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William Eastin record of will

William Eastin record of will

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Surnames: Eastin
I am doing a bit of research on a William Eastin whom according to military pension records resided in Albermarle county,the pension records confuse me a bit but it appears he was alive in 1818 and perhaps 1835.I need a record of his will to determine who his children were for certain.If anyone has access to these records it would be appreciated if I could have a transcript of the will.William was a revolutionary war veteran.

Re: William Eastin record of will

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I saw your posting on William Eastin. I have been researching a William Hays, born ca 1781 in Virginia, county unknown. He move to Robertson County, TN ca 1805. His second oldest son was named William Eastin/Easton Hays.
I've wondered if the Easton/Eastin name was an old family name. Do you have info on the origins of the Eastin family in Albemarle County?


Re: William Eastin record of will

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There were Thomas Eastin and perhaps a brother Philip that were bearing children in the 1740s -60s in VA it is my assumption many unseen families through female lines may have slid through undetected.My suggestion is making sure you know the origins of the middle name.I had a similar case once myself and never did figure it out.

Re: William Eastin record of will

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Thanks for the suggestion. Nobody in the family seems to know the origin of the Easton name.

Re: William Eastin record of will

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No worries I have a Thomas Jefferson Eastin/Easton,I had only seen it in his cemetery record though its a transcription and not actually on the stone,so I do not know where it came from,sounds similar.I also had a Joseph Parkinson Anstiss from PA I knew that middle name for certain and there were Parkinsons in the area and even one in the house at one point but I still cant say they were related or at least how,so yeah these are things that I have run into several times myself.It would seem reasonable that if you could prove the middle name there was a relationship of some sort.I find the lack of records in some locations such as VA and PA to be maddening at times.William Eastin was born ca 1759 his father was apparently born ca 1725,maybe try googling Eastin and Hays and see if any documents pop up.

Re: William Eastin record of will

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Surnames: EASTON, HAYS
I goggled Easton and Hays, and found a family tree for Thomas Easton (1725-1793) and his wife Sarah Whitlock (1728-1793) of Albemarle County, VA. Here is a strange coincidence, after William Easton Hays' birth in 1819 in Robertson County, TN, his father William Hays, in 1822, moved the family to newly created Henry County,TN, where through a series of TN land grants, they settled in the WHITLOCK community. I don't know where it got its name. I've run into these coincidences before, so I don't get my hopes too high, but it makes me wonder. I think I have seen some Eastons/Eastins that had settled in Robertson County ca 1805 at around the same time William Hays arrived from VA. Do you know if any of the Eastons moved to TN ca 1800?

Re: William Eastin record of will

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Honestly I have noted Eastins with origins from both Philip or Thomas who may or may not have been siblings from/of VA in Illinois,MO,KY,AL,GA,LA ,off the top of my head I cant say what the map looked like at that time but given TN was basically surrounded by those locations it wouldnt seem unreasonable that some were there.Tell me more about the Whitlock neighborhood.I have seen trees that have a lot more children of both said philip and Thomas attached to them but they arent seen in later census,perhaps they would show up in tax lists Im not sure.I honestly have no idea nor have seen a citation how Sarah Whitlock fits in,if there were a will that tied her to the family Ive never heard tell of it.
Two VA wills below the one for John Douglas is assumed to mention the wife of Philip mentioned in the next will.Perhaps you will get something from these.

John Douglas/Douglass

10 Jan 1778. Orange Co., VA. Will of John DOUGLAS names execrs: sons;
Charles DOUGLAS and Thomas DOUGLAS. Wits. are Bryam & Eleanor Ballard, John
Cleveland, Gideon Lee. Children: Charles DOUGLAS (eldest son), Thomas
DOUGLAS, John DOUGLAS, Achillis DOUGLAS, Elizabeth (Eastin), Patty (James),
Judith (Bowcock), Nancy DOUGLAS, Dorcas (Smith), Milley DOUGLAS. Rec. 28
Apr 1794. [Note: He married Judith Moorman ca. 1731.]
Orange Co., Virginia Will Book 1744-1788, Vol. 2, pp. 395--397, St. Thomas Parish.


Philip Eastin's will, made June 12, 17 68, probated July 28, 17 68. Abstract: "For the better support of my beloved wife Elizabeth and the maintenance and education of my children which I have by her and also for my son Philip for two years ensuing this date or sooner, he shall be bound as an apprentice to some good and reputable trade.

