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Charles Crawford

Charles Crawford

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Surnames: Crawford, Bills, Strong
My Great Great Grandmother was Lepha Ann Crawford who married Milo Strong and they lived in Darien, Genesee, New York and had 3 children before she passed away at age 30. Her burial records say she was from Chautauqua County. My Grandmother's family bible said her parents were Charles Crawford and Cinthia Bills. I have been unable to locate any records so far. Can anyone help me out? Lepha would have been born around 1846. I have no dates for her parents. Thanks


Re: Charles Crawford

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Surnames: crawford
I am not sure this will help you any but there are 2 charles crawfords that i know of one in pa. and the other was in virginia . both born about the year you are looking for charles crawford in virginia born 1846 was married 2 times once to my great grandmother. the one in pa I am not sure about but might be same person I am still checking that out .

Re: Charles Crawford

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You are speaking of Charles Crawford Jr. Children were Lepha Ann Crawford, Julius, Sara Jane (jennie) and George W.

I have all the information you are missing regarding Charles and his father, and his father etc.

Hello Cousin!

I will attempt to contact you via email, if I can find your address.

Daniel Crawford

Re: Charles Crawford

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Charles Crawford jr was the fith child and the second son of Charles and Lucy Nash Crawford. Born on the little farm in Brunswick, Maine, he came with his parents and grandparents to Chautauqua county, NY when he was not quite three years old. Early in life he proved to be a handy lad at most anything he was asked to do, but he showed a special interest in helping at the church or other gatherings of a religious nature as they were held in the vicinity. No record has been found of his schooling, but as he had two contemporary first cousins who lived nearby and who attended the Theological Seminary at Whitestown, it is more than likely that Charles also went there. In October of 1844 he was granted a letter of dismissal from the Christian Church, "at his own request". In December of 1845 Charles married Miss Cinthy Bills - probably the daughter of Sidney Mills of the Town of Stockten. They lived for a while with Charles' people and then for a few years in Shumia, NY where the first two fi their children were born. About 18560 Charles and Cinthy too their little family and moved south to Blooming Valley in Crawford County, PA, a place which was near Edenboro and not far from Meadville, and a distance of some 35 miles from their Chautauqua County home. this was a farming community and Charles had been brough up on a farm, so there was no lack of opportunity to find work to do. His industry and the ability to turn his hand to anything that presented soon endeared him to the inhabitants of the community, and as he had gone there with the purpose of preaching the gospel, his working with his hands so that he should not be a charge of these to whom he ministored, also won approval.

Charles Crawford Jr was a minister of the Advent Christian Chruch, although then, as now they used the title "Elder". When he came to Blooming Valley there was no denominational organization there, and he, like all the early Adventists, had come from some other denomination. Most of the earlier ones were from the Baptists, and it is likeley that Charles had joined the Free-Will Baptists after leaving the Christian Chruch where his parents and at least one brother were members. In a short while he had gathered a considerable following in Blooming Valley. Members of the other denominations considered them "heretics" and were soon denied the use of the school house in which to hold their meetings. "So,", writes the present minister of the congregation, there, Elder W.G. Ongley, "on Jan. 11th, 1853, a movement was set on foot to build a meeting-house. Charles Crawford JR was instrumental in having the project completed. It was the first church built in this locality and I rather think it holds the distinction of being the first Advent Christian Church in the United States.

During these years two more children were born into the home and real progress was being made in their work among the people when in the late fall of 18?? an epidemic of typhoid fever came into the community. Charles and Cinthy worked unceasingly in helping their people, but ilate in December, when all thought the trouble was past, Charles was stricken with the disease, and in quick succession, so were all the members of his family. Just a week later he died and was buried in the little cemetery by the church he had built. Cinthy, who had been his faithful helper and nurse during those trying days, had hardly been able to keep up the last days of her husband's illness, and just six days later she too "laid down life's burden" leaving the four small children.

When Cinthy realized that she would not recover she sent for their good friends and neighbors, Mr and Mrs. Moses Whitaker who lived near Edenboro. To them she gave care of the second and third children, Julius and Jennie. The oldest, a daughter named Lepha, she wanted sent back to Charles' mother in Arkwright that she might be under the influence of that good woman. The youngest, a two year old boy was not given into the keeping of anyone because he was so desperately ill that Cinthy was sure he would "go with her". After cithy's death, Charles' body was disinterred and the two bodies were taken on a sleigh for that 65-mile trip back over the hills to their old home in Arkwright and buried in the family plot at the Christian Meeting House (missing a line from the transcription)

their farm there in Pennsylvania and removed to Geneses County, NY taking the children with them and leaving Lepha at her grandparent's home on the way. Elder Ongley, quoted above says "In conclusion I wish to say that the influence of Charles Crawford, Jr, his life and work lingered in the hearts and minds of this community until my day"

I have much, much more...

email me!

