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Share/Exchange Info on Family Names

Share/Exchange Info on Family Names

Gloria Lambert (View posts)
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Very interested in sharing/exchanging information on the listed families, who lived in both Cabell Co and Lincoln Co.
My info:

Margaret J McCallister b 1837 Cabell Co?(d/o Issac and Rebecca Erwin McCallister) m 1) Male/name? Haskins b OH. Lived in Ark., unable to locate any records there. Three children, possible 4th - all but one born in AR:

1)William "Bernie" Haskins b 1863 ARK m Lenora Staley, returned to Arkansas after 1880 , had 8 children; Lenora died prior to 1898?, Bernie returned to Cabell/Lincoln Co. He died 1903, leaving 8 children ages 2-14 to be raised by his half-sisters (see below). One child was my grandmother Maude Lee Haskins b 1889 who married Squire Levi Webb, s/o James and Belzora Southard/Sutherd Webb...s/o James and Lois Bagley Webb...s/o James and Elizabeth Billups Webb.

2) Emmer S Haskins b 1866 m Stephen Thacker b 1842 d 1902(m 1) Lucinda K Williams, 2) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dixon). Emmer and Stephen had six children. After Stephen's death, Emmer married McClennan Callihan.

3) Charlie A Haskins b 1871 Gallia Co, OH d 1954 m Anna Wagner buried Enon Cemetery. Long and confusing story about Charlie, his *real* father, Margaret's marriage to "Male" Haskins, who was said to be a bigamist when he married Margaret.

4) Possibly another Haskins son - no info, just family tidbits.

Margaret J McCallister married 2) 1872 Gallia Co OH Jeremiah Gothard b abt 1825, widower w/at least 4 children from previous marriage to Sarah Rice. Jerry and Margaret had 3 daughters all born and married in Cabell Co, WV:

1) Alice b abt 1872 married Ulysses Grant Bledsoe
2) Hattie b 1874 married Ira Bias
3) Essie b 1876 married Charles Poindexter "Deck" Rousey

The above three women were half-sisters to Wm Bernie Haskins and helped raise his children after he died.

Have info on Margaret's McCallister line back to early 1700's in VA. Have lots of Webb information and knowledge. Have names/dates for many of the Rousey/Bledsoe connections, but all info is new to me obtained on recent trip to Cabell/Lincoln Co. Desperately need Staley & early Haskins info. Would love to exchange/share info with others from related lines as mentioned above.


Sharing/Exchanging Family Info

Gloria Lambert (View posts)
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Hi Maryellen:

Thanks so much for the response. What time period is your John Staley from? Below is what I believe to be my Lenora Staley's family from the 1870 Cabell Co annotated census. I'm also in touch with a descendent of the child Lushcian (Lucian).

¶CENSUS: 1870 Wayne Co, WV
#149-149 STALEY
Stephen age 58 VA F.H. (??not sure what F.H. means)
Ann (a H) age 34 VA K.H. ??
Julian age 14 OH F.H. ??
Lushcian age 12 OH
Massella (m) age 9 OH
Butler age 7 OH
Nora age 5 OH***Believe this may be my Lenora
Julia age 3 OH
Eddie age 9 mth WV b August

I believe, if allied family patterns hold true, that all the children (except last one) were born in Gallia Co OH (if not, then in Lawrence Co. So, I need to find the 1860 Gallia Co Census and a birth record for *Nora*.

The Stephen above is said to be the son of Stephen Staley and Mary Peyton. Other children of that marriage: Jacob, Josphe, Elisha, Barbery (?Barbara), Andrew T, Hester, Hannah, Peyton, and several others. Does your John descend from on of those sons? And what are your Thacker connections. Look forward to talking with you.

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Surnames: Davis, Fowler, Staley, Adkins, Thacker
My husband's family came from Cabell Co. I have info on the Staley family from Prichard, WV area. Don't know if they are related to the ones you are looking for. They come down from the John Staley family. Would be glad to help if I can.

Stephen Staley, & descendents

Gloria (View posts)
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Hi Maryellen:
YES....Elisha and Mary definitely do fit siblings of Peyton. Below is brief outline from census info, some family knowledge, a friend who also descends from Stephen & Mary. **I need to prove that Lenora (below) is the 5 yrs old Nora from 1870 census....and need to prove her marriage to Wm. Bernie Haskins. Marriage most likely OH, or AR..although could be WV, but zero in Cabell & Wayne.
All help welcome; glad to share.

