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Dionysius Hennessy

Dionysius Hennessy

Scott Hennessy (View posts)
Posted: 956427470000
I am looking for Dionsyius (Dennis) Hennessy who married Catherine Healy and had sons John Bernard (1859) and Maurice in Greensburg, PA near Pittsburgh. Sons moved later to MN and then to Superior, Wis.

Dionysius (Denis) Hennessy

Shirmae Bain (View posts)
Posted: 967540665000
Love the name Dionysius! This is our Denis Hennessy, son of John (or Maurice)Hennessy and Mary LeHane of County Cork. Denis married Catherine H(e)aly 15 August 1855 in Greensburgh, Westmoreland County, PA. I have copies of photos of Denis and Catherine; copies of Denis's Naturalization paper, marriage certificate, and death certificate; Communion certificate of Denis and Catherine's daughter Julia Ann (1870); Baptismal certificate of their son Maurice Nicholas (1856). Other of their children were John B. (1859); Michael (1861); Dennis Leo (1864); Mary Ellen (1868); Catherine E. (1868); Emma (1873).

Denis Hennessy, born Jan c1826, was, I believe, the second son of John and Mary Hennessy. The eldest child was Patrick; younger children were Ellen, Catherine, and my great grandfather Maurice - who was born 'after the big wind' in County Cork, Ireland. The family was from Dunmanway, County Cork.

Dionysius and Catherine Hennessy are buried at Superior, Wisconsin.

Denis Hennessy

Scott Hennessy (View posts)
Posted: 967760721000
What a find! You have the information I have been looking for. Denis Hennessy and Catherine Healy were parents to John Bernard Hennessy who was my great grandfather.
Would it be possible to ontain copies of the certificates and photos you have? I would of course take care of the costs.
By the way, what was the big wind' in County Cork? Do you have the name of a parish in Dunmanway?
My dad and I were in Ireland in June and treated like royalty.
Was Patrick Hennessy living in Belle PLaine, MN in the 1860s-1880s. He shows on a census and John B. born in PA was living in his household, possibly his uncle.
Also, did John Bernard or Denis ever go to Australia. Old rumors were somebody did. When did Denis and Catherine arrive in America and why did they settle in Greensburg.
I could go on and on, but that is probably enough for now.

Thank you for the resonse and I look orward to hearing from you.


Hennessy Clan

Shem (View posts)
Posted: 967807677000
Hi, glad I heard from you so quickly, Denis is the first name I've found on this site, and that on the first day I've used it.

I'll be happy to send you any info and copies of photos that I have. We started searching in 1995, and have found quite a lot - considering we knew of no family at all for our Maurice, and the eastern US Hennessys we discovered didn't know of our Maurice - they thought all references to a Maurice were to Denis's son Maurice. Our Maurice, who gave varying birth dates on almost every document we have found, told his children that he was born 'after the big wind'. We serendipitously discovered that in Irish Oral Tradition the 'Big Wind' occured in 1839, so Maurice was probably born in the autumn of that year. Maurice was a bit of a black sheep, and there are a few funny tales told about him.

Yes, Patrick is Denis's brother, I have quite a bit of info about him as he stayed put - have found no descendants though. We have descendants of Denis and Catherine, which is how we got the copies of photos and documents.

I have some of the pictures scanned onto my computer, and could email them to you, though this site doesn't seem to accept attachments. I also wrote up a short Hennessy history and we have some descendants listed. Also addresses of some more Hennessys who are related.

If you want to send your email in response to this, I could send some of the stuff by email. Then perhaps you could email your address so that I could send copies of our written information.

My cousin and I visited Ireland last November, including Dunmanway. We took pictures of the old school and church, but found no records of our Hennessys. There were many Hennessys buried in the churchyard, but we weren't able to look through the old records. We don't have a parish for them, just the town name came down through the generations to us.

Hope to hear from you again -

Hennessy clan

Scott (View posts)
Posted: 967845443000
Thank you for your response. The history you wrote up would be of great value and yes I would love photos, certificates, etc. My address is 116 Serramonte Court, Henderson, Nevada 89014. If there is a chanrge please advise and I will forward $$ to cover.

I have found very little about the Hennessy's and your info is by far the most complete. I did find the name Dionysius from John Bernard Hennessy's baptismal certificate from The Most Holy Sacrament Vhurch in Greensburg dated March 19, 1859.
My dad and his brother and sister do not offer much and what they do have, it is suspect. They do recall many a time together at The Point in Superior with many other Hennessy's, but the names are scarce.

John Bernard found his way to Belle Plaine, MN married Julia Halloran c1890 and moved to Superior around 1900. Their son John Leo was my grandfather, who eventually settled in Mpls. Cannot confirm any other siblings. I have rumors of sisters, but only that.

I would love to hear more and look forward to hearing from you again.


Hennessy Internet site

Shem (View posts)
Posted: 967898740000
Hi Scott, Thank's for your address, I'm just heading off to my daughter's for a few days of house and dog sitting while they're off sailing, I'll get on to copying my Hennessy info and sending it off to you in a few days when I return.

This morning I hurredly set up a site and downloaded quite a few Hennessy photos, so I'll give you an address of one of the photos and maybe you'll be able to get onto the site to see them. Otherwise I'll have to email you an invitation to the site. I can copy the photos too, of course, and send them snail mail. Could scan in some of the documents as well to the computer. Whatever works! There may be errors with the pics, as I did them in a hurry, but most should be accurate.

This is the site, hopefully you'll be able to cut and paste it:


Shem (View posts)
Posted: 967899726000
Hi - I just tried it myself, and it works for me so I hope it does for you too.

Re Australia: One of our family stories is that there was an older brother, John,who emigrated to Australia before any of the others emigrated to North America. I have found a John Hennessy, age 16, for whom a trial was held in Cork City 05/04/1839 for "Larceny from house" and who was sentenced to transportion for 7 years.

I also found a death record of a John Hennessy in the Australia Death Index for the years 1856 - 1872. No relations mentioned, so no indication that he was ours.

Another item:
On Katherine Hennessy's death certificate it says the father of our Irish clan was "John"; on Denis's it says "Morris" (which is how our Maurice is pronounced). On Patrick's and our Maurice's, no father is given, and we have no record of Ellen's death.

Hi Shem

Tom Hennessy (View posts)
Posted: 967976005000
This is Thomas (Tom) A. Hennessy..I've posted info with Susan on the message board...I just came from your site, the pictures look can I get pictures I have on a I start my own, or can I get pictures on the Family site...looking forward to hearing from you...this is great...Tom

Maurice Hennessy

Posted: 969954068000
Edited: 1132240067000
Hello Shem: I have been using the message boards and found a fellow descendant of my Hennessy's in Co. Tipp. I saw your message and remembered research that I have done on Irish convicts transported to Australia for various misdemeanors and crimes. Among them are two Maurice/Morris Hennessys. You may be interested. There was a ploughman from Co.Cork who received a life sentence in 1824 at Cork. He went to Australia on the ship "Hooghley" received a conditional pardon in 1837 at Sydney. He gave his birth year as 1797. A second Morris sailed on the "Castle Forbes" 1823/4. A third Morris, sailed on the "Aurora" in 1822. I have film numbers of the records at LDS Family History centers, if you are interested. Josie.

Maurice Hennessy

Shem (View posts)
Posted: 969957404000
Thank you for the information Josie. Our Maurice Hennessy landed safely in Canada/USA - our John Hennessy emigrated/was transported to Australia before 1847 but we don't know when.
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