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William McMachen (McMahon)

William McMachen (McMahon)

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Surnames: McMahon, Bruce, Stephenson, Cox, Byerly, Craft

(Colonel, also Gentleman) William McMachen (McMahon), b 1690-95(?) in
Scotland, m ca 1720-23 Elizabeth _____ in Wales, d 1749 in Winchester,
Fredrick Co. VA. [Elizabeth (Blair?), b ? in Wales, d ? (living? in Yohogania
Co VA in 1778 when an Elizabeth McMahon appeared in court 26 May 1788,
court held on Andrew Heath farm. Her son, Richard appeared in court on the
same day, also Andrew Heath was her grandson).] Wm, and his family,
probably came to Am between 1733 and 1737. He was a Justice in Orange
Co. and also in Old Frederick Co. VA after it was split off from Orange Co.
Children (all born in Ireland) were:

1. John b ca 1723 m Isabella Barnes

2. Richard b ca 1725 m Agnes (Ann)Lilburn

3. William b ca 1727 m (1) ____ ____?

m(2) Mrs. Elizabeth Cartmell)

m(3) Christian ____?

4. Margaret b ca 1729 m James Bruce

5. Agnes (Ann) b ca 1731 m Capt. Henry Heath

6. Jane b ca 1733 no record

1.1 SON NO. 1 JOHN
John McMahon, b ca 1723 N. Ire., Rev. Soldier (son of William McMachen &
Elizabeth (Blair?), m ca 1747 Isabella Barnes (b ca 1730), d 1789
Washington Co TN. Lived for a period in Augusta Co VA. Children
(most or all born in Frederick Co. VA):

(1). William, b ca 1747, no record except drowned.

(2). Rosanna, b 9 jul 1752, m 16 Jin 1777 Samuel Fain (1753-1794 R.S.)

(3). Elizabeth, b ca 1749, m 31 Oct 1769 Adam Mitchell, 12 ch.

(4). John BLAIR, b ca 1753 Frederick Co VA (R.S.), m ca 1777 Margaret

Curley, d aft 1817? Maury Co. TN?. Data below on his children.

(5). Sarah, b ca 1755, m 1781 William Fain (R.S.) (b 1751 Chester

Co. PA), d 1830 TN?

(6). Jane, b 1759, m Abiginah Morgan in Wash. Co. TN, d 18 Mar 1842.

(7). Nancy Agnes, b 17 Aug 1763, m John Fain (R.S. 1754-1783)

Children of John Blair McMahon and Margaret Curley, all born near

Jonesboro, Washington Co. TN.

(1). son (William), b bef 1775, m(2) 28 Jun 1805 Mrs Barbara

Acor in Logan Co. KY, (liv 1818 Logan Co KY), d aft 1854 TN.

(2). son (John Jr.), b bef 1777, m 20 Nov 1798 Rachel

McMahon (2nd Cousin) in Harden Co. KY, d by 1833.

(3). James, b 1785, m ca 1804 Mary McMahon (2nd Cousin),

d 26 Dec 1814 New Orleans LA (S. in war of 1812-14, KIA?).

(4). Richard, b 25 Dec 1785, m ca 1813 Mary (Polly) Cambell,

d aft 1817 AL.

(5). Nancy, b 1787, m 1812 Calloway Hardin in Maury Co. TN,

d 1854 TX-bur in Lawrence(?) CO AL.

(6). Samuel Doak, b 5 Nov 1789, m 26 Apr 1811 Phebe Young

in Maury Co. TN, d 18 Sep 1854 Sabine Co. TX-bur McMahon's

Chapel. Children of Samuel Doak below;

Children of Samuel Doak McMahon and Phebe Young, first

seven children born outside TX, moved to TX with parents.

Samuel Doak McMahon was instrumental in the founding of the

first Methodist Church in TX. Samuel has been incorrectly

identified as a brother of Friend McMahon by several sources.

It has been proven conclusively that Samuel and Friend were

second cousins.

(1). Elizabeth Moor, b 16 Mar 1813 Maury Co TN, d TX.

(2). James B. ("Red Land Jim"), b 1 Oct 1814 Muury

Co TN, m ca 1833 Matilda F. Mackey, d aft 1874 Temple,

Bell Co TX. (Lic. Methodist Epis. Preacher in 1837).

NOTE: his middle name might have been Blair???

(3). Merlin Young, b 1 Oct 1816 Maury CoTN, m Action

Young, d bef 1835.

(4). Susan Young, b 6 Sep 1817 Maury Co TN, m 25 Jun

1833 Rev. James T. P. Irvine, d 22 Dec 1853 San

Augustine, TX.