daniel crawford

Re: Charles Crawford

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Lepha Ann Crawford 10/29/1846, m 11/8/1869, d 9/17/1876
Milo Strong 11/5/1838 7/20/1912

Lepha Ann Crawford, the oldest child of Elder Charles Crawford, Jr and Cinthy Bills Crawford, was born in Shumla, NY went with her parents to Blooming Valley, PA when about three years of age and was left an orphan by their death when she was just past nine years old. When Lepha's mother was on her death-bed she asked that Lepha should be taken to her paternal grand-mother's home. This was done, but the separation from her brothers and sister caused her so much discontent that Mr Whitaker, with whom the other children were living, went to see her grandfather Crawford and told him he would be glad to have Lepha come to live with them. Arrangements were made for her to go to Mr Whitaker's home in Genosee County, where she grew up as a member of the family. At the age of twenty-one she married Milo Strong who was born in North Darien, NY and then at the age of twenty-nine, established himself in the farming life of the community. They were married in Fredonia, NY but made their home on a good farm that Milo had purchased near the one owned by Mr Whitaker. Both Milo and Lepha were active members of the Advent Christian Chruch at North Darien, NY. The three children were born at the home place and when Lepha died at the age of thirty she was buried in the cemetery at North Darien.

some three years after Lepha's death, Milo married a second time, the bride being Miss Julia Colby. From this marriage there were also three children. The youngest, a son died in infancy. Next was Ray V Stong, born 10/17/1881, and the youngest, a daughter, Clara Belle Strong born 4/30/1890.

Ray V. Strong had five sons, Stuart, Harold, Earle, richard and Russell. the youngest boy died in 1933 at the age of 14.

Clara married Clarence Rudd who died in 1923. she has her home in Niagra Falls, NY.

Milo continued at the farm until at the age of seventy four he was called to lay down life's burdens. He is buried in the family plot at the North Darien Cemetery. His widow, Julia Colby Strong, survived him for nearly twelve years. She died on May 15th, 1924 and is buried in North Darien Cemetery.

Re: Charles Crawford

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Just a bit more. I can't type everything that I have - but wanted to give you a bit.

Your Charles Crawford was the son of Charles Crawford and Lucy Nash.

Charles 11/12/1793 8/15/1869

Charles was the son of James Crawford (b 1747, Maine) and Huldah Thompson, their 11th child. (My direct was his brother, Hugh Crawford)

As a bit of trivia, Lucy Nash is a direct of the Rev William Brewster of Mayflower fame.

+verses written by Charles Crawford a few months before his death and found with his will:

Ellington, January, 1869 -

Weep Not For Me.

Farewell dear children and dear grandchildren, too,
Soon must I leave you and be laid from your view,
Be watchful, be prayerful, obey every just call,
Love Christ's sure coming, and there's a crown for you all.

Farewell dear companion! The joy of my heart.
Long lives have we lived, but ah! lo! we must part.
O still look to Jesus; He'll soon come to bless,
Restoring the Kingdom, the Saints long-promised rest.

Sweetly shall I sleep in the night of the grave,
With the promis of Christ, who is mighty to save.
His voice shall I hear and come forth at His word.
Be caught up with you, to meet Jesus my Lord.

Comfort one another with these words
'Weep not for me, friends, weep not for me.'
Charles Crawford

Re: Charles Crawford

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Hattie Eolia Strong was the first child of Milo and Lopha Crawford Strong. She was born on the farm near Darien, NY. Her mother died when she was but six years old, but hattie continued at home with her father and attended the local school. As the years passed she took more and more of the responsibilities for the work of the household and made a good home for her father and the younger children. At the age of thirty-one she married Edward Griswold, a young electrical engineer from the same county, who had a position with the General Electric Company in Cleveland, Ohio. Edward was the son of Zeno and Hannah Holmes Griswold of Darien, NY. edward and Hattie made their home in Cleveland for about 3 years and then returned to Genesee County and purchased a farm adjoining the Moses Whitaker place where Hattie's mother was brough up. Her the two children were born and have a delightful farm home with all modern conveniences.
Besides doing general farming, Mr Griswold and Lavern have a sawmill which they operate during certain seasons. One evening in November of 1946, while milking Mr Griswold died suddenly from an Embolism.

Ora Lee Strong, second child of Milo and Lopha Crawford Strong was born on the home place near Darien, Genesee County, NY. He grew up as a normal boy in the country in the later 1800s. After finishing the course of study in the local school he attended the Batavia Business College in Batavia, NY and then learned the printing business. After that he had charge of a printing establishment at Corfu, NY for nine years. At the age of twenty five he married Miss Dora Allen of Darien, NY. They made their home in Corfu and there their only child was born. Later Ora Lee had charge of printing places in Batava and Jamestown, NY and in Cincinnati, OH then in 1920 the family moved to Tampa, FL where he had charge of another plant for ten years. In 1930 he returned to Jamestown, NY and represented an Indiana Printing Company in Western NY and Northern Pennsylvania. While living in Florida Dora when to stay with her sister in-law, Mrs Merritt and during MR Merritt's long illness she was a most valuable assistant in nursing him.
In March of 1932 dora was granted a divorce from Mr Strong, and some time later she had a place as nurse and companion for a patient in St Cloud, Fla.
More recently Ora Lee has had to give up the most of his work on account of his health and at this wrting he is again in Florida.

