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Surnames: Feuerstein
My forefather, Johannes Feuerstein emigrated from Elsass to the USA in 1750 and was the first known carrier of the name Feuerstein/Firestone to the USA. It is believed that the Feuerstein family was established in Elsass by three brothers, Johann, Theobald & Nicholas, who came from the province of Vorarlberg. I am trying to find the family lineage/connection to Vorarlberg. When they came to be in Elsass and why. I believe there may be a connection to the Barockbaumeisters who took with them young men to work as apprentices and that they then remained in Elsass. This is just a theory. Any help is welcomed.


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Surnames: feuerstein, firestone
the Feuersteins came from Schwarzenberg, which is a village in the region called Bregenzerwald (Vorarlberg). As far as I know he (or they) left around 1700 for Elsass. Your theory concerning the reason for leaving seems quite accurate. Many men from the Bregenzerwald migrated annually during the summer to Southern Germany, Switzerland and Western France to work as masons, plasterers or carpenters. They followed the famous masterbuilders (Barockbaumeister) who prefered workers from their own country. Quite a few of those masons married there and stayed for ever.
It will be pretty hard to find your Feuersteins in the parish records, because there where many Feuerstein families in Schwarzenberg and the records for that time are imcomplete and in the most cases they have no notice showing a possible emigration.
Cornelia Albertani from the States Archiv in Bregenz can tell you, whether there is a chance to find your family or not. Her e-mail:
I guess you know the booklett "The Origin of the Family Fireston" which was published in Akron/OH (no year).
So far for the moment
Meinrad Pichler, Bregenz


Abe Firestone March (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Feuerstein
Mr. Meinrad Pichler

Dear Mr. Pichler.

Thank you for your response to my inquiry and the recommendation to contact Cornelia Albertani. However before I do, perhaps you can tell me how you came to the conclusion that Feuersteins of Elsass came from Schwarzenberg.

Several years ago, I visited the town of Berg in Elsass and went to Vorarlberg. After I was introduced to the book, Die Vorarlberger Barockbaumeister, I made certain assumptions. I visited a number of towns in and around Bezau, Bizau where, according to records, a Christina Feuerstein married a Barockbaumeister Thumb, who took with him some Feuersteins to Elsass. There was no reference to Schwarzenberg. Therefore, I'm wondering if you could refer me to some documents/books that make the connection to Schwarzenberg.

Thank you for your help.

Abe Firestone March

Feurle Christoph

Feurle Christoph (View posts)
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Surnames: FEURLE
Können Sie mir Infos zu diesem Familiennamen geben?


Re: Feuerstein from Bregenzer Wald

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All Feuersteins, except the Jewish branch, originated in the Bregenzer Wald since 1160. I have a history of the name 'Feuerstein' on my website:; unfortunately, it is just in German.
Peter Feuerstein

Re: Feuerstein

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Surnames: Feuerstein
Hello did you ever get an answer to toyour inquiry? I am too trying to find my family tree back to its origin but am getting stumped with lost records during the war. I am in possesion of our Coat of arms which my grandfather had to dig up in order not to be persecuted by the Nazi regime.My direct email is
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Surnames: Feuerstein
Sehr geehrter Herr Pichler,
Auf meiner Webseite finden Sie einen Aufsatz ueber die Geschichte des Namens Feuerstein. Mir ist derzeit nicht bekannt, ob die dort angegebenen weiteren Quellen nach wie vor zugaenglich sind. Mein Stammbaum beginnt im siebzehnten Jahrhundert in Boenstadt, Oberhessen und ein vorfahr ist nach Norka, Russland ausgewandert und die Nachkommen von dort wieder in die USA, Sued-Amerika und wohl auch wieder nach Deutschland. Wann meine vorfahren den Bregenzer Wald verlassen haben, vermag ich bis dato nicht nachzuhalten.
Mit freundlichen Empfehlungen,
Peter Feuerstein
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Surnames: Feuerstein
According to the article Familiengeschichte Feuerstein ( in German) on my website: your ancestors moved from the Elsass to Paris and from there to the US.
Hope it helps.
Peter Feuerstein

Re: Feuerstein

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Surnames: Feuerstein, Steepin, Smalling
My father was the one of twos sson of Fred Feuerstein, He was born in Stockton, Ca. I'm the youngest daughter of five children, and searching for the family.
I was told that my desendents 22 came from Russia to Nebraska, I have a picture of him his dob was 2-3-? and dod
His wife was vinnie P Smalling.
My father and his brother Fredrich Ivor was said to be adopted by John Steepin? California.
If you have any information I would love to discuss.

Re: Feuerstein from Bregenzer Wald

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Greetings Peter!

Unfortunately, I was unable to access your website and wonder if you might be able to help me figure out if my Feuerstein ancestors come from the Bregenzerwald.

My Feuerstein lineage:
Hans Andreas b.? married Gertrud de Mast b.?
Their son:
Johann b.22 Feb. 1652 in? married Anna Felicitas Limbert b. 29 Sep 1668 in ?
Their daughter:
Anna Catharina b. 17 Jan 1675 in Ilvesheim.

Perhaps their is a connection.

Thank you for your time.
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