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Harrison Young

Harrison Young

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Looking for any info on Harrison Young b ca 1811 probably VA. m Mahalia Salyers/Castle. Not sure of last name. Any help greatly welcome. They married in Lawrence Co., KY. Write me at

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J.D. Coleman (View posts)
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Surnames: young
I have a lot about harrisons family..he is my me if you still need it

Re: Harrison Young

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Thanks for your help. I would like very much to have any info u can sent to me. I will be happy to share what I have.

Columbus, Oh

Re: Harrison Young

J.D. Coleman (View posts)
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Ms. Daniels...I am not a very good typist so please bear with me... Harrison was born in June of 1810 and died November of 1893. As far as I can tell now he was married at least twice..first to Mahala Castle of Johnson Co. Ky . This union produced 13 children....I have all of their name if you want them. Second he married Mary "Polly" Burton who was borned May 6,1826 and died Feb. 11, 1896. This union produced 10 children. Again, I have all of their names if you wish. My great-grandfather is one of Harrison and Marys sons.

Harrison's parents were Robert and Judith Burton Young of Irish Creek in Lawrence Co. Ky.
This is as far as I have been able to trace so far. One thing...The Robert above is not the Robert from Prince William Co., Va. ..WE think he is a brother or nephew of a Thomas Young of Perry Co. Ky...Still hasn't been proven yet..
I can scan and send you some other things if you'd like. Just e-mail me at

Hope this helps some

Re: Harrison Young

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Surnames: Bryant,or Harrison young
Hi there!
I am looking for the Harrison young that was married to Susan Delilah Bryant,they married in Kentucky.Harrison was born in Kentucky,in1813,Susan was born in sumner co. tenn,she died in 1900,in indiana,Her 2nd. marriage was to John Gassaway.They would be my GGgreatgrandparents.If you know anything about them I would love to find out about them!!!!!!
Thank you.

Re: Harrison Young

JD Coleman (View posts)
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I think my Harrison and your Harrison are two different ones...sorry

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Harrison Young and Delilah Bryant/Briant's marriage was recorded in Warrick County, Indiana.....
Young, Harrison - Briant, Delilah Aug 25, 1836

1840 - Skelton Township, Warrick Co, IN
M704-97, page 44
Head of Household: Harrison Young; 2 males under age 5, 1 male between age 20 and 30, 1 female between 20 and 30.

Head of Household: Amelia Bryant; 1 male under age 5, 1 male between 10 and 15, 1 female under age 5, 1 female between 10 and 15, 1 female between 30 and 40.

Head of Household: Mitchell Bryant; 1 male between 5 and 10, 1 male between 15 and 20, 1 male between 30 and 40, 3 females under age 5, 1 female between 5 and 10, 1 female between 20 and 30.

Head of Household: Elender Bryant; 1 male between 5 and 10, 1 maled between 10 and 15, 1 female under age 5, 2 females between age 10 and 15, 1 female between 30 and 40.

Page 43 - Head of Household: Benjamin Young; 2 males under age 5, 1 male between 5 and 10, 1 male between 30 and 40, 2 females under age 5, 1 female between 5 and 10, 1 female between age 20 and 30.

13 Sep 1850 - Pigeon, Warrick, IN - M432-179, page 185
Harrison Young, 37, farmer, b. KY
Delilah Young, 33, b. TN
Jonathan Young, 13, b. IN
William Young, 11, b. IN
Jacob Young, 10, b. IN
Sarah Young, 8, b. IN
Elizabeth Young, 5, b. IN
Alfred Young, 3, b. IN

1850 Pigeon, Warrick, IN, page 180
Elender Briant, 42, TN [census taker actually wrote widow next to her name]
Laffayette Briant, 22, TN
James M Briant, 17, TN
Permelia A Briant, 14, TN

1850 Pigeon, Warrick, IN, page 186
Mitchel Briant, 41, b. NC
Winna Briant, 41, b. TN
William Briant, 21, b. TN
Melinda Briant, 18, b. IN
John W Briant, 17, b. IN
Sarah Briant, 15, b. IN
Louisa Briant, 13, b. IN
Elizabeth Briant, 11, b. IN
Levi Briant, 9, b. IN
James Briant, 6, b. IN
Clarenda Briant, 4, b. IN

Amelia Bryant/Briant does not appear in 1850 record and Benjamin Young is not in Warrick County in 1850.

