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Esrau Jowett's death & burial (Barr Colonist)

Esrau Jowett's death & burial (Barr Colonist)

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Surnames: Jowett
Esrau & Edith (nee Smith) Jowett & their two sons came to Canada in April 1903 as Barr Colonists. He was born ca 1872-73. He is listed on the MB/SK/AB 1906 census, but on the 1911 census Edith is listed as widowed (and Jowett is spelled Jewitt on it). I have not been able to find any record of his death.

Edith & her sons travelled back to Canada from Liverpool in March 1911.

Any help or suggestions to find info about his death and burial location are most appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Esrau JOWETT death & burial (Barr Colonist)

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Classification: Query
Hi,Do you know WHEN? Edith JOWETT nee SMITH and the children went back to England?

Have you searched Outbound records - to see if Esrau JOWETT also travelled back to England ?

Perhaps he passed away there? Or Edith may have gone back with the children - to settle family affairs there ?

Homestead Records are available from Provincial Archive.
There should be information about when the property was transferred to another person - giving you at least an idea of date of death.
Western Land Grant : Homestead records
Part NW Section 36 Township 48 Range 26 Merid..W3.
Reference: Volume: 267. Folio: 263.
Microfilm reel number: C-6144.
Names: Esau Jowett.

1906 Census Canada
Saskatchewan Distr # 16 Sub Distr. 31-B Page 14.
24 149 Jowett Esau Head M M 34
25 149 Jowett Ediol Wife F M 35
26 149 Jowett Arthur Son M S 6
27 149 Jowett David Son M S 4

It is obvious tht the name is mis transcribed from the Original.
1911 Census Canada
Sask/ Battleford /38/ township 46/ page 1
17 5 Jewitt Edith . F Head M Sep 1870 40.
18 5 Jewitt Arthur William. M Son S May 1900 11.
19 5 Jewitt David Smith. M Son S Mar 1902 9.

Re: Esrau JOWETT death & burial (Barr Colonist)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Jowett

Wow, that was a quick reply. Thanks so much.

As for when Edith and the kids went back to England I have them arriving back in Canada on 30 Mar 1911. I can't see their departure from Canada though.

I've searched and searched for any records of Esau Jowett travelling after his arrival to Canada in 1903 but have come up empty. I couldn't find his name in Saskatchewan's online death index that includes deaths up to 1917 (whereas I did find two other relatives from the Barr Colonists who died in 1910 and 1915).

Edith is listed as "married" on the 1911 census I see, and also on the ship voyage in 1911 back to Canada – as opposed to "widowed." But where Esau was, I don't know.

My great-grandfather, Robert Arrowsmith, was widowed in 1915 and at some point after that, he and Edith married. From family correspondence many years ago, I recall they married while her boys were still at home. And it seems men didn't stay widows for long...especially if they had kids (Robert had one surviving child).

I live in Alberta, Canada (the province to the west of Saskatchewan). I don't know if I can request the Alberta Archives obtain the microfilm from Saskatchewan's archives, but I will inquire next business day.

It seems for now I have reached a (hopefully temporary!) road block...

Re: Esrau JOWETT death & burial (Barr Colonist)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: JOWETT
Hi, A search of the 1916 Census for Canada for the three prairie Provinces of Saskatchwan , Alberta, Manitoba
for the family - may find the family togethr .

Check of Directories - eg Hendersons/ Wigley - they show name to address - address to name - may show where the family was living around the time frme of interest or later

Some persons who farmed - found that there were difficulties - and the males would move on to other jobs - sometime being away for some time - while the wife - and childen worked the farm - perhaps with farm hands or neighbours to help

Re: Esrau Jowett's death & burial (Barr Colonist)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Jowett
I found some very interesting info. First, Esau Jowett is listed in the Sask. homesteads site. He's on section 36, Township 48, Range 26, West of the third Meredian. Then read this page in the Lashburn ( just east of Lloydminster) history book. Butch

Re: Esrau Jowett's death & burial (Barr Colonist)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Jowett, Arrowsmith
Oh, WOW!!! That story in the Lashburn book certainly, and sadly, fills in one of the big gaps I've been trying to fill. Thank you so, so much for looking that up. I had shivers while reading it. I can't imagine being a pioneer woman in a new country with two young sons (one possibly physically handicapped from a long-ago family letter) and not knowing what became of my husband. Very sad, but fortunately she was able to support them.

I had read on a ship's passenger list and a census that Edith ("Mrs. Jowett") was a baker / confectioner so her owning a bakery fits well, as does her brother, Arthur Smith, being a merchant on a border crossing record (as he owned a hardware store in the story you attached)...such good details.

SK has started to digitize that province's homestead records and today I was able to find the seven pages associated with Esau's legal land description (same one as in your post). He was awarded the title in 1907, but there is no further information after that.

Would you, or anyone reading this, have any idea how I would find out when the land changed hands after that? (I've searched that at the AB archives for AB homesteads, but don't about SK. I was in Lashburn and Marshall two years ago doing genealogy research on Robert's family (he's the man Edith eventually remarried), but unfortunately didn't know about this other branch then.)

Now, I hope to find a marriage certificate for Edith (nee: Smith) Jowett and my great gf, Robert Arrowsmith, most likely in Saskatchewan and sometime after 1916. (Robert's wife, Annie [nee; Hindle], died 15 Feb 1915 and Edith is listed as a widow on the 1916 census so I'm thinking they married some time in or after 1916.)

You have no idea how much I appreciate all this help! The genealogy community continues to amaze me.

With appreciation,
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