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Handy/Baker/Terry/Horton/Fox {MO, OH, IA, IN, AR)

Handy/Baker/Terry/Horton/Fox {MO, OH, IA, IN, AR)

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I am looking for some information on the Handy family affiliates that I believe runs from Missouri, Iowas, Kansas, then back to Missouri, with maybe stops in-between or before. I am related to Bert J. Handy, son of John V. and Margaret Hook Handy, son of Samuel Preson Handy.

The question I have is who was Bert's second wife and who was her first husband? My search starts with the Horton family and the daughter of Jacob and Phebe Horton, Polly Horton. She married John Terry and they are on the 1850 census in Hamilton County, Indiana. They are listed as:

Terry, John 38 OH
Terry, Polly 38 NC (This is Polly Horton)
Terry, Sarah Ann 13 OH (aka Sallie or Sally Ann)
Terry, William Riley 11 OH
Terry, David D. 10 IN
Terry, James W. 6 IN
Terry, Elisabeth 4 IN
Terry, John A. 5/12 IN

In the 1860 census, John Terry is deceased and the family is in Douglas Township, Montgomery County, Iowa.

Terry, Polly 48 NC
Terry, Sarah Ann 23 OH
Terry, William Riley 22 OH
Terry, David D. 19 IN
Terry, James W. 16 IN
Terry, Elisabeth 14 IN
Terry, John A. 11 IN
Terry, Phebe H. 8 IN
Terry, Thomas J. 6 IN

In the 1870 Census, Polly Terry and two of her children are living with her daughter Elizabeth and her husband Luther Cook in West Township, Montgomery County, Iowa. For some reason, the census lists Polly as Terry Terry, but you can see by her sons that this is Polly Terry.

Cook, LW 32 OH
Cook, Elizabeth 22 IN
Cook, Martin 2 IA
Terry, Polly 58 NC
Terry, Thomas J. 16 IN
Terry, John 21 IN

Polly's daughter Sarah, aka Sally, is now married to James Baker and her brother John Anderson Terry is living with her in on the 1870 census in Frankfort Township, Montgomery County, Iowa. Why he is listed in both households, I don't know. The family is listed as "Paker" on the census indexes.

Baker, James 36 IA
Baker, Sally A. 32 OH
Baker, Clara M. 6 IA
Baker, James E. 4 IA
Baker, William M. 1 IA
Terry, John 20 IN

In the 1880 Census, Polly Terry is living with her daughter Sally in Pilot Grove Township, Montgomery County, Iowa.

Baker, James 45 IA
Baker, Sally 43 OH
Baker, Clara 16 IA
Baker, James 14 IA
Baker, William 11 IA
Baker, Minnie 9 IA
Baker, Jennie 7 IA
Polly, Terry 66 NC

Polly's daughter Elizabeth Terry Cook is living in Attica Township, Sedgwick County, Kansas with husband Luther and children Martin, Versa?, William, and Fredrick.

By the 1900 census, Polly Terry is no longer alive and her daughter Sally is in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, living with her unmarried daughter Minnie. Her daughter Jennie is nearby with her husband Bert (misspelled Burt on the census):

Baker, Sally 63 OH
Baker, Minnie 26 IA

Jennie is in a different Household, same county:

Handy, Bert 26 MO
Handy, Jennie 26 IA
Handy, Floyd 2 MO

In the 1910 Census, Sally is still in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, living with her widowed sons, unmarried daughter Minnie, and my grandmother (her granddaughter) Ruth Handy:

Baker, William 36 IA
Baker, James E. 43 IA
Baker, Minnie 34 IA
Baker, Sallie A. 74 OH
Handy, Ruth 10/12 (hard to read age) MO
Baker, Virgil 12 KS (William’s son)

Ruth's mother, Jennie Baker, died in childbirth late 1908 or early 1909. Bert remarried Ethel MN UNK, and adopted her son Fay William. I would like to know her maiden name and Fay's birth name, but that has proven difficult. Of the children listed below, Helen (Jennie's daughter), died a few months later at age 4 and I am assuming that Artie (prob. Ethel's son) died as well because I can not find any trace of him after this census. Also living with them is Bert's adopted son Crial Fox. I have seen his name alternately on the census index records as Crian, and in some family trees as Cyril. He was the son of Clarence and Elsie Fox, per the census records of 1900 for Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, who is a son of Phebe Horton Terry who married Charles Fox and died around 1901. Polly's first child was born around 1837 and her last child was born around 1853, so there is quite an age difference in her children.

I also believe he was related to Bert Handy via Crial/Cyril's mother Elsie may have been "Elsie" Minerva Handy because Bert's sister Minerva's marital information is not listed on the Handy tree information I have. Some family trees list this relationship. I believe Crial/Cyril either dies or I can't find him after the 1910 census.

1880 Census, Douglas Township, Montgomery County, Iowa

Fox, Charles W. 27 ME
Fox, Phoebe H. 26 IN (Phoebe Horton Terry Fox, Polly's daughter)
Fox, Clarence E. 4 IA
Fox, Stella M. W 8/12 IA

1900 Douglas Township, Montgomery County, Iowa.

Fox, Clarence 25 IA
Fox, Elsie 25 IA
Fox, Stella 3 MO
Fox, Crial 1 MO

1910 Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri

Handy, Bert 36 Head M2 IA
Handy, Ethel 27 Wife M2 AR
Handy, Floyd 12 Son MO
Handy, Gladys 8 Daughter MO
Handy, Helen 4 Daughter MO
Handy, Artie 3/12 Son MO
Fox, Crial 11 Son MO
Handy, Fay 4 Step-son Ark

Whew! Lots of info, but I'd really like to explore the Terry, Baker, Handy, Fox connection and am hitting some brick walls. Thanks for any information you can share.

E. Gray

Re: Handy/Baker/Terry/Horton/Fox {MO, OH, IA, IN, AR)

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I'm researching my Handy ancestors, as well. I'm new to this and am also hitting some walls. I believe we could have the common ancestor of Floyd Handy. If it's the same person, he was my paternal great-grandfather. He died many years before I was born. I did know my great-grandmother though. I'm interested in whatever info you may have found. It's my understanding that possibly through this bloodline, we are related to the great Cherokee warrior chief Oconostota. I would love to trace back to him. Thanks, "cuz"!
Kim Nichols Morris

Re: Handy/Baker/Terry/Horton/Fox {MO, OH, IA, IN, AR)

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The Floyd Handy in my line died in Arizona. I don't know if he was ever married but possibly. His father was Bert Handy and his mother was Jennie Baker Handy. His step-mother was Ethel Handy and I'm not sure of her maiden name. Does any of that sound familiar?

Re: Handy/Baker/Terry/Horton/Fox {MO, OH, IA, IN, AR)

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Thank you for your quick reply. Sadly, none of those names are in my bloodline that I can tell.

Happy hunting!

Re: Handy/Baker/Terry/Horton/Fox {MO, OH, IA, IN, AR)

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Surnames: Handy
Please send me your address and I will send you a book of Samuel and Mary Sewall Handy (396 pages) that contain over 14,000 names dating back to 1646 on a CD. Don Handy, Box 447, Du Quoin, IL
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