1850 - Kentucky Dist, Meade Co, KY - M653-386
John Gasaway, 35, KY
Rachel Gasaway, 38, KY
Nancy Gasaway, 17, KY
William Gasaway, 13, KY
Isac Gasaway, 12, KY
Hannah Gasaway, 11, IN
Joseph Gasaway, 7, KY
John Gasaway, 2, KY
Eliza Gasaway, 1, KY

Sept 1860 - Indiana, WARRICK, PIGEON TWP, Taylorsville Post Office
Series: M653 Roll: 305 Page: 780
Harrison Young, 46, farmer, $1000, $3000, KY
Delila Young, 42, TN
William, 21; Jacob, 19; Sally, 17; Elizabeth, 14; Alfred, 12; Cathann, 9; Franklin, 7; Mitchel, 3; Eliza 6 months.
[Johnathan Young not listed in Warrick County in 1860]

1860 - Brandenburg Post Office, Meade Co, KY - M653-386
John Gasaway, 47, KY
R Gasaway, 48, KY, female
H. E. Gasaway, 21, [abt 1839] IN, female
Culmore Gasaway, 16, KY, male
John Gasaway, 13, KY
E. A. Gasaway, 11, KY, female
Gilley Gasaway, 6, KY, male
[ 1840 census shows a John Gasaway in Graham, Jefferson Co, IN]

18 Oct 1870 - Indiana, WARRICK, PIGEON TWP, Folsomville Post Office Series: M593 Roll: 368 Page: 623
Harrison Young, 57, farm laborer, KY
Susan D Young, 52, TN
Alfred, 22; Franklin, 17; Machael[Mitchel], 13; Eliza, 10; Sherman, 5; Hannah Young, 32, IN; Roza Young, 9, IN; Charles Young, 7, IN; Taylor Young, 4, IN.

William Young, 31, IN
Nancy Young, 25, IN
Jesse Young, 9, male, IN
George F? Young, 5, IN
Jacob Young, 3, IN
John McNeely, 22, Alabama

2nd Sept 1870 - Indiana, WARRICK, SKELTON TWP
Genrtyville and Folsomville Post Office
Series: M593 Roll: 368 Page: 638
John Gassaway, 57, farmer, $1800, $600, KY
Rachel Gassaway, 58, KY
Nancy Henen, 36, KY
Elizabeth Henen, 12, KY
Daniel E Henen, 8, IN
Daniel S Wells, 19, IN
Abigail P Wells, 16, KY

Joseph C Gassaway, 23, KY
Margaret Gassaway, 22, IN
William Gassaway, 6, IN
George Gassaway, 3, IN
Samuel Gassaway, 3 mos, IN

John Gassaway, 21, KY
Vina M Gassaway, 24, IN
Ida Gassaway, 1, IN

William YOUNG Self 44 IN Farming IN TN
Nancy YOUNG Wife 35 IN KY VA
Jesse F. YOUNG Son 17 IN
Levi T. YOUNG Son 14 IN
Jacob L. YOUNG Son 12 IN
Charles YOUNG Son 9 IN
Mary E. YOUNG Dau 8 IN
Liza J. YOUNG Dau 5 IN
Molinda E. YOUNG Dau 2 IN
Delila A. YOUNG Dau 1Month IN
Viola E. WRIGHT Other Single 15 IN IN IN
1880 Pigeon, Warrick, Indiana
T9-0320 Page Number 153D

Alfred YOUNG Self 33 IN Farming IN TN
Abagil C. YOUNG Wife 27 KY KY KY
William M. YOUNG Son 4 IN
Roseta YOUNG Dau 2 IN
Liza N. YOUNG Dau 2Months IN
1880 Pigeon, Warrick, Indiana
T9-0320 Page Number 138B

John W. YOUNG Self 22 IN IN IN
Mary A. YOUNG Wife 16 IN IN IN
Mitchel YOUNG Uncle 24 IN Works On Farm KY TN
Joseph H. YOUNG Brother 20 IN IN IN
1880 Pigeon, Warrick, Indiana
T9-0320 Page Number 153C

John GASAWAY Self 67 KY Farmer KY KY
Delilia GASAWAY Wife 62 TN TN TN
Sherman YOUNG SSon 14 IN Works On Farm TN TN
Samuel ERIN GSon, married, 19 IN Works On Farm PRUSSIA KY
Louiza ERIN SDau, married, 20 IN TN TN
1880 Skelton, Warrick, Indiana
T9-0320 Page Number 163D

Did not find Franklin/Frank Young in 1880 in Warrick County. Louiza Erin listed as step dtr in John's household in 1880 is probably the daughter who was listed as "ELIZA", age 10 in Harrison's household in 1870. It appears she married a grandson of John Gasaway from a daughter of John and and Rachel Gasaway; was not able to find a Samuel "ERIN" in 1870 records age 9 or so.

1st June 1900 - Indiana, WARRICK, PIGEON TWP
Series: T623 Roll: 411 ED 157 Sheet 1A
William Young, 4/1839, 61, widow, IN, Unk, TN
Mary E Young, dtr, 9/1872, 27, single
Dellia A Young, dtr, 5/1880, 20, single
Ocie Young, dtr, 1/1886, 14
Eliza J Taylor, dtr, 3/1875, 25, married 6 yrs, 3 children born and living.
Wilbert A Taylor, grndson, 2/1895, 5
Lisle G Taylor, grndson, 2/1898, 2.

Jacob L Young, 5/1867, 33, married 6 yrs.
Elizabeth J Young, 11/1875, 3 children born and living.
Elsie M, 11/1890; Norlie A, son, 4/1896; Hazel I, 9/1898.

5th June 1900, ED 158 Sheet 2A
Franklin Young, 1/1853, 47, married 12 yrs, IN IN IN
Maudy Young, 9/1870, 4 children born and living.
Aml Young, son, 4/1889; Lolen E Young, dtr, 9/1892; Gilbert L Young, son, 10/1894; Oatas Young, son, 10/1896.
[Possibly son of Harrison?]

1900 - Sheet 3B
John W Young, 11/1857, 42, married 20 yrs, IN IN IN
Mary A Young, 7/1863, 8 children born, 6 living.
Hillace?, 7/1882, son; Lizzie, 8/1884; Ray, 5/1888; Ollie, 11/1891, dtr; Roscoe, 11/1894; Ethel O, 5/1891, niece; Claud M, 4/1892, nephew.
[this appears to be the John W Young listed as uncle of Mitchel Young in 1880]

18 June 1900 - ED 157 Sheet 9B
Levi T Young, 9/1866, 34, married 10 yrs
Francis, wife, 10/1873, 4 children born and living.
Arlie, son, 11/1890; Otie E, dtr, 1/1893; Earl E, 8/1895; Armon J, son, 2/1898; Melvina Sisela, 1/1839, mother in law, widow, IN TN TN.

1900 - Indiana, WARRICK, PIGEON TWP
Series: T623 Roll: 411 Page: 329
William M Young, 9/1875, 24, married 1 yr[son of Albert ?]
Emma Young, wife, 5/1880

14 June 1900 - Indiana, WARRICK, SKELTON TWP
Series: T623 Roll: 411 ED 159 Sheet 8A
John E Gasaway, 9/1857, 42, married 20 yrs
Nancy J Gasaway, 3/1856, 44, 1 child born and living.

James Gasaway, ?/1867, 33, married 3 yrs
Belle? Gasaway, wife, 9/1862, 37, 2 children born, 0 living.

L----- R Gasaway, 8/1861, 38, married 18 yrs
Laura J Gasaway, 1/1859, 41, 2 children born, 1 living.
Charles E Gasaway, 3/1887, 13.

George T Simpson, 1862, married 12 yrs
Luticia Simpson, 1855, 7 children born and living.
Lula D Simpson, 1888; Ola D Simpson, 1890; Hattie M Simpson, 1893; Dollie M Simpson, 1897; Birdie Young, 6/1883, stp dtr.

James Stewart, 1848, married 30 yrs
Sarah E Stewart, 1852, 1 child born and living
Martha A Gasaway, 1871, daughter, married 2 yrs, 3 children born and living.
Luther? Leslie, 1889, grandson
Charles E Leslie, 1892, grandson
Ottis Gasaway, 2/1899, grandson.

1910 - Indiana, WARRICK, PIGEON TWP
Series: T624 Roll: 386
Jacob L Young, 41; Elizabeth J Young, 36, 6 children born and living, Elsie M, 15; Noral A, 14, son; Ida H, 11; Roak B, 9, son; Russel, 4; Chales, 11 months, son.

Levi T Young, 44, married 20 yrs; Fanny J, 36, 6 children born, 5 living; Arlie, 19; Ota E, 17; Earl E, 14; Armon, 12; Harold, 7.

Mary E Ball, 35, widow, 5 children born, 3 living, head of household.
Zola Ball, 15; Carl Ball, 11; Jewel Ball, 4; William Young, 71, father.
Great website!

Warrick County Indiana is bordered on the south by Henderson and Daviess Counties Kentucky.

Warrick County marriages

Young, Jonathen
Carter, Dorcas Ann
Jan 20, 1857

Young, Franklin
Spradley, Luticia
Feb 20 1874

Young, Franklin
Lankford, Amanda
Sep 22 1888

Young, Levi R./T.
Sirrels, Fannie
Feb 16, 1890

Young, William
Phelps, Elizabeth J.
Mar 6, 1855

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J.D. Coleman (View posts)
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For sure it is a different Harrison. None of the other names coincide with any in my family.

Re: Harrison Young

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Surnames: Frederick, Fredrick, Fedrick, Linville, Day, Chandler, Highlander
I would love any information on Harrison's 2 marriages, and also childrens' names and dates. Also, are you the same person as mpcinc1? I received an email from him about this family and I cannot reply back to him due to limitations on replies. Thank you!

Re: Harrison Young

JD Coleman (View posts)
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New address in case anyone wishes to contact me
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