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Surnames: Catlow
I am researching my family history in the UK and have relatives who emigrated to Canada in 1924, Frances Catlow (Bayley) Wife (age 37), Harry Catlow (Husband)(age 45) and Jessie Catlow (age 12) daughter. They arrived in the port of Quebec in 1924 aboard the SS montcalm. I have their port entry records to confirm this. I believe they were heading for Toronto as the address on the entry forms is 169 cedar vale, and have attached extract file for info.

I can find no further records of what happened, however I do know that Jessie went on to have a child called Linda/Lynda who one of my living relatives is named after.

any help or clues would be very much appreciated as I would like to make contact with any living relatives we have.

thank you in advance

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Toronto Reference Library has all the phone
directories, they will check this address for


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Cedarvale Ave is located in the Woodbine and Danforth Ave area which is in the East End of Toronto. The Closes cemetery is St. John's Norway I checked the transcript I have for St. John's and there are two CATLOW's shown on the transcript they are George and Kezia (Walton), its possible that your family could have been buried there but there is no gravestone so thats why they are not shown on the transcript. You might want to contact St. John's Norway Cemetery to see if any of them are buried there.

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Thank you for the information. I have just received further details suggesting that Harry Catlow is buried in 'Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto'. do you have access to these records?, perhaps you could check for me

thanks again


Re: Catlow

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What is his date of death?
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Hi Nigel:

I was at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Archives the other day if you had only posted a week ago I could have checked for you to see where Harry is buried, what you can do is contact Sue Henderson she is the archive lady at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Archives she can confirm where he is buried and provide you with his date of death if you want a more detail search she will charge for that but if you have a date of death we can always find a obit that will provide a lot more info. She can also confirm who is buried with Harry.

Her e-mail is

I hope this helps, if you get a date of death let me know and I'll check for a obit for you.

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Surnames: Catlow

Thank you for the information provided. I have received further information yesterday that he died on or about the 1st January 1930. I was advised to contact the cemetery directly but did not have a contact. I will email Sue Henderson today. I would be ever so grateful if you could look up the obituaries for . It was also suggested that I look at the 'Toronto Star's Pages of the Past' and I may do this this evening after work. I need to trace his daughter Jessie's marriage and find out more about her daughter Linda/Lynda and any others.

thank you once again for all your help

Nigel M
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Surnames: Catlow

following your advice I contacted Sue at the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.
She confirmed Harry Catlows Grave was indeed there in Section 08, Lot 8295

If you are passing by could you have a look for me and possibly take a digital photo. I appreciate its a lot to ask but I would be forever grateful. She also confined the following

Catlow, Harry, 55 yrs of age, DOD January 16, 1930, interred January 18, 1930
Mrs. Frances Catlow purchased his grave, but she is not interred there

However has no records of the other members of the family so I guess they are buried elsewhere. I have asked Sue for a list of cemeteries and contact details if she has them. I suppose it is possible that they moved elsewhere in Canada, the USA or even back to the UK but I cannot trace them at present, and without married surnames for Jessie and Sarah I think my search may end here. I am going to try the pages of the past which someone else mentioned might give me marriage information.

thanks again

Nigel M.
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Hello Nigel:

No problem Nigel, I'll be making my way up there in the next couple of weeks maybe next week got some things to do up by the Cemetery so I'll look for you the people I'm looking for are actually in the same are so it will work out.

Unless I'm missing something I didn't find his obit in the Toronto Pages of The Past or the Globe and Mail there is one other paper called the Toronto Telegram its possible that his obit is in that paper, I can't access that paper on line I need to go to the library to do that I am going tomorrow so I'll check for you to see if there was a obit placed in that paper.

If I'm reading his cert of death correctly and I think I am when he died they lived at 165 Macpherson Ave, Toronto which is in a fairly nice area in Toronto. I did a reverse lookup on that address in Canada 411 just to see if there are any Catlow living there and there isn't. This address might be useful at a later time. I could try searching the Toronto Pages of the Past using this address to see if Frances Obit comes up. I'm home from work today so I have some time to search. I'll let you know what I find.


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Surnames: Catlow
Donna, you are a real gem.
I am really grateful for tall the help that you have provided.
I notice you said that you could see his cert of death. Is it possible to email me a copy or is there a fee to download? I don't have access to the ancestry worldwide records so can't access it.

I am also going to try the pages of the past tonight those if I can find anything about Jessie who is the next link in the chain

thanks again and if I can be of any help with any UK lookups let me know



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