(5). Alabama Tennessee, b 14 Apr 1820 Lawrende AL, m

Rev. Enoch P. Chisholm, d (liv 1851) TX.

(6). Nancy Hardin, b 25 Feb 1824 Lawrence Co. AL, m 1840

John Baptist Gaines.

(7). Diana Lucina, b 25 Oct 1828 Lawrence Co. AL, m

ca 1850 Thomas B. Watson, liv in 1835.

(8). Margaret Tabitha, b 22 Jul 1831 Sabine Co TX, m

ca 1846 (Rev) Acton Young, d 1891 Woodville, Tyler Co.


(9). Louisa Holman, b 17 Sep 1834 Sabine Co. TX, d bef

1.2 Son no 2.
RICHARD MCMAHON, b ca 1725 Ireland, m by 1747/8 Agnes (Ann, Nancy)
Lilburn (17??-aft 1798, d/o John Lilburn), d 1805-1817 prob. ca 1808
Hardin Co. KY. (My Line) Was a Rev. soldier. Children follow, last three
listed are not in order of birth with respect to first five as DOBs are

1. William Friend, Sr., b 9 Jan 1749 Frederick Co. VA, m 21 Mar

1774 Nancy Ann Cox (b 17 Oct 1757 Hampshire Co WV, d 17 Jan 1818

Wellsburg Brook Co WV, m2 15 Oct 1797 Edward Warrell), d 30 Jun

1794 Ft Recovery Mercer Co. Ohio. William was Surgeon & Lt. in

Rev. War, was a Major in 1794 when he was sent by Gen. "Mad"

Anthony Wayne to Ft. Recovery in Mercer Co Ohio. On 30 Jun 1794,

the fort was attacked by Indians in one of last Indian battles in

Ohio. The Army won the battle but at the cost of many lives,

including that of Maj. William McMahon. Wm & Ann had 8 children:

(1). Nancy Agnes, b 4 Aug 1775 Wellsburg Brooke Co WV, m 3

Dec 1790 John Bukey, Jr (1761-1815) in Ohio Co WV,

d Jul 1860 near Wheeling, Ohio Co WV.

(2). William Friend, Jr., b 25 Oct 1776 Wellsburg Brooke Co

WV, m 9 Jan 1798 Margaret Cox in Nelson Co KY, d 11 Oct

1862 Newton Co TX.(MY LINE). (Margaret was Friend's 1st

cousin and granddau/of Margaret McMachen Bruce, b 20 Aug

1781, d 24 Aug 1858) Friend was ordained an Exorter (a Lay

Preacher) in the Methodist Church by Rev. William

Stevenson in AR. All children relocated to Texas and

Lousiana. [Note: William, Isaac and James served

in TX Rev. and received land grants for service.]

1. William Bruce, b 14 Aug 1798 Nelson Co KY, m(1)

Mary Stephenson (10 Oct 1799-11 Aug 1837, dau of

Rev. Henry Stephenson & Ruth Grisham) in Hempstead

Co AR, m(2) 27 Nov 1840 Anne Bufort Seale (6 Apr 1805-3

Oct 1884, widow of Thomas Blanton Westbrook) in Newton

Co TX, d 27 Jul 1872 Spears Chapel, Newton Co TX.

Wm also ordained an Exorter in Methodist Church. Wm &

Mary had 8 children and Wm & Anne had 4 children. (My

line from Wm and Anne.)

Children of Wm and Mary:

a. Richard, b 12 Nov 1819 Hempstead AR, d 19

Nov 1819 (Friend's bible).

b. Nancy H., b 27 Dec 1820 Hempstead AR, m 30

Sep 1841 John Byrd Kerr in Jasper, TX, d 26 Feb

1891 in Spears Chapel, Newton Co., TX.

c. Matilda, b 13 Oct 1823 Natchitoches, LA, m

ca 1842 or 1843 Joshua Westbrook (b 13 Nov

1824, d 12 Jan 1911, her stepbrother), d 5 Apr

1904 Farrs Chapel, Newton Co. TX.

d. Elizabeth Ann "Betsy", b 27 May 1826 Natchitoches

LA, m ca 1845 Daniel H Youngblood, d 31 Dec 1872

bur Wm McMahon Cemetery, Newton Co TX.

e. John Wesley, b 23 Nov 1828 Claiborn Par. LA,

m 7 Jul 1856 Louisa Rice (d 5 May 1857), d 22 Mar

1864, bur Wm McMahon Cemetery, Newton Co TX.

f. Martha Ann, b 16 Aug 1831 Claiborn Par LA, m

24 Aug 1849 Julius Watson, JR., d 19 Dec 1871,

bur Wm McMahon Cemetery, Newton Co., TX.

g. William Friend, b 28 Aug 1834 Claiborn Par. LA,

m 8 Dec 1856 Mary Sittene Williams [she m(2) 29

Jun 1865 Mike H. Smith of Jasper], d 21 Sep 1861

bur Wm McMahon Cemetery, Newton Co., TX.

h. Mary, b 9 May 1837 Spears Chapel Newton

Co. TX., m No., d 26 Feb 1891 bur Spears

Chapel Newton Co. TX.

