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Searching for the parents of Francis Brown d. ca 1709 who may have married Elizabeth Bannister or Elizabeth Allen. Francis Brown was father of Daniel Brown b. 1675 in Old Rappahannock Co., Va., who m. Elizabeth Coleman.

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Surnames: Brown, Browne, Allen, Bannister, Coleman, Smith
According to a history of the Allen families. Elizabeth Allen m. 1693 to Francis Browne, d. 1708, son of a Daniel Browne and Elizabeth Smith. This Francis Browne had a son named Daniel, d. 1747, who married Elizabeth Coleman abt. 1716. Daniel, d. 1747, had a daughter, Elizabeth, who married her cousin, John Brown, son of William Browne. They had a son named Coleman, who, by process of elimination, must be the one from whom I descend.

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Surnames: Brown/Ince/Ward/Basile/Smith
Do either of these families have children/cousins named George Coleman Brown (b. abt. 1798, VA-married Eleanor Martin) or Daniel W. Brown (b. abt. 1810, VA-married Dorcas Martin). These brothers or cousins traveled from VA to Tuscarawas, OH (1850) to Fulton, IL (1860). Daniel Brown is my direct ancestor.

I suspect, but haven't been able to prove, that these two Browns are related to the Brown/Coleman families who lived in and around Culpeper, VA.

Any clues would really be appreciated. Thanks.

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Lyndell Brown (View posts)
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Surnames: Browne, Coleman, Bannister, Allen, Hornbeck, Hardister
I have not encountered Martins, but have seen a Bannister in the records somewhere. My great-grandfather was George C. Brown, b. 1859, Randolph Co., Missouri. I do not have anything on the Ohio Browns.

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Surnames: Brown, Coleman, Bennett, Hill, Garrett, Baker
Per other records on RootsWeb, Elizabeth Coleman first married Henry Brown in 1706 in Middesex Co., VA, and they had children: William, Gaffield, James (who married Catherine Woods) and Henry. There are a couple of records on RootsWeb, however, that show the parents of the above James Brown who married Catherine Woods as a William Brown and his wife Hester Baker, but I have my suspicions about that. This William Brown was born in Delaware in 1681/1682, and he married Hester Baker in PA in 1704. William and Hester (Baker) Brown's other children are shown as William (born in MD in 1705), Margaret (born in PA in 1706/1707) and John (born in PA about 1710).

Per RootsWeb, Elizabeth (Coleman) Brown then married (second) Daniel Brown before 13 Aug 1713 in Essex Co., VA. They had children: Anne, Mary, Thomas, Daniel, Coleman, William, Elizabeth and Francis.

The above daughter of Elizabeth (Coleman) Brown and her second husband Daniel Brown named Elizabeth Brown married her cousin named John Brown (stated in a post on Genforum; that post was based on a book about Culpepper Co., VA). Per that post, plus some addtional information on RootsWeb, John Brown and his cousin Elizabeth (Brown) Brown had known children: John, Daniel (he was a Captain, and he married Elizabeth Hill), Thomas, Coleman, Ann, Richard, Mary, Elizabeth and William. The above-mentioned post on Genforum (on the Brown message forum) shows the children of Captain Daniel Brown and his wife Elizabeth Hill (I won't list them here).

I do not know how'/if Elizabeth Coleman's two husbands, Henry Brown and Daniel Brown, were related. I also did not know who the father was of the John Brown who married his cousin Elizabeth Brown. Your post shows John's father as a William Brown, and the William Brown mentioned above who married Hester Baker had a son named John, so maybe that is the "cousin connection." Per one record on RootsWeb, however, the John Brown who married his cousin Elizabeth Brown was born in Scotland around 1725 and his father is not shown (so who knows what is correct)?

The old Henry Brown who married Elizabeth Coleman is said to have been born in Middlesex Co., VA around 1684. The old Daniel Brown who also married Elizabeth Coleman is said to have been born in 1681 (place apparently unknown).

The three 1783 Middlesex Co., VA tax lists (one for each section of the county, apparently) show no Brownes or Browns in that county at that time. In Surry Co., VA, however, there were several Browns, in ADDITION TO the remnants of the Browne family that had been in Surry since the early 1600s (the "Four Mile Tree" Brownes that married into the famous Meriwether family). In 1810 and 1820, however, a John Brown was on the Middlesex Co., VA census, and I believe that he was my 3rd maternal ggf. He married Mary Bennett in Middlesex in 1805 (and she had a relative named Smith Bennett). John and Mary (Bennett) Brown moved to Gloucester Co., VA before the 1830 census. My 2nd maternal ggf was Smith Washington Brown (born about 1818 in Middlesex), and he married Susan Hill Garrett in the 1840s.

I wonder if some of the "Middlesex Co., VA Browns" moved to Surry Co., VA by 1782, and I wonder if the John Brown who was in Middlesex by 1805 was simply returning to the family's roots? Those in Surry in 1782 and 1784 (who don't appear to be members of the "Four Mile Tree Brownes") included two James Browns, a John Brown, a Richard D. Brown, an Edward Brown and a Jesse Brown. Of course, it is possible that those 1783 Middlesex tax lists simply missed the Brown family in Middlesex, and maybe the family of "my" John Brown was actually there all along (versus being in Surry or elsewhere). I guess it is also possible that "my" John Brown was not a descendant of the Henry/Daniel Brown and Elizabeth Coleman family, but then again, he had to come from somewhere.