Descendants of Stephen¥ Staley, Jr

1 Stephen¥ Staley, Jr b: 06 March 1796 in Shepardstown Jefferson, VA d: 11 June 1851 in Wayne Co, WV
..+Mary Peyton b: 1797 m: Bef. 1816 in Virginia
..2 Jacob Staley b: 28 April 1817 in Whites Creek, VA
.......+Elizabeth Burkes
.......3 Charles E Staley b: 27 December 1848 in Wayne Co, WV d: 26 September 1893 in Wayne Co, WV
...........+Lou Ellen Fuller b: 1866 in West Virginia m: 13 February 1887 in Wayne Co, WV d: Bef. 11 June 1889 in Wayne or Cabell Co, WV
.......*2nd Wife of Charles E Staley:
...........+Laura B Piles b: 1870 in West Virginia m: 11 June 1889 in Wayne Co, WV
.......3 William Henry Staley b: 1850-1851 in Wayne Co, WV d: 15 October 1935 in Wayne Co, WV
...........+Mary F Cyrus
.......3 Stephen Calvin Staley b: 1851-1853
...........+Julia B Smith b: 1857 in Wayne Co, WV m: 28 April 1876 in Wayne Co, WV Father: Harrison Smith Mother: Frances Hazlett
.......*2nd Wife of Stephen Calvin Staley:
...........+Cloadell 'Della' Shepard m: 11 September 1891 in Wayne Co, WV
.......3 Nancy E Staley b: 1855 in Wayne Co, WV
.......3 John Creed Staley b: 04 October 1856 in Wayne Co, WV d: 04 April 1918
.......3 George B Staley b: 1858 in Wayne Co, WV
.......3 Elizabeth Phoebe Staley b: 01 June 1859 in Wayne Co, WV d: 10 September 1942 in Wayne Co, W
.......3 Ann Staley b: Aft. 1859
..2 Rebecca Staley b: Abt. 1820
..2 Peyton Staley b: 01 December 1821 in Wayne Co, WV

d: 10 February 1917 in Wayne Co, WV
....... +Martha Haynie b: 1824 m: Bef. 1845
.......3 William Staley b: Unknown d: in Says died young
.......3 Daniel B Staley b: 1845
...........+Sarah Booth m: 15 November 1866 in Wayne Co, WV
.......3 Mary Ellen Staley b: 1847
.......3 Sarah Elizabeth Staley b: 1849
.......3 Hannah E Staley b: 1851
.......3 Martha F Staley b: 1854
.......3 Barbary Staley b: 1856
.......3 Hester A Staley b: 1858
.......3 John Staley b: 1864
.......3 Rebecca Staley b: 1867
..2 Joseph Staley b: 1823
....... +Harriett Hinds-Hiezey-Hisey b: 1828 m: in Cabell Co, VA*
.......3 William H Staley b: 1845
.......3 Margarett Staley b: 1847
.......3 Ezra Staley b: 1855
.......3 Clara-Clerissa Staley b: 1858
.......3 Solomon Staley b: 1860
.......3 Anthony Staley b: 1863
.......3 Olivia Staley b: 1866
..2 Elisha Romulus Staley b: Abt. 1824 in Virgini
....... +Rutha Ann [________] Staley b: 1824 m: Bef. 185
.......3 John P Staley b: Abt. 1854
.......3 Absolum 'Abe' Staley b: Abt. 1857 in Wayne Co, W
...........+Georgia Smith
....... *2nd Wife of Absolum 'Abe' Staley:
...........+Effa Mae 'Effie' Webb b: 28 July 1876 in Lawrence Co, OH m: Aft. 1920 d: 14 November 1965 in Lincoln Co, WV Father: James¥ F Webb Mother: Belzora¥ Sutherds-Southard
.......3 Rebecca F Staley b: Abt. 1859
...........+William John Westley
.......3 Lane Staley b: Abt. 1861
.......3 Mary J Staley b: Abt. 1863
..2 Stephen¥ Staley III b: 1824 in Virginia
.......+Anna¥ [________] Staley b: 1836 in Virginia
.......3 Lenora¥ Staley b: 1865 in Ohio d: Abt. 1900 in Green Co or Craighead Co, AR
...........+William¥ Bernard Haskins, Sr b: 20 July 1863 in AR m: Bef. 1888 d: 16 August 1903 in Lincoln Co, WV Father: Male¥ Haskins Mother: Margaret¥ J McCallister
.......3 Julian Staley b: 1856 in Ohio
.......3 Eustacius 'Ustacious' Staley b: 1858 in Lawrence Co, OH d: 31 August 1938 in Wayne Co, WV
...........+Priscilla Hayton b: 08 August 1857 in Pike Co, KY m: 26 June 1880 in Wayne Co, WV Father: Joseph Hayton Mother: Martha Fife
.......3 Massella Staley b: 1861 in Ohio
.......3 Butler Staley b: 1863 in Ohio
.......3 Julia Staley b: 1867 in Ohio
.......3 Eddie Staley b: August 1870 in Cabell Co, WV
..2 Solomon T Staley b: 1831-1841 in Whites Creek, Cabell Co, VA
.......+Nancy Fuller b: May 1848 in Pike Co, KY m: 12 April 1866 in Wayne Co, WV Father: John Fuller Mother: Celia Anderson
.......3 Oceola Staley b: 17 April 1867 in Wayne Co, WV d: 14 June 1902
.......3 James Irwin Staley b: 08 November 1870 in Wayne Co, WV d: 06 July 1957 in Wayne Co, WV
.......3 Anna Staley b: 08 January 1871 in Wayne Co, W
.......3 William Henry Staley b: 26 January 1873 in Wayne Co, WV d: 02 October 1936
.......3 Rosie Staley b: 08 April 1875 in Wayne Co, W
.......3 Infant Staley b: 08 April 1875 in Wayne Co, W
.......3 Mary Staley b: 02 May 1877 in Wayne Co, WV d: 11 January 1962
.......3 Ralph L Staley b: 23 May 1879 in Wayne Co, WV d: 13 January 1940
.......3 John Staley b: 17 April 1883 in Wayne Co, WV d: 03 December 1957 in Prichard, WV
...........+Elizabeth Perdue b: 16 November 1891 in Wayne Co, WV m: 05 November 1910 in Gragston, WV d: 08 November 1960 in Prichard, WV
.......3 Celia Staley b: 10 May 1884 in Wayne Co, WV d: 08 October 1910
.......3 Strother Staley b: 11 August 1888 in Wayne Co, WV d: 15 April 1971 in Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN
..2 Barbary Ann Staley b: Abt. 1834
..2 Andrew J Staley b: 1834 in Wayne Co, WV
.......+Elizabeth Caroline Fuller b: 1840 in Wayne Co, WV m: 30 August 1860 in Wayne Co, WV
..2 Aaron Staley b: 1836
..2 William Staley b: 1846
..2 Margaret Staley b: 1848
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I believe all the names above will fit in the Peyton Staley file. They were all located in the Cabell Co. area at one time. My husband's grandfather was John Staley, a direct descendant of Peyton Staley. Would be glad to share info with you. I have an Elisha Ranuel Staley listed born in 1834. Mary Staley b. Mar. 19 1837. Do these names fit??

