born in 1837 in Delaware Ohio} was also the name of the seconed son of Francis and Cornelius. Also I found a Cornelius Cole in the death records of Hurley NY (county of Ulster) who appears in the " Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots", no dates.
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I have the basic information you mention of Cornelius and Cornelius, Jr in Ohio. One exception is that based on the "Genealogy of William Frost Sr", I show Cornelius B. Cole Jr born Aug 15, 1794.

I am also aware of the Ulster Cornelius Coles (from 1690 or so), but have never seen evidence that evidence showing that Ohio Cornelius Coles came directly from Ulster. It is conceivable that the Cornelius Jr shown in Ulster in 1810 is the elder of the Ohio Cornelius B. Coles - do you have any hard documentation.

The Frosts came from Dutchess County and Dutchess County had many more Cole families than Ulster in the 1790-1810 timeframe;this is why I have speculated that Cornelius B. Cole had come from one of those families.

Perhaps you could contact me off-line to exchange more details -
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I sent an earlier email but did not get a confirmation that it was sent, so I'll do it again. I am very new at this so hang on with me. I started this quest due to a copy of a letter sent to me by my sister. This letter is one between my mother Thelma Luthela (Cole) Belluchie and a cousin in Kansas dated Oct. 11, 1967. In the letter the cousin out lines dates and names of the Cole family taken from a family bible.

The dates and names confirm the same dates and names (90%) with various census data from Ohio to ILL. The birth date of Cornelius Cole is listed as July, 7 1801, and Francis Ann Frost date as Dec.12, 1814. These dates are almost as stated on the census sheets.

Ulster, as the birth place of Cornelius, was not mentioned in the bible but some family lore places this as the location, however you may be correct that
this is wrong. I do not have anything that says Cornelius was a Jr., but that does not mean that such was not the case.

Their first child was a Henry B (Berwell) Cole, the seconed was David, the third William and so on until number 10 a Annice Permebei Cole. I know that the family in total moved to Taylor (Ridge) Ill. and was their in 1860. The only exceptions were one Laura P. Cole. and Racheal Jane cole, Laura passed on in 1845, and Racheal in 1857.

We also know at least two of the brothers served in the Civil War, and I believe these were David, and William. There is records that a David Cole enlisted in the 34 Ill. Infantry (Red River Rifles) in 1861 from Taylor Ridge
I can"t be sure of William.

My Great Grandfather Arvy Frost Cole born March 4, 1851 married Martha J. Jones Nov. 25, 1875, and 1880 Census records show they were farming in Lincoln Township Iowa, and my grandfather Freddie Alvy Cole was,3 years old
Francis is living with them at that time, Cornelius having died in Pine Rock, ILL. on Feb. 7, 1873.

Their was a younger son of Arvy's named William Cornelius Cole born May 30, 1884 in Manly Junction, Worth County Iowa. The names William, Cornelius
and Frost appear throughout the family. The family bible was held by Francis and it passed on to the family in Kansas, because the cousin notes in the letter that it was information from ",. our Grandmother ( Francis) that Nettie had", Nettie being my Great Grandfathers second wife.

To confuse this futher the letter also states that Arvy Cole Grandparents on his mother's side (the Frost's) came here from Wales. Cole is also Welch. I do know a cousin of mine in Calf. has some family records and I'm trying to get her information.

I don't know if this had added anything to the family, however on spec. if Cornelius was not a Jr. could his father first name be David? Just speculating on the various names in the family, I know it was not Henry because he appears to be name after a Henry Berwell who must have been a close family friend.

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For whatever reason I missed your last post.

Once again, most of our information is consistent; I not a couple of differences:

1) I believe the "B." in Henry B. Cole is for "Burwell" (this is the usual spelling, but it could be Berwell in some references), representing the family name of Francis Ann Frost's mother - Phoebe Burwell. The "B." for "Burwell" is quite common in the Frost line, the first instance being Francis Ann's brother "Jonathan Burwell Frost".
2) While it is conceivable that the Frosts (and Burwells and Coles?) were of Welch origin, all the census data indicates that William Frost and Phoebe Burwell Frost were born in New York. I encountered a similar incorrect attribution in my Timmons line which were referenced in a book as being born in Ireland when, in fact, the family had been in the US for 3 generations.

I would appreciate it if you could contact me off-line at
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Another confusion - the 1860 Census.

Your post says "I know that the family in total moved to Taylor (Ridge) Ill. and was their in 1860."

On the other hand,the 1860 Census (June 5th) shows Cornelius Cole, Francis Ann and 8 children living in Daysville (PO), Nahua Township, Ogle, IL - this includes Henry, David and William.

In Taylor (Census dated June 2),however, Henry and David are listed separately with their wives and children and William is listed as a laborer at the farm of James McBrowney (sp?).

So much for Census record accuracy.


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Thanks for the update. I'm still learning how to get around this web site. Much of the Cole family seems to move in lock step with the Frost family from Cornelius thru his son Alva living in Lincoln Township Iowa. Further their mother Francis Frost Cole is also living with my Great Grandfather Arvy Cole in Lincoln Township Iowa. My Grandfather Freddie is four years old at that time according to the 1880 census, Did you find a record of a David Cole enlisting in the 34th Illinois Infantry, residence is Taylor, Ill.? I know my Grandfather had two uncles who served in the Civil War. Both David and William Cole would have been the right age.
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