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Meaning of D&D in 1860 census?

Meaning of D&D in 1860 census?

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I've googled and didn't find an answer, so my apologies if this is an elementary question.

In the occupation column beside my relative, and beside 5 other householders on the page, the letters "D&D" or possibly "DSD" appear. Normally I'd assume it's "deaf & dumb," but it's completely impossible that 6 out of 10 neighbors, all of young working age, in one area are disabled in some way.

We know the relative was involved in leather for the area's glove factories, if that's any sort of clue. He went on to have a very long life and father 5 children, so any sort of disability is unlikely.

Here's the page, if this link works:

Re: Meaning of D&D in 1860 census?

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This is my theory.....

The area is involved in leather production.

So..... let's look at page 3 of the sequence of census pages.

We see that some people are "Skin Dresser"..... an obsolete term for workman who shaved or pared leather.

On that page we also see a Farmer who also was a Skin Dresser.

I think we are looking at the initials F S D...... for Farmer & Skin Dresser.

Or perhaps a Fur Skin Dresser

Re: Meaning of D&D in 1860 census?

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A relative of mine listed in the 1900 Philadelphia Census was listed clearly as "D & D" which I always viewed as Deaf & Dumb.

His father worked as an Iron Moulder for someone. Could it be an issue?? Not sure unless he carried it home on his clothes.

However, in the 1910 Census the same relative was not mentioned as D & D.

I agree with Joel in one sense as I worked worked for a company in the late 1990's that remediated "leather tanning sites".

The "tanning" sites were horrible. The acrid smell of acids used in the process permeated the neighborhood and could cause according to OSHA, tertogentic problems in children that have speech, vision and hearing issues.
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