Children of Wm and Anne:

i. Isaac Stephenson, b 13 Nov 1841 Newton Co

TX, m Nancy E. Fuller (b 10 Jul 1849, d 1934),

d 5 Sep 1898 Spear's Chapel Newton Co TX.

j. Margaret Frances, b 27 Aug 1843 Newton Co

TX, d 20 Jun 1856, bur Wm McMahon Cemetery

Newton Co. TX.

k. James Polk (Sr.), b 13 Feb 1846 Newton Co

TX, m 10 Sep 1866 Margaret Brack (widow of

___ Chaddick), d 15 July 1930 bur Spear's

Chapel Newton Co TX. (My Line)
1. Mary Jane McMahon, b 1867 Spears
Chapel, Newton Co TX, m H. C. Miller,
d 1957.

2. Thomas McMahon, b ?, died young.

*3. William Friend McMahon, b 7 Mar 1872

Spears Chapel, Newton Co. TX, m 15 Sep

1892 Theresa Edna Byerly (b 26 May 1873

Orange, TX, d 22 Mar 1947 Spears Chapel,

Newton Co. TX, dau of Capt. Frank Byerly

and Irene Holley), d 19 Aug 1905. After

William untimely death, his father, James

Polk McMahon was a surrogate father to

Edna's young children and helped her keep

them on the "straight and narrow".

1. Homer Franklin McMahon, b 23

Mar 1894 Spears Chapel, Newton Co

TX, m Vada Hines Houston, TX, d

18 Jun 1973 Houston, TX. Homer

McMahon was a pharmacist.

2. James Polk McMahon, b 27 Oct.

1895 Spears Chapel, Newton Co TX,

m(1) Margariete Gale (1896-1956),

m(2) Olga Kellie Bledsoe, liv in


*3. William Alvin McMahon, Sr., b

22 Oct 1897 Spears Chapel,

Newton Co TX, m 23 Jan 1927

Grace Thelma Loveless in Burnet,

TX, d 27 Jan 1980 Port Arthur,

TX, bur Greenlawn Memorial Park,

Groves, TX. Thelma Loveless,

dau of Enoch Hembry Loveless

and Hulda Wolters, was b 2 Jun

1907 in Burnet, TX and d 20 Oct

1986 in Port Arthur, TX, bur in

Greenlawn Memorial Park, Groves,

TX. Alvin and Thelma were school

teachers, Alvin was a long time

school administrater and Thelma

taught 3rd grade. Both retired

from the Port Neches-Groves Ind.

School system (TX).

*1. William Alvin McMahon,

Jr. b 1930, m 1952 Frances

Marion Browder (b 1932,

dau of Francis Marion Browder

and Hazel Todd). They have

two children and 3 grand-

children. Bill is a retired

research chemist and Fran is

an accomplished artist of many


2. James David McMahon, b

1936, 5 children and 3


4. Lela May McMahon, b 29 Mar

1900 Spears Chapel, Newton

Co, TX, m(1) ___ Woods, m(2)

____ Martin, m(3) Lee O. Woods.

5. Curry Arthur McMahon, b 24 Sep

1902 Spears Chapel, Newton Co

TX, m(1) Nina Kraft Burkville,

TX, d aft 1987.

4. James Poke McMahon, Jr., b 23 Nov 1876

Spears Chapel, Newton Co TX, m 1891

Mae Byerly (b 1876, dau of Capt. Frank

Byerly and Irene Holley) d Nov 1967.
5. Alven Auegi "Jack" McMahon, b 15 Feb

1880 Spears Chapel, Newton Co TX, m

Clara Mae Dickerson, d 30 Aug 1944

Newton, Newton Co TX.
6. Simeon McMahon, died young.
2. Hester Ann, b 8 Aug 1848 Newton Co TX,
m 7 Jan 1867 William Madison Hall, d 20 Apr
1932 bur Newton Cemetery Newton, TX.

3. Isaac, b 14 Oct 1804 Nelson Co KY, m ca 1836

Frances Robinson, d 11 Aug 1885 Newton Co TX.