For the maintenance of my daughter Franky while she lives in the family with my wife Elizabeth or attains to the age of twenty years or marrys, my Negro girl Liddy as her full part of my estate. If Liddy die before my daughter shall be entitled to her, she shall have an equal part with my older daughters.

My estate be kept together undivided till my youngest child attains the age of fourteen years or during my wife's widowhood or natural life, at either of which times I give to my six sons Richard, Johnson, Philip, John, Charles, and Reuben my lands to be divided equally amongst them.

My said wife shall possess and enjoy the houses whereon I now live and 100 acres adjoining the same during her widowhood.

All the rest to be equally divided at the time I have directed my lands to be divided, between my wife if she be living and all my children or their legal representatives.

My loving wife Elizabeth executrix and my son Richard and my friend Johnny Scott executors.

Philip Eastin

Witnesses: Thomas Martin, James Madison, James Walker, James Marsden, Joseph Eve.

"quoting a message board post below"
The Eastin orphans (John, Charles, Reuben, Nancy and Mary) had to be all 14 years old or older by 27 February, 1783, as they were allowed to choose their own guardian, instead of just being assigned one. Charles and Reuben would have been over 16 years old by the time of the 1784 Personal Property Tax lists (taken in mid-1783) as they appear on that list: John would have turned 21 in (late) 1783, as he appears as a separate tithable in the 1784 tax list. Reuben was over 16, but still under 21 in 1784 (1785 tax list). Probably, he was still underage in 1787 (1788 list). Charles probably came of age in 1785-86 (hard to tell exactly due to the incompleteness of the 1786 tax list). The daughters, who were not mentioned in tax lists (nor were they heads of households) are more difficult to approximate birth dates for, and I do not really have enough evidence to try to indicate birth dates for them."

I can tell you children I believe to be sons of Thomas Eastin of Albermarle children born between 1740ish -?maybe 1760ish William,Achilles,Augustine,Stephen,John,Philip.Im sure there were others and probably some females.You can start looking at them.

You are probably looking for a female line married in prior 1781.

Re: William Eastin record of will

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Surnames: EASTON, HAYS
I have seen Sarah Whitlock listed on several trees on and rootsweb as the wife of Thomas Easton. But I have not seen any good documentation for this. I will find out more about the Whitlock community in Henry County, and where it got its name. The Easton name has always interested me, as I have few clues as to where the Hays family lived before appearing in the Robertson County, TN court records in 1805. William Hays' wife's was Sarah, maiden name unknown. So i have wondered if she could possibly have a connection to the Easton family. Thanks again for your help.

Re: William Eastin record of will

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Name: Stith Hays
Birth Date:
Spouse's Name: Ann Eastin
Spouse's Birth Date:
Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Age:
Event Date: 16 Oct 1834
Event Place: , Rutherford, Tennessee
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Spouse's Father's Name:
Spouse's Mother's Name:
Marital Status:
Previous Wife's Name:
Spouse's Race:
Spouse's Marital Status:
Spouse's Previous Husband's Name:
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M71126-1
System Origin: Tennessee-VR
GS Film number: 379649
Reference ID: 2:1RHZ27X

Re: William Eastin record of will

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The Albemarle Order book has the following:
Eastin, William, is 63 years old and he served in the revolutionary war. He enlisted in 1776 in Alb. in the company of Capt. Reuben Taylor of Orange County in the Congress regiment commanded by Col. Moses Hayes (?) He served 3 years and 5 months was was discharged 19 March 1780 in Maurice Town, New Jersey. He was in the battle of German Town in the division commanded by Major General Sullivan. He made a declaration in Nov 1818 and his pension certificate is 11742. He lost the fingers of both of his hands. 4 Sept 1820 (1820-1822 Minute Book unpaged) See also 1818-1819 Order Book pg 174 for his declaration on 3 Nov 1818.

There is an Augusta Co. Chancery case (Major Dowell vs. Robert Hansbarger 1835-001 that can be viewed on line at Va. State Library. Both the Eastin and Hays surnames appear in the case (it is 919 pages).

There is no recorded will for William Eastin in Alb. Sarah Eastin (wife of Stephen) left will in 1840s. She was a dau of J. Rothwell (Maupin's Index of Wills-source).
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