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Surnames: Allen
I'm trying to find more information on relatives by the names of George Calvin Allen and William Thomas Allen. They are brothers who were born in Ohio in 1895 and 1892, their parents were Alfred Norton Allen and Josephine Kohn. The family story goes that they decided to move to Canada to work on the railroad. Another brother John Newton Allen (born in 1893), may have worked in Canada with them but I have record of him dying in Ohio in 1918. I have a marriage (1919) and death (1970) record for George Calvin in Princeton, British Columbia. I'm trying to see if I can find out what cemetery he would have been buried in and anything else about him. And I can't find any records at all for William Thomas Allen (only family records, not even census) and have no idea what happened to him or if he even exsisted, I would like to find out. Let me know if you have any information at all that would help.

Re: ALLEN, George Calvin, Oriel Zeba

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Hi, From the Provincial Archive of BC Vital Events Index Marriage 1859-1934 Birth 1872-1903 Death 1872-1989.
Marriage reg will show names of both sets of parents including maiden name of the mothers.

Groom:George Calvin ALLEN
Bride Oriel Zeba MEAUSETTE
Place Princeton Date:1919 9 24 (Yr/Mo/Day) Event:Marriage
Reg. Number:1919-09-203052
Microfilm #:B11390 (GSU # 1984111)

George Calvin ALLEN Age:74 Event:Death
Place Princeton Date:1970 1 30 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Reg. Number:1970-09-002236
Microfilm #:B13301 (GSU # 2034112)
Registration of Death - will show all personal information required at the time.
Will show date and place of birth, Occupation. etc - Cause of Death - Name and Address of Informant -
Name and Address of Funeral Home in charge of Arrangemens - Name and Address of Cemetery.
Contact Cemetery office for Section/ Plot/ Grave number.

1989 Registraton has not yet been released to the Public.
OBITUARY for the following - may show names and locations of any family members.

Oriel Zeba ALLEN Age:89 Event:Death
Place Princeton Date:1989 9 19 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Reg. Number:1989-09-016847
Microfilm #:B17138 (GSU # 1709281)

John Newton ALLEN (born in 1893), may have worked in Canada with them but I have record of him dying in Ohio in 1918.

You know that John Newton ALLEN -passed away in 1918
Do you know When? Where? the parents Alfred Norton ALLEN and Josephine ALLEN - nee KOHN - passed away?

Have you obtained the Registration of Death/ Long form Death Certificate?

OBITUARIES: for the above three - may show location of other [William Thomas ALLEN ] and other family members at the time.

There are Volunteers at Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness - British Columbia. Any who offer Lookup of Public Record can transcribe /copy information found - Some search for Obituaries - Others offer Cemetery Photo.

Have you searched Border Crossing Records - St. Albans border crossing records. May show the names of the brother/s

Cheers & Good Luck, Stella
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I will see if I have time to look for George's death and obituary today. If not, I will do it next Monday.

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I have the obituaries for Charles and his wife Oriel. You mention William Thomas but maybe he was a cousin. In 1900 Washington,Paulding,Ohio Josephine and Alfred say they married in 1892 and had four children 3 still alive: John Newton, George Calvin and Cornelius. It appears that Cornelius died and then they had three more sons. There is a William T. born Ohio Apr 1892 but the son of Ronald and Sarah E.

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Well the reason I think there was a William Thomas in their family is because of family records not Census or other government records. I did see the 1900 Census that says by 1900 that they had had 4 children but only 3 were still living. Perhaps the child that died was William Thomas and therefore he never went to Canada. My family records say that William Thomas was born 14 June 1892. I do know they had another son who died right after the 1900 US Census at 2 years old, but his name was not Cornelius it was Clarence Russel. I found a death record and headstone for him. I just find it's interesting that there is no death record or headstone for the child that they did lose before the 1900 Census, since there is one for the one they lost just after. They actually went on to have 3 more sons and then a daughter for their youngest not another son. The part that I find weird is that I always heard growing up from my Mom (she also heard it growing up) that the 4 oldest sons went to Canada, and now it seems that the only one who went may have been George Calvin.

Re: ALLEN, George Calvin, Oriel Zeba

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I do know that Alfred Norton Allen and Josephine Kohn Allen passed away in Ohio, as far as I know they never went to Canada. They are both buried in the Middle Creek Cemetery in Paulding, Ohio along with 4 of their sons John Newton, Clarence Russel, Raymond Arthur, and Charles Robert. Their son, Leroy Earnest, the one my line goes through moved to Tennessee and he and his wife died there.

I'm a little confused by the information you have provided. I'm guessing you are saying that I may be able to find some information by finding death and obituary records?
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You say you have the obituaries? Where did you find them, what do they say?

Re: ALLEN, George Calvin, Oriel Zeba

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Surnames: ALLEN
Hi, You know that Alfred Norton ALLEN and Josephine Kohn ALLEN passed away in Ohio.

You know that they re buried at Middle Creek Cemetery in Paulding Ohio - along with the sons
John Newton ALLEN,Clarence RUSSEL Allen,Raymond Arthur ALLEN and Charles Robert ALLEN.

Another son Leroy Earnest ALLEN -and spouse - passed away in Tennessee U.S.A.

OBITUARIES - for the Parents - as well the other deceased siblings - may mention George Calvin ALLEN - as well as Wiliam Thomas ALLEN [ if he was connected to the family]

REGISTRATION of DEATH ; Long form Death Certificate:
May show: Depending on the requirements at the time - and the knowledge of the Informant.

May show - date and place of birth -Names of parents including maiden name of the mother - Place of birth of parents, Occupation. Marital Status . Name of spouse.
Name and Address of Informant - Relationship to Deceased.

According to family stories - the sons came to Canada -
That is Very Possible - Since you know where some of them had passed away - They may have come to Canada - to work - May have returned home - at some point - to live , and marry

There are Border Crossing Records - St Albans Records - Canada to USA - which may show any travel./visits etc

Cheers, Stella
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If you reply to my email address I will scan them to you. Unfortunately I forgot George's at the Archives and cannot pick it up until next Monday as I will be away on holidays.

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Hi there. I can confirm one thing for sure, and that is that George Calvin Allen did in fact come to Canada, and marry Oriel Zeba in Princeton B.C. I am their great grandaughter. I never met my grandpa George, but I loved my Granny dearly until she left us years ago. I'm looking for any more information pertaining to them and the rest of the family tree.
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