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Surnames: Eliasz;Szwedas
I am looking for any help finding information on my ancestors before coming to the United States. Because of Lithuania's history im not sure how to find any information on them. Each document says something different. My great grandfather Benedictus or Benjamin Eliasz born 22 March between 1882-1888 depending on the paper in Resslince Russia(I have never found a place named that). But he always has said he was from Lithuania, never did he say Russia. He came over 10 Mar 1906 last known address was Warschau. He married in Ashland Wisconsin Michelina Szwedas also from Lithuania on 07 July 1914. From their marriage papers it says Ben's parents are Joannes and Moica Eliasz and Michelina's parents are Adam and Rosa Szwedas. From what we know they did know each other in Lithuania but Ben came first then Michelina once she finished school. Ben changed his name to Ben Allis and he died Nov 11 1967 in Loveland, Co and Michelina died Aug 28, 1948 in Ashland, Wi.
Any information would help.

Re: Eliasz/Szwedas

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The reference to Russia is not unexpected. Lithuania was occupied by Russia from 1795 to 1918 so there was no country called Lithuania during that period of time.

However, on many ship registers, the birth country was listed as Russia but for ethnicity they recorded Lithuanian.

Do you have copies of the actual church marriage register. Sometimes the priest would record the place where the pride and groom were baptized in Lithuania.

What port did he emigrate from?

Tom S.

Re: Eliasz/Szwedas

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Well he came into Ellis Island and it says Ethnicity is Russia, Hebrew and last place of residence is Warschau. And for his marriage documents all I have is his registry and all it has is his name listed as Benedictus Eliasz and it says Lithuan behind it and her name Michaelina Szwedas the date they were going to get married July 7 1914 and both his parents names and her parents names and the witnesses and that is all. But on his Naturalization papers he sates he was born in Resslince Russia but I cant find anywhere that sounds like that during that time.

Re: Eliasz/Szwedas

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Warschau is the German spelling for Warsaw, Poland.

If he sailed from a German port (e.g., Hamburg, Bremen) then the German clerk likely used the German spelling of the place name.

The Resslince spelling is not a Lithuanian one for the place name.

Have you ever used the Slownik Gazetteer. See

Slownik lists thousands of place names (using the Polish spelling) including many in Lithuania.

What do the U.S. Census entries for them list as their countries of birth?

Tom S.

Re: Eliasz/Szwedas

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No I haven't tried that site, I will look into that. All of the census in the U.S. that asked location of birth he wrote Lithuania for him along with Michealina.


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Ben Allis
Born: 1886 Died: 1967
State of last residence: Colorado
State issued: Michigan
Do you have your ancestor's SS-5Form [$27] ?

On what paper is location "Resslince, Russia " written? Since you say that Ben and Michelina knew each other in "old country" than they must have been from gubernia Suwalki.

Did the ancestors marry in a church?
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Alijoszantis, Klemens HELD INQUIRY 0 1909 1909
Alijoszius, Jonas Kroze, Russia 36 1870 1906

Alijoszus, Wincent Alexandrajeze 22 1881 1903
I looked on Wincent's NY Ellis Island arrival manifest and the name on the manifest is ELIAS and written over with Alijoszus; going to brother Jozef ELIAS in Chicago, Ill.
location Aleksandriai is North of Raseiniai.


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Alijoszius, Jonas Kroze, Russia 36 1870 1906
Pilitawskaik, Marianne Kroze 23 1883 1906
Krazhay, Krazhyay, Kražiai, Kražių, Kroże, Krozhi populated place
55°36' N 22°41' E


121.5 miles WNW of Vilnius 54°41' N 25°19' E
23 on top of the map down to RASEINIAI [Rosienie];
3rd 130 pass 30 on top of the map down to KRAZIAI [Kroze]

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I looked in the Lithuanian phone book, and found some similar last names to Eliasz:

Elijošaitis (sounds like "Eli-yo-shaitis")
Elijošius (sounds like "Eli-yo-shus"0

Szwedas today in Lithuania is spelled Švedas (which, by the way, means "a Swede.")

Resslince -- I don't know. Your best bet might be to find an alternate spelling somewhere else. Any official papers your grandfather had when he travelled would have said he was from Russia, since Lithuania didn't have independence until 1918.

Re: Eliasz/Szwedas

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Since posting this, I have found other documents that list my great grandmother Michalinas surname as Schwedzinde and she shortened it to Szwedas in America. And I do know she for sure was related to the Powaser's from the same area.
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