Nellie Mae Strong, the youngest child of Milo and Lepha Crawford Strong, was born at the home place near Darien, NY. Her mother died when Nellie was but eight months old. However, there was a good friend of the family, Mrs James Stewart, who took the baby home with her, and while never legally adopting nellie, Mrs. Stewart kept her as though she were her own child. Nellie attended school at Alexander, NY and later became a nurse. In 1923 she married Mr Merritt who was the son of David and Louiza Smith Merritt and was born in Bethany, NY. Mr and Mrs Merritt went to Miami, FL to make their home. About two years later they removed to St Cloud, near the central part of peninsular Florida. Although Mr. Merritt had a severe illness while in Miami, he recovered sufficeiently to become mail carrier for the Star Route between Kisasimmee and St Cloud, and so they made their home in Kissimmee for the next two years, renting their home in St Cloud. In the summer of 1932 Mr Merritt suffered a severe stroke of Apoplexy and was confined to his bed, absolutely helpless from that time until his death, about sixteen months later. He was buried in Grand View Cemetery, Batavia, NY. Nellie continues to live in her home in St Cloud and about every second summer she will spend a few weeks with her sister and with friends in New York State.

Charles Crawford

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The family would be happy to get you a copy of the source documents. Copied with permission from the original author's grand-daughter:

Charles Crawford was the 11th child of James and Huldah Thompson Crawford. He was born in Brunswick, Lincoln County, Province of Maine, which was then a part of the Massachusetts Colony. He resided in that vicinity until 1825 when he removed to Chautauqua County, NY. He died at Ellington, NY and was buried in the old cemetery at that place. He served as a Volunteer in the War of 1812, a private in Captain Peter Jordan's Company in the Second Regiment (Thomas's) of the Massachusetts Militia. He served at Bath, Maine, from June20th to June 22nd, 1814 and from Sept. 10 to Sept 29, 1814. Because of this service Lucy received a pension from Mar. 9 1878 until her death.

After the birth record in Brunswick, ME., and the military record as found in the Pension Claims at Washinton, DC, the next official record is a deed conveying a track of farm land near Brunswick, Maine, from Benjamin Crawford to Charles Crawford (his brother) on Mar. 11, 1815. This deed was witnessed by two of his sisters, Nabby Crawford Hopkinson and Sarah Crawford.

(missing line)

Next is a record of the marriage of Charles Crawford of Brunswick, Me., to Lucy Nash of Braintree, Mass on Mar 3, 1816 found in Weymouth, Mass., Vital Records and also in the Records of the Town of Braintree, Mass. The next records are of the births of some of the children, then a deed dated April 8, 1823 by which he conveyed "the premises on which I now live" to "James Crawford, my father", for the sum of one thousand dollars. Both Charles and Lucy sign the deed.

Plummer's History of Bath, Maine, published by the Times Company, Bath, Maine, 1936 states that at a meeting of the Firewards of Bath on April 11, 1824, at the house of William King these Firewards had their duties apportioned. About half-way down the list Charles Crawford's name appears with the information that he had assigned to have charge of fire hook No. 1. At this time the fire fighting equipment of the community consisted of two hand operated force-pump affairs mounted on wheels. The tub from which the water was drawn into the pump was a part of this "engine" and it was supplied by water being poured into it by men who formed a bucket-line or lines, from the nearest available water supply. The personal equipment with which each member must be supplied was two leather buckets, two large canvas bags with draw-strings (these bags to be used to carry articles out of a burning building) and a knapsack in which the bags and buckets should be kept at all times. In addition to these items there were scattered at specific places throughout the village a number of long ladders which certain of the
Firwards were to carry with them when going to a nearby fire.

The next official record is found in the Clerks's office at Maryville, Chautauqua County, NY, where a deed under date of Nov. 26, 1828 conveys 115 acres of land just south of land owned by James O. Morse & Company, from the Holland Land Company to Charles Crawford. Tax records and property transfers make up the other official records until July 26th 1869 when the "last Will and Testament of Charles Crawford, deceased." was entered for probate before H.O. Lakin, Surrogate at Mayville, NY, the notation stating that he "died on May 15th 1869".

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previous was Charles Crawford Sr. The subject Charles's father. We have a picture of Charles and Lucy, I'd be happy to share.

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I had found a Charles Crawford and a Lucy and in the house was also a Sarah Bills so I thought that there was a connection but I wasn't sure what. Your information is great! Thank you so much!
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