4. David, b 11 Aug 1806 Nelson Co KY, m(1) 6 Aug

1831 Martha Dyer in LA, m(2) 8 May 1834 Katherine

Dyer in LA, m(3) 9 Nov 1835 Leona Grayson in LA, m(4)

ca 1842 Mary Whiteside, d 27 Jan 1877 Newton Co TX.

5. Friend M., b 25 Oct 1810 W. Feliciana Parish LA, m

Mary "Poly" Ross, d 13 Apr 1864 Newton Co TX.

6. Margaret Frances, b 14 Jan 1813 Clark Co AR, m

1831 Adam Lackey Stewart in LA, d 1859 Newton Co TX.

7. James M., b 25 Dec 1817 Hempstead Co. AR, m 21

Oct 1838 Sarah L. Scott, d 24 Feb 1873 Newton Co TX.

8. Hester Ann, b 1 Jun 1820 Hempstead AR, M 22 Dec

1837 James M. Scott in Jasper Co TX, d 21 Oct 1885

Newton Co TX.

9. Nancy, b 27 Jul 1824 Claiborne Parish LA, m 21

Oct 1838 Josephus Sommerville Irvine [25 Aug 1819

to 19 May 1876, Served TX Rev (San Jacinto) and CSA],

d 6 Sep 1897 Newton Co TX.

(3). Richard, b ca 1778 Wellsburg Brooke Co WV, m(1) 13 Oct

1801 Rachel Cox in Nelson Co KY, m(2) Patty G. Withers,

d War of 1812.

(4). Mary "Polly", b ca 1780 Wellsburg Brooke Co WV, m

Joseph Agnew, d near Wheeling Ohio Co WV.

(5). James, b ca 1782 Wellsburg Brooke Co WV, m 1 Feb 1816

Lucinda Bukey in Brook Co WV.

(6). John, b ca 1783 Wellsburg Brooke Co WV, m ca 1803

Nancy Cox in Brook Co WV.

(7). Joseph Cox, b 17 Nov 1785 Wellsburg Brooke Co WV, m(1)

ca 1806 Olive Hanna, m(2) 1808 Elizabeth Hartness

Tomlinson, m(3) 1817 Ann Hurst, d 1824. Children:

2nd MAR:

1. (William?) Buckey, b 13 May 1813.

2. (-?-) Hartness, m 1835 Lemuel McMachon Wells

(1807-1883), d 1852.

3. (-?-)Bucky (Fem-twin),

b 25 Nov 1815, m Rolla Wells, d 1898 Marshall Co


4, Elizabeth Tomlinson (Fem-twin), b 25 Nov


3rd MAR:

5. Rebecca M. Hurst, b 12 Sept

1817, m 1837 William Shaw (1812-1871), d 1894

Audrain Co MO.

6. Joseph C. (twin), b 15 Nov 1824.

7. Susannah Tomlinson (twin), b 15 Nov 1824.

(8). Susannah, b 28 Jun 1788 Wellsburg Brooke Co WV, m 28

Apr 1808 Joseph Tomlinson, III, d 29 Apr 1857.

2. Richard, b Frederick Co VA, no heirs.

3. Agnes, Jr., b Frederick Co VA, no heirs.

4. John, b ca 1755 Frederick Co VA, m(1) 1775 Rosanna Hardin

in Georges Creek, Fayette Co PA, m(2) by 1789 Jane Geohigan , d

aft 1833 Hardin Co KY. Children of John and Rosanna: a to g.

Children of John and Jane: h to t.

a. Joseph, b ca 1776 Georges Cr. Fayette Co PA, m 20 Jan

1798 Sarah Walker in Nelson Co Ky, d aft 1808

Breckenridge Co KY.

b. Martin, b ca 1778 Georges Cr., Fayette Co PA, m(1)

5 May 1800 Rachel Brown in Logan Co KY, m(2)

2 Aug 1811 Polly Shelton, m(3) 1837 Sarah

Burnett, d bef 1860 Ft. Bend Co TX. [In US Army,

Discharged in LA 17 Mar 1836, a McMahan-no 1st

name or initial joined TX Army 1 Jul 1836, ref:

"Magnificent Barbarians", by Bill & Marjorie

Walraven, p 196. (1993).] Children: 1. Susan,

b ca 1813, m 5 Jun 1830 Isaac Emery. 2. Thomp-

son Hardin, b 1818 Barren Co KY, m 1838 Eliza

Jane Kyle. 3. G. W., b 1823 Lawrence Co AL

4. Martin, Jr.

c. Sarah, b ca 1780 Georges Cr., Fayette Co PA, m 3 Jul

1798 James Riddle, d ? Crawford Co IN.

d. Rachel, b ca 1780 Georges Cr. Fayette Co PA, m(1) 20

Nov 1798 (John Blair, Jr.) McMahon in Hardin Co

KY, m(2) 10 Mar 1833 Benjamin Harris.

e. Lydia, b ca 1784 Nelson Co KY, m 30 Oct 1804 Robert

Smith in Hardin Co KY.

f. William, b ca 1786 Nelson Co KY, m 19 Oct 1810 Penelope

Rogers in Hardin Co KY, d Prob 1816 Hardin co KY.

g. Rosanna, b ca 1788 Nelson Co KY, m 3 Jan 1807 Edward

Pyle in Washington Co KY.

