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St. George, Maine Lookups

St. George, Maine Lookups

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As most of my genealogy research is in St. George, ME I have several books and will gladly do look-ups. I have recently purchased the Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Sites of St. George, ME and the Nearby Islands which has been a wonderful addition to my collection. I also have the History of St. George, ME by Commander Smalley and several other research books.

Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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We have given the Stover's, Clarks, Wall's, not to be confused with Walls and Elwell's a number of looks over the past couple of years. Of late we have been trying to confirm a connection to Sally Stover 1815 to who we believe are her parents, Caleb Stover and Sarah Clark. Perhaps you know the group?

There is also an Elizabeth Elwell 1827 who we would really like to connect to her parents. I have seen a number of trees that offer differing options regarding this one. It would be very nice to confirm this for a number of people.

Trying to narrow this down to who could possibly be her parents by age as offered this list of possibilities. Maybe not a complete list. Something has me leaning towards John and Elizabeth.

Andrew Elwell 1795
His wife Harriet 1805

Daniel Elwell 1799
His wife Eliza 1794

John Elwell 1780
His wife Elizabeth 1791

Andrew Elwell 1779
His wife Susan 1780

Israel Elwell 1802
His wife Nancy 1805

If you could help with either of these it would be great news for us.

Take care

Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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I have reviewed all the books that I have for St. George, ME and I can't verify that Sally Stover b. 1815 is the daughter of Caleb & Sarah Stover. From what I have looked at it appears that she is their daughter but I can't find the proof. Also, it appears that Sally Stover married William Wall and I really can't find them in any Census records or the burial records from St. George, ME. I did find some family trees where they attached a Sallie Wall that was one of my relatives and not your Sally Wall.

Looking at the Census records Caleb Stover lived in St. George in 1810 but I found him in 1820 in Warren, ME. Perhaps the birth records might be in Warren. He later moves back to St. George.

These families lived somewhere around Wiley's Corner and the Clark family, I believe, was a different family from the ones that lived nearer to Port Clyde. If they are connected I haven't found it. My Clark's lived in Martinsville on the way to Port Clyde.

I also can't prove that Elizabeth Elwell was the daughter of John and Elizabeth. I have found some of their children buried in the Old Parish Cemetery but Elizabeth was not with them. I did ascertain from the Vital Records that she married John Odier (Odiorne). I also found in my newspaper (Records of Rockland from the Lime Rock Gazette and Rockland Gazette) that they had a child die on 23 Jan 1856 on Dix Island. I believe sometime later that year Elizabeth may have died as John remarries in the following notice:
Odiorne, John married 12 April 1857 at Dix Island Mrs. Hannah W. Elwell, both of Dix Island. Published 23 Apr 1857.

I don't know what city or town would have the records for Dix Island, Maine but you might find Elizabeth's death record.

Sorry I couldn't have been of more help to you in your search. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Joanne Clark Borden

Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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Thank you so much for looking and the extent of your review. I really appreciate it. Perhaps someday I will be able to return the favor.

There is one thing in the mix that caught my attention. You mentioned a news paper article about John and Elizabeth's child in 1856. Is there any chance you could pass that my way? I would very much like to see it.

Thanks again

Dave Rollins

Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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In those books you mentioned, are the names Watts, Smalley, Gogarty, Fountain mentioned at all?

I have either George or William Watts that were there,(not sure of years at the moment however) he was married I think to a Mary or Margaret Giles.
Generations later one of their decendents was Seymour Watts in Boston who married my grandmothers cousin Susan O'Donnell. They lived in Boston and had 9 children I think.
I have a lot of Watts, and connecting names. The were either in St George ME or MA(boston area)

If you have any of them -- what is said about them?


Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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The names of Watts, Smalley & Fountain are mentioned in the Vital Records of St. George, ME. All were very large families in the area. I don't find any Gogarty name mentioned. The Watts family was from both Thomaston, ME and also St. George. My best friend is a Watts and I have done research for her.
The Smalley family was also a very large family in St. George and I am related to that family.
The Giles family was also a large family and I am related to them and also have some friends in the area that go back to the family. I would need a little more information in order to give more specific information as their were many George's and Williams Watts. Most families from St. George did go to the Boston area in the early 1900's. I have a Seymour U Watts, b. 4 Apr 1855 married to Eliza E. (Wilson) who is living in St. George in 1895. This Seymour was a Sea Captain and the Cemetery Records show that him and his wife were lost at sea Jan 1901.
With a little more information I can probably give you some names and dates.


Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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Surnames: MacLellan, Noonan
I was wondering if you had any information on a Thomas J MacLellan and/or his parents William MacLellan and Elizabeth Noonan. Thomas was born 16 Feb 1875 in St. George. His parents drowned off the St George coast about 1884. I am looking for any record to verify that these are his parents.

Thank You

Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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I have checked the St. George Vital Records, Cemetery Inscriptions, Rockland Vital Records and also the Lime Rock Gazette and Rockland Gazette death notices prior to 1892. I have not even found the name of MacLellan or Noonan. I did find McLellan in St. George but none of the names that you provided. Sorry I couldn't have been of more help. There were many granite quarries in that area and they he might have been a worker there. There were also quarries out on Vinalhaven and more of the other islands.

Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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Surnames: MacLellan
I too tried to find the MacLellan family in the 1880 census and searched on ancestry and found nothing, except one family that is also researching the same family but didn't have a date of death only a birth year and place, Nova Scotia for Thomas's parents.

I would try and contact the St. George historical society to see if they have anything in their archives about a boating accident off the Tenant's Harbor shore in 1884.

Re: St. George, Maine Lookups

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Surnames: McLellan
Thank you for the information. Could I get the name of the McLellan you found in St. George. Thank You
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