Do you have any comments on the above information? Thanks!

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Additional info:

James Brown and Catherine Woods had these children in Middlesex Co., VA:

William (b. 1734), James (b. ?; married Judith Yarrington), Samuel (b. 1737-1739; married Elizabeth Ann Gaines), Elizabeth (b. 1742) and Mary (b. 1745).

Perhaps the above son named James was one of the two James Browns in Surry in 1782 and 1784 (just wild speculation at this point).

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Some final info:

Per a post on the RootsWeb message board for Surry Co., VA, there was a William Browne who was born about 1705 (place unknown) and who was married to a Sarah Unknown. He died in Surry Co., VA (his will was probated there on 19 Sept 1776). He and his wife had children: Henry, William, Benjamin, John, Samuel (born 1749; married to Elizabeth Unknown), Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth, Selvah (Salviah) and Ann. The people who have researched the "Four Mile Tree Brownes" in Surry don't "claim" this William Browne. Based on his birth year, he could have been the son of that William Brown and Hester Baker who were married in 1704 in Chester Co., PA (see my earlier post; they had a son named William in 1705 in Cecil Co., MD, per RootsWeb).

IF (and that remains a "big IF") William and Hester (Baker) Brown's son named John was the one who married his cousin Elizabeth Brown, then the William Brown who married Hester Baker, and the Daniel Brown who was the second husband of Elizabeth Coleman, were obviously related.

In any case, the William Browne who died in Surry in 1776 could have been yet another member of this overall Brown(e) family. Maybe the older William Brown came down from the DE/MD/PA to join his relatives Henry and Daniel Brown in Virginia. In any case, it could be that my likely 3rd ggf, John Brown, was a direct-line descendant of the above Willliam Browne and Hester Baker versus a direct-line descendant of William's possible relatives Henry or Daniel Brown (who both married Elizabeth Coleman). Again, just "wild speculation" at this point.

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Per some "family trees" on RootsWeb, Daniel Brown, son of Francis and Elizabeth (Allen) Brown, had a brother named David Brown. This David Brown and his unknown spouse had the John Brown who married his cousin Elizabeth Brown (daughter of Daniel Brown and his wife Elizabeth Coleman).

Even if this is correct, I still don't know how/if Henry Brown, the first husband of Elizabeth Coleman, was related to the brothers Daniel and David Brown, and I still don't know if any of them were related to the William Brown who married Hester Baker in 1704 in PA (who had a William Brown of their own in 1705......MAYBE the William Browne who died in Surry Co., VA in 1776....but certainly no proof of that). I note, however, that the son of William and Hester (Baker) Brown named William Brown who was born in 1705 is shown as being "Of Orange, VA."

I note that Daniel Brown is shown to have eventually lived in the Spotsylvania/Orange Co., VA area (Spotsylvania was created in part from Essex Co., VA, and Orange was created from Spotsylvania), and Daniel eventually lived in the Culpepper Co., VA area (which was created from Orange). I don't know if this "Orange Co., VA connection" is further evidence of a possible "blood relationship" between Daniel and David Brown and the older William Brown who married Hester Baker (and whose son William was "Of Orange, VA").

Per all of the familiy trees that I have seen on RootsWeb, the parents of Francis Brown (who married Elizabeth Allen) were an earlier Francis Brown and his wife Elizabeth, NOT an earlier Daniel Brown and his wife Elizabeth as mentioned in the first post to which I am responding. I do not know, however, which is correct.

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Another researcher has confirmed that Francis Brown "I" and his wife had Francis Brown "II" and a Daniel Brown (plus 4 daughters). Francis Brown "II" had a later Daniel Brown of his own, and this later Daniel Brown married Elizabeth Coleman. A daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth, who was also named Elizabeth Brown, married a John Brown. Per some information on the Internet, John was her cousin, and he was the son of either an Abraham Brown or a David Brown (depending on what record we should believe). I cannot find a David Brown in this family in that timeframe, so I suspect that Abraham was the father of the above John Brown. Abraham Brown was not the son of Francis Brown "II," but rather Abraham was the son of the first Daniel Brown (the Daniel who was the son of Francis Brown "I"). This first Daniel Brown is shown to have married a Jane, and most records show her as Jane Copeland. Daniel and Jane had several children besides Abraham, and these included yet another Francis Brown, plus a Henry Brown who married Keziah Jones.

It is unclear if the Henry Brown who had William, James, Gaffield and Henry Brown was part of this same family. The Henry Brown who married Keziah Jones did not have children with those names.

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Erin Peters (View posts)
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OK, I'm lost ... but perhaps you can help.
Any way I can link a Daniel Brown (m. 1721, d. 1767) who m. Susanna Scarlett to this line? They had a daughter named Mary Brown (b bef 1746) who later married Jeremiah Collett.

All were in PA to th ebest of my knowledge.
I would love to hear any possible connections.

Erin Peters
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