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William Kerrigan, County Leitrim

William Kerrigan, County Leitrim

Nancy Lortscher (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerrigan, Cooney, Ward
My grandfather, William Kerrigan, was born in Kinlough, County Leitrim which is very close to the border of County Donegal. We believe he was born around 1862 the son of Patrick and Ellen (Cooney). Ellen's parent's were Patrick Cooney and her mother's last name was Ward. There were at least five siblings; Patrick, James, Edmond (who might have become a priest), Margaret and Edward. Any help? Nancy

William Kerrigan, Kinlough

Jim Kerrigan (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerrigan, Mughan, O'Loughlan
My ggrandfather was a James from Kinlough - Gubacreeny. The family is linked to those in Bundoran/Ballyshannon area. Before he died my father mentioned at least 3 brothers - Paddy, Jack, and Ken + 2 or 3 sisters. He was married to either a Mughan or a Susan O'Loughlan (a teacher). I would like to check this with my uncle in Dublin.
The family were buried at Finner, and the Finner website does not include all the Kerrigans. There is also a listing of inscriptions in "Where Erne and Drowes meet the sea - Fragments from a Patrician Parish" by P O Gallachair, pub 1961 by the Donegal Democrat.
(This gives an 18th C spelling as Kerragon, and 17th of O'Kerogan).
James had 9 children
1 Pat
2 James - died very early in WW1
3 John - died aged 95?
4 Frank
5 Joseph - my gfather
6 Andy - went to Connecticut and married a woman from Cork?
Ann - lost a leg in a NY accident and married a German?
Susan - became a nun in NY - Sister Helen Vincent. There was mention of a US Army uniform in the house - one of the brothers?
My gfather married Elizabeth Kerrigan (from Leitrim) and lived in Kinlough - not cousins. They used to go to church at the Star of the Sea in Bundoran. (Was this built by some brothers from Kinlough?) Elizabeth had siblings - ? Edward, Peter, Patrick ( emigrated to Sydney,New South Wales), Mary, Rose and Kate?
Joseph and Elizabeth had 3 children - my father James Joseph (emigrated to England and settled the 3rd time - Lancashire), John (now in Dublin), and Mary (gone to TB in the '40's).

Any of this familiar?
Somewhere along the line the family is linked to the Gorman's, McBride's and Gallager's.

William Kerrigan, Kinlough

Jim Kerrigan (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerrigan, Gallagher, McGowan
I have done a little more checking of my very limited references. The rental adjustment of 1889 lists tenants in Kinlough. There is an extract in a figure in "North Leitrim : The Land War and The Fall of Parnell" by Proinnsios O'Duigneain, North Leitrim history Series No.3, pub by the author of Nure, Manorhamilton, 1989. This includes a "Jwo Kerrigan" - the writing is not clear. There are no other Kerrigans in this extract. Familly are not listed.

Might be of help.

Incidentlty the brothers who built Star of the Sea Church in Bundoran could have been McGowan's. I'm told the Kerrigan's had a pew in the church. Maybe there was a disagreement with the Parish Priest sometime after this? You know Kerrigans!

The Ward name is very prominent in the area around 1800 - along with a James Kerrigan and a James Gallagher. This is worth following up. The Wards are linked to the Tir Connail bards. A James Ward had land holdings then. Note that the area is referred to as The Moy (Magh Ene) and look for the O'Donnell's - say Red Hugh who flew to Spain. Were the Kerrigans pipers to the O'Donnell's? Wards came after the flight, and are linked with the Friars of Donegal - they were "at Drowes" - not far from Kinlough. Fr. Hugh Ward was around in 1626. The Friars left Donegal after the "Flight" and settled "at Drowes".

I haven't come across Cooney as a Kinlough name.

William Kerrigan

Nancy Lortscher (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerrigan
Dear Jim:

In 1997, I sent an inquiry to the Leitrim Genealogy Centre. Here is a portion of the response I rec'd.

"I failed to locate a William Kerrigan born approx. 15 Apr 1864 to parents Patrick Kerrigan and Ellen Cooney in Co. Leitrim. However, I did locate five children baptized to a Pat Kerrigan and Ellen Cooney in Kinlough Roman Catholic parish". Then the lady listed the five children - Pat, James, Edmond, Margaret and Edward, but no William.

In addition, she was unable to locate Marriage and Death records for either Pat or Ellen.

When I was in Ballyshannon in 1999, I spoke to a Father Raymond Munster, Pastor of St. Joseph's, The Rock, in Ballyshannon. He introduced me to a Charlie Kerrigan, a man about 65, who immediately told me I was Kinlough Kerrigan.

My daughter and I went to Kinlough and browsed through the graveyard but only found one or two Kerrigan's gravestones who I do not think are related.

