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Rachel Jensen

Rachel Jensen

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Surnames: Jensen, Alsaker ( ? )
Hi, I need help to find out about my ggrandmother. She came to the U.S. in 1903 from Bergen. Her name may have been Ragna Alsaker, I don't know how it was changed. Any information would be a help.Thanks, Barb

Need lookup: Ragna Jensdatter Alsaker from Tysnes, Hordaland, b. 1879

Taryn (View posts)
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Here she is leaving Bergen in 1903

49572 Bergen 2126 1903 Juni 18 Ragna Gurine Jensdtr. Alsaker f ugift tj.pige 24 1879 Tysnes Tysnes Denver Colorado Anker PP PP

Leaving June 18, 1903, Ragna Gurine Jensdatter Alsaker (probably the farm name from whence she came) female, unmarried, tjeneste pige (hired girl, or earning girl, has been out in the workplace) age 24, born 1879 in Tysnes, most recent residence in Tysnes, going to Denver Colorado.

Tysnes is a parish in Hordaland fylke, near Bergen.

Here she is on the census of 1900, but at that time she is living as a hired girl at a farm under the main farm Alsaker. so not with her parents on the census.

643 68 Tysnæs 11 Under 153 1 Alsakernæs Husmandsplads n 5 5 5 j j j n n j
HusholdNo Fornavn Etternavn Kjønn Bosatt Familiestilling Sivilstand Yrke Fødselsår Fødested Statsborgerskap Trossamfunn
3824 1 Johannes Alsakernæs m b Hf g Husmand m J og Notebas 1847 t n s
3825 Kristiane Tjørbjornsdtr k b Hm g Husmands- og Notebaskone 1848 t n s
3826 Tora Johannesdtr k b D ug Datter 1888 t n s
3827 Helga Johannesdtr k b D ug Datter 1889 t n s
3828 Ragna Jensdtr k b Tj ug Tjenestepige 1879 t n s

I don't find any Jens living at Alsaker farms.

To find out more about her, you might have to find Tysnes records. The LDS (Latter Day Saints - Mormon) research center near you (contact your local LDS church) will most likely be able to get ahold of the microfilmed church records for you. Since you know her birth year and her father's name, that helps in the search. The Alsaker last name came from the farm where she was living. I don't know if her parents ever lived there too.

Have you gotten her death certificate? Sometimes it will say the names of the parents. Was she alive long enough to have a Social security number? When she filled out her application she may have had to put her parents' names on that.

I DID find her on the LDS website,

Here is her birth information with her parents names, but they are pretty common names. The church records might say which farm they are living at, or other info.

Ragna Gurine <JENSDATTER>
Sex: F


Birth: 09 Nov 1879 Place: <Tysnes, Hordaland, Norway>
Christening: 07 Dec 1879 Place: Tysnes, Hordaland, Norway


Father: Jens OLSEN
Mother: Guro OLSDR


Source Information:
Batch Number: C429302
Source Dates: 1872 - 1891
Film or Fiche Number: 124771
Collection Details: Onarheim; Den Norske Kirke

On the 1865 census there is a Jens Olsen living as the oldest son on the Alsaker farm in Tysnes. Perhaps that is her father and their home farm also. But I don't have any proof of a link. Just the Alsaker farm name, the name Jens Olsen. A birthdate would help a little with verification.

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Tysnes
Municipality number: 1223
Name of domicile: Alsaker
Number of persons in this domicile: 8.
Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Birth place Ethnicity
Ole Samuelsen Husfader g Gaardb og Selveier 1804 Tysnæs Prgj.
Elsebø Jensdatter hans Kone g 1814 Tysnæs Prgj.
Jens Olsen deres Søn ug hjelper Faderen med Gaardsbruget 1848 Tysnæs Prgj.
Helge Olsen deres Søn ug hjelper Faderen med Gaardsbruget 1851 Tysnæs Prgj.
Ole Olsen deres Søn ug hjelper Faderen med Gaardsbruget 1855 Tysnæs Prgj.
Johannes Andersen ug Tjenestekarl 1829 Tysnæs Prgj.
Christi Pedersdatter ug Tjeneste Pige 1837 Tysnæs Prgj.
Brithe Olsdatter ug Lægslem 1841 Tysnæs Prgj.

The Alsaker is main farm number 153 I think. There is a farm and family history book (called a Bygdebok in Norwegian) for Tysnes.

TYSNES Gards- og ættesoge 4
Tittel/Title: Tysnes Gards- og ættesoge 4
Forfatter/Author: Ernst Berge Drange
Utgiver/Publisher: Tysnes Sogelag
Utgivelsesår/Year: 1991
Språk/Language: Norsk
Innhold/Contents: Onarheimsokno - er den austre delen av Tysnesøyo og har matrikkelnumra frå 128 til 169 i Tysnes kommune.
Onarheim Parish - the Eastern part of Tysnes island and have farm register numbers from 128 to 169.

It might be available to you through an interlibrary loan arranged at your local library, but in Norwegian. Try this website to contact people with the book. Scroll down til you see Tysnes.

It might be an old/not updated page, so good luck.

Re: Need lookup: Ragna Jensdatter Alsaker from Tysnes, Hordaland, b. 1879

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Ragnas family is described in Tysnes farm and family history, vol. 4 under farm Elsåker (spelling variation of Alsaker), page 558. She was the daughter of Jens Olson (1848-1897)Alsaker on subfarm #1 and his 2nd wife Guro Olsdaughter (1843-1927) Dalen #1. They were married in 1873 an had 8 children.

Re: Need lookup: Ragna Jensdatter Alsaker from Tysnes, Hordaland, b. 1879

Taryn (View posts)
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This is what I found on the 1886 farm owner census.

Fylke: Hordaland
Kommune: Tysnes
Sogn: Onareim
Gårdsnummer: 153
Gammelt matrikkelnr: 154
Navn på gård: Elsaaker
Merknad: Alm. skr. Alsaker.
Antall bruk registrert på matrikkelgården: 2.
Bruksnr Løpenr Bruksnavn Brukers navn Skyld i mark og øre Daler-Ort-Skilling
1 426 Elsaaker Jens Olsen 4.30 3.3.7
2 427 Elsaaker Ole Kristensen 4.22 3.2.8

Showing Jens Olsen Elsaaker owning subfarm 1 at Elsaaker (Alsaker)

But where were Ragna's parents (Jens and Guro) in 1900? And even later? Did relatives stay on the farm, all those siblings?

Does the bygdebok say anything about that?

Re: Need lookup: Ragna Jensdatter Alsaker from Tysnes, Hordaland, b. 1879

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The book tells us that Jens died in 1897 and Ragna's mother moved to Bergen (where I live) with her children around the turn of the last century. She was still living on Tysnes in the 1900-census:

Ragnas father was the 7th generation of that family (and alas, the last) on the Alsaker farm, it was passed on from father to son since the mid 16-hundreds. (Glad to see that you still got the hang of it, Taryn :-) I'm working on a chart for Barbara now!
regards, Nina

Re: Need lookup: Ragna Jensdatter Alsaker from Tysnes, Hordaland, b. 1879

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Thank you so much for the information

Re: Rachel Jensen

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Hi Barb,

I finally got an account. I am doing a lot of discovery on my family, but when I get back to Julie's family I will let you know. All the best.

Doug Taylor
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