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Karen Ivory (View posts)
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Searching for information about Abigail "Biddy" Moore, wife of Lewis Russell Coffey. She died on January 13, 1857 in Wayne County. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Karen Ivoryaren Ivory


Barbara Sikora (View posts)
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Karen, I am also researching the Coffey family in Kentucky. I know Thomas Coffey and a brother had a farm in Firebrick, Ky, on the Ohio river. Had a daughter, Lola, my grandmother. I also know they were from Grayson. Could this be a connection? Lola Montez Coffey, born 1887.Thanks. Barbara


Jim Poore (View posts)
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Really good to see my 3rd g-grandmother's name on the board! Their granddaughter was Verlinda COFFEY, whose picture is somewhere on my web site (below) in the DUNCAN or COFFEY database. Let's talk.
Jim Poore


Darren (View posts)
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I am 6 g-great-grandfather was Reuben Coffey, brother of Lewis Russell.

Lewis Russell Coffey - 12-18-1772 died -9-29-1850

Bidant Moore b. 12-3-1775 d. 1-13-1851

1.Elizabeth Coffey married 3-16-1819 to Richard Northcraft Cullom







G. Shelby Moore Cullom b. 12-22-1829 d. 1-28-1914

married 12-1-1855

Hannah Fisher d. 1863

married 2nd - Julia Fisher (sister of Hannah) on 5-5-1863
He was speaker of the house for one term. He served in Congress from 1876-1883. He was governor of Illinois for two terms, and is said to have been a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln.

2. Rachel Coffey m. 1829 Thomas Jefferson Jones

A. Margaret A. Jones b.1830 d. 1-11-1862

married 8-21-1849 Martin Phillips Salee

1. Elizabeth

2, Jefferson

3. Amanda

4. Margaret

3. Mary Coffey b. 10-19-1800 d. 3-29-1855


Joshua Oatts b. 7-5-1791 d.7-4-1853

A. Cleveland Oatts b. 1-10-1829 d. 12-6-1879

B. James Oatts married Harriette Worsham

C. Cosby Oatts b. 4-5-1827 d. 9-28-1895

married Irene Frisbie b. 9-9-1822 d. 1-28-1875

married Marietta Frisbie b. 1-30-1844 d. 8-6-1891

D. William Henderson Oatts b. 12-6-1826 d. 2-8-1877

married Susan Emarine Harris b.3-14-1850 d.5-23-1908

1. Mary Elsie Oatts b. 1874 d. 1908

married Jeff J. Stokes

2. Nannie J. Oatts b. 1876 d. 1919

married Lloyd A. Rankin

3. Martin Phillip Oatts b. 1877 d. 1884

4. Susan Emarine Oatts b. 1879 d. 1958

married Pearson M. Coffey (2nd cousin)

5. Saphronia L. Oatts married David L. Rankin

6. Mattie Rone Oatts married Dr. Smith D.D.S.

7. Shelby David Oatts

I'll pick up with him later on.


Darren (View posts)
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Surnames: COFFEY
I'm picking up with the 8 child of Henderson Oatts.

8. Nettie Faire Oatts b .1885 d.1965 married Dr. Ben F. Underwood

9.Etta Keys Oatts married J.M.Hill

10.Sally Eva Oatts married Charles C. Wren

11. William Raymond Oatts b.1891 d.1973 marriedSula Ramsey

12. Lena Rivers Oatts b.1894 married Charles Back

E. Emily B. Oatts b.1831

F. John R. Oatts b. 1834

G. Saphrom Oatts b. 10-3-1839 d. 4-14-1855

H. Lewis Oatts

I. Shelby Oatts b. 1843

J. Russell W. Oatts b. 12-22-1844 d. 12-*26-1895 married Emma L. b. 8-31-1853 d. 6-30-1905

K. T.J.Oatts b. 1848 d. 1913 married Nancy Ingram b. 1860 d. 1888

4. James Lewis Coffey b. 9-12-1802 d. 8-7-1855
married Feb. 1829 to Sarah Alloway Strange b. 2-26-1807 d.10-30-1885

A. Jesse Columbus Coffey b .12-7-1829 d. 4-23-1855

B. Elizabeth E. Coffey b. 4-23-1831 d. 5-11-1855

C. Anjeletta Coffey b. 12-*22-1832 d. 5-20-1850

D. George W. Coffey b. 9-21-1834 d. 10-28-1834

E. Cleveland McKendree Coffey b. 1-5-1836 d. 12-7-1921

married 4-17-1887 to Mary Jane Elizabeth Coffey b. 1-24-1854 d. 9-24-1900

If you don't have the rest I'll just e-mail it to you. It's getting late.


Coffey Family

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Surnames: Coffey
I am also researching the Coffey Family of Wayne Co. , Pulaski Co. , and Russell Co. I start with Lewis Coffey , born about 1813, and married Elizabeth Betsy Watters. One of their children Millie Ann Coffey married William Smith.
One of their children was James Shelby Smith who married Kizzie Foster, and one of their children was Alpha Smith, who married Henry Edward Johnson, they are my wifes Grandparents. Do we have a tie ? I would be interested in sharing information with you if we do.
Robert D. Cron


Darren (View posts)
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Surnames: COFFEY
Yes this is the same family. Lewis Coffey was the nephew of Lewis Russell Coffey.
I'll give you a little bit, till I have more time. All I have comes from the Coffey Book.

Lewis Coffey, son of James and Sarah Coffey, was born in the year 1813 in Burke Co,NC. When he was about two years of age, he and his parents moved to Wayne Co.,KY.

More later/
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Please contact me. My cousin Harvey Lee (related to me through the McBeath family) is descended from Elijah Columbus b. 1843, the brother of Millie Coffey.


Biddy Moore

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Surnames: Moore
Perhaps the following will help you.
Abigail Bidant Moore, born May 3 1775 in Albermarle Co. VA.1857. Died Jan. 13 1857 in Wayne Co., buried at the Coffey cemetery near Wolf Creek, along with her husband. Married Lewis Russell Coffey Dec. 10 , 1795. Her parents were Jesse Moore and Alley Johnson. Lewis and Abigaile had 6 children,
Elizabeth Coffey
Rachel Coffey
Mary Coffey
James L. Coffey
Henderson Coffey
Cullom Coffey
Lewis Russell was born Dec. 18 , 1772 in Burkes Co. NC.
He died Sept. 29 , 1850. He is buried next to his wife in the Coffey Cemetery in Wayne CO.
I hope this helps you along. I do have more information, and will share it with you. Perhaps you can fill me in on some of your side of the family.
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Surnames: Millie Ann Coffey
Hello Rosemary, and thank you for the offer to put me in touch with your cousin Harvey Lee. My wife is also a direct descendent of Millie Ann Coffey of Wayne Co. I have tried to send you email at 2 different address includeing this one, and both letters were returned wrong address. Would you send me your correct email address, as well as your cousin ? I will gladly share information with him and you.
Thank you,
Robert D. Cron> Email me at <( )
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