My grandfather, William Kerrigan, did have a sister Margaret, called Maggie, who immigrated to Boston along with either Edward or Edmond. One of these two boys became a priest, at least that is family lore.

Do you think my writing to the pastor of Star of the Sea (who might be Father Munster, they are so stretched these days) would do any good?

Thanks for taking the interest, Jim. Nancy

William Kerrigan Kinlough

Jim (James Edward) Kerrigan (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerrigan, Cooney
Hi Nancy

just a short reply.

The cemetry at Kinlough is unlikely to hold our descendants - I assume we are descended from the same small branch, from stems that moved at different times. It was only opened in the last 50 years as Finner became congested.

I am delving into this. There is an Owen Cooney in the Ballyshannon 1901 Census. I am reformatting and organising this in Excel97. There are a lot of Kerrigans.

The early 1800 James Kerrigan is unlikely to be a direct ancestor of either of us, but he was prominent, buried at Finner and not readily listed. The gaps in the records make all this difficult, but a challenge.

I have been thinking of going back over there for a few years now. There is not much athletics throwing to coach in some months, and I will keep you posted with anything I find.

You are obviously close to establishing links. The evidence is elusive.


Kerrigan - Finner's graveyard

Nancy Lortscher (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerrigan
4 Jan 01

Dear Jim:

My daughter and I went to Finner's graveyard which is between Bundoran and Ballyshannon. I have been told there is another Finner's so I don't know what one you are referring to.

I found some Kerrigan's but the place was so overgrown! I stumbled into too many holes and thought "swell, if I break a leg in my ancestor's grave" and I gave up.

Will be back in Ballyshannon, we stay at Inis Saimer House with Sharon McGuiness, in September 2001. Hope by then I have more information on my Kerrigan's.


Kerrigan - Finner's graveyard

Denis Kerrigan (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerrigan
I went to Moneygold Co Sligo in Sept 2000, my father came from there. There is a graveyard along side the Moneygold church my Uncle MichaeL Kerrigan plus quite a number of other Kerrigan's and there families, uncle Michael lived owned the farm beside the church the farmhouse is now a ruin so is the church, Moneygold is about 18 miles from Bundoran on the Sligo to Donegal road. This may help
Best of luck

Denis Kerrigan

William Kerrigan

Denis Kerrigan (View posts)
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Surnames: Kerrigan
Have searched County Leitrim and Donegal for my grandfather, no luck. I assumed that after the Kerrigan's left Kinlough (at least I think they did), they may have moved to the Ballyshannon area. However, I received negatives replies from both Heritage Centers. However, I never thought to contact County Sligo. Think I will. Thanks, Dennis.
Nancy Kerrigan Lortscher

Wiiliam Kerrigan

denis Kerrigan (View posts)
Posted: 981039636000
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Hi Nancy
Remember to look at records at Donegal and Rosscommon sides of Co Sligo

Denis (one N in Denis)

John James Kerrigan

Posted: 982971945000
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Surnames: Kerrigan, Gillespie, Cain, Kane, Flanigan
My mother's maiden name is Kerrigan. My cousin, Michael Patrick Kerrigan, and a couple of my uncles (Kerrigans) have begun our family geneaology. My Kerrigan relatives are reported to be from Ballyshannon, Do. Donegal. The earliest name I have is "Johnny Jack" Kerrigan, my gggreat grandfather. He would probably have been born in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. We have no stats. We do not know if he (Johnny) actually came from Ballyshannon or surrounding area. He had at least 6 children. One of his sons was James Kerrigan, b. 1807. James had at least 5 brothers, but names are unknown. James is reported to be from Ballyshannon. He married Hannah Gillespie (b. 1803) who was also from Co. Donegal. They had either 3 or 4 children, Andrew and Patrick (b. 1844 in Ireland). James and his family immigrated to USA in early 1850's, briefly lived in Burlington, VT then moved on to Dresback, Minnesota. James had 5 brothers who also immigrated to the USA during the same period. These brothers all remained back east and James lost contact with them. We presume they settled in the same region as James had lived.

James' son, Patrick (b. 1844), married Mary Cain (or Kane, b. 1853, Ireland) and had 7 children: James, John, Patrick, Felix, Frank, Mary, and Charles.

Patrick's son Frank (Francis Ambrose, b. 1884, d.1974) was my grandfather and he married Elen Winnifred Flanigan (b. 1894, d. 1974) and they had 10 children: Bernard Ambrose, Leo Francis, Catherine Mary (my mother), Ellen Rita, John Joseph, Dennis Robert (died at age 5 yrs), James Patrick, Eugene Sylvester, Gregory Donald, Marian Patricia.

My grandparents have 61 grandchildren, that many and more great grandchildren, and 4 ggreat grandchildren.

Keep me in mind in your travels to Ballyshannon.
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