Stailey, Mc Callister

Gloria Lambert (View posts)
Posted: 930484800000
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Hi Linda:

The only reference I have for a Hensly/McCallister connection is one I picked up while surfing the net.

Seems a Cynthia McCallister met up with a Mr. Hensley. The result was a son named Jason Rice McCallister. But Cynthia and Mr. Hensley did not marry.

I have no further information on this line. If you want to pursue, this is the URL: (

Good Luck,

James Hensley

Linda Gulbrantson (View posts)
Posted: 930484800000
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Do you all have a HENSLEY connection?
I have Martin Emmett Stailey b. in Clayton County Kentucky m. Mary Ellen Story (great Aunt).
I am looking for a James Hensley b. 1820 m. Elizabeth ? b. in Va. married in Va.
I heard that they maybe a McCallister and Hensley connection in Va./WVA.

Cynthis McCallister m Richard McCallister

Michele (View posts)
Posted: 931176000000
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I have a Cynthia McCallister being the second wife of Richard McCallister II, they married in 1857. According to courthouse records, her maiden name was also McCallister

Cynthia McCallister m Richard McCallister

Gloria (View posts)
Posted: 931262400000
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Hi Michele:

Yes, Cynthia McCallister was the 2nd wife of Richard McCallister, Jr. They married in Cabell County, VA shortly after his return from Arkansas in 1857, where he & many of his married children & their familes went in 1854. Many returned to Cabell along with Richard. A few stayed, including Isaac Preston McCallister, my ggg-grandfather.

If you follow this line, would very much like to exchange information. Tried sending you an e-mail...but AOL says *not an AOL subscriber*.


Mary Staley (Stayley) b1826

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My great great grandmother, Mary STAYLEY b1826 in VA m William BUSH b1822. They married 1844 in Botetourt Cty, VA. One of their daughter's, Arnetta BUSH b1865 m Charles WHITE b1845. This couple resided in Huntington, Cabell County, WVA. I am hoping that Mary STAYLEY may fit with your information.
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