-------------------------------------2nd Marriage--

h. Nancy, b ca 1789 Nelson Co KY, m 16 Sep 1807 Aaron

Gamble in Hardin Co KY, d Hardin Co KY.

i. George, b ca 1791 Nelson Co KY, sold land 1814, no

records after then.

j. Elizabeth, b ca 1793 Nelson Co KY, m 25 Oct 1810

Benjamin Harris in Hardin Co KY, d ca 1832

Hardin Co KY. (note Benjamin then m(2) Rachel

McMahon McMahon.

k. Rebecca, b ca 1795 Nelson Co KY, m 4 Aug 1815 John B.


l. Margaret, b ca 10 Mar 1898 Nelson Co. KY, m 4 Dec 1820

Thomas Pick, d 11 Oct 1880 Hardin Co KY.

m. Jane, b ca 1800 Nelson Co KY, m 19 Mar 1824 James


n. Mary "Polly", b 23 May 1802 Nelson Co KY, m 1 Feb 1826

George Watts, d 23 Sep 1880 Hardin Co KY (Mount

Zion Cemetery).

o. Permelia, b 12 May 1805 Nelson Co KY, m 5 Jun 1836 J.

M. Cowherd, d 20 Feb 1901 Hardin Co KY buried

Otter Creek Cemetery.

p. Lessie, b 1807 Nelson Co KY.

q. Edward, b ca 1808 Nelson Co KY, 1829 was a marriage

witness in Nelson Co KY, no record afterward.

r. Thomas, b ca 1810 Nelson Co KY, m 15 Sep 1831 Letitia


s. Lavinia, b ca 1812 Nelson Co KY, m 27 Mar 1833 William


t. (Dau ?), not proven, (m William Virtriese).

5. James, b ca 1757 Frederick co VA, m Jane (-?-), (will 1820),

d 1830 Henderson Co. KY. I doubt children list is complete(?).

James was a Capt. in War of 1812.

a. Nancy (Ann), m 18 Mar 1806 Lazarus W. Powell, Sr.(d Apr

1869 @ 92 yrs age) in Logan Co KY, d 1822

Henderson Co KY. Third son, Lazarus W. Powell, Jr., b 6

Oct 1812, d 3 Jul 1867 in Henderson, KY, m 8 Nov 1846

Harriett Ann Jennings (d 13 Jul 1846, dau of Capt.

Charles Jennings). Three children survived him
at the time of his death: James Henry, Charles Jennings

and Richard. Lazarus was a lawyer, served in Ky

Legislature, Gov. of Ky and US Senator.

b. Mary, m James McMahon (son of John Blair, James d

1814), d prob Aug 1833.

6. Elizabeth, b Frederick co VA, m William Berry, d bef 1817

Nelson Co KY.

7. Margaret, b Frederick Co KY, m Enoch Berry, d bef 1817 KY.

8. Jane, b Frederick Co KY, m David McFall, d bef 1817 (liv

1800) Nelson Co KY.



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Surnames: Bruce, McMahon, Morgan, Carman
I am a descendant of Margaret McMahon and James Bruce. Their daughter, Sarah 1764-1839, married Joshua Carman [1759-1844 Ohio]. Their daughter, Margaret "Peggy" Carman [1785-?1840?] married Isaac Morgan [1778-1853 IL]; they are my gggg-grandparents. I have much on this line, but know little of lateral lines. I would enjoy sharing info.

William McMachen

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Surnames: McMahon
Your posted message on William McMachen of Frederick Co. VA, provided me with a world of new information on this family. Thank you for providing it online.

I am descended from Richard through his son John. My great(4)grandmother was Nancy Agnes Lilburn McMahon who married Aaron Gamble and later moved to Blount Co. TN where she is buried. Her tombstone shows her birth and death as 1786-1878. I wonder if her mother was Rosanna Hardin rather than Jane Geohigan as shown. Does a marriage record exist for John and Jane or a death record